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I know you all cant wait, right ? Yeah..;right
Anyway, will have to do a few words about the broadcaster, more in depth.
Concept is like all good solutions, simple, make a cone, wrap some electric extension cord around it , plug it in and put something on the other end, like a lamp or if you can something that is always on like a fridge. Could not be simpler really.

Well I did not jump on it, for many reasons. Main reason, years ago, was that the plasterite was more than enough to begin with. That is the main reason. I did not really need it , at that point.
Sort of overkill.
But I knew the technique and would do it one day
Later on I made one, so long ago, just one, funny sidenote is it took me a long time to turn  them on.
Because, just having them there, with the wire , gave an increase in output
just like that you see, not even hooked to the grid
later on hooked it on to the grid and , as I feared that day I had three helicopters and so forth, overwhelming output
Again, read carefully, did still not really turn them on, hope you understand that part. I just connected them that is all, so , in fact, grounded them, hope you get that.
By grounding it was very powerful

Later on I actually turned them on and than  the X file story really takes off, lots of helicopters , more nasty than usual, hovering, bla bla been there done that , you know the drill by now.

So only used them sparingly, actually I used to turn them on only once in a while to speed up the cleaning process in the sky that is the main reason
Thus never left them on for longer than an hour as it always gave nasty responses from the system
But step by step I left them on longer and longer
I often play with broadcasters, every time you change it by either turn them on or off things go ballistic here
every time

Is there anything more to say to it ? Actually there is, having these babies pumping it will give strange dreams, they will energize you so you need less sleep
you sleep well, but you have to get used to it first, so best not to have the broadcaster too close to the bedroom
as if it is too close like downstairs you will not get any sleep

ask me how I know , come on,hop hop…
by the way that also applies if you make a big cone
do not keep them too close it may be too much of a good thing

you will notice esp with broadcasters increased growth in the garden things like that but also on a personal level you will notice changes
in many ways
long time ago it was really not so needed but over the years as they keep going at it, there is a need for it , so it is best to use it, it s not hard to do at all
won t cost you much money or any money if you have an extension cable somewhere , should be about three meters at least , the longer the better.
I use ten or meter cables or even longer, 20 meter


Australia, by Steven G






By the Plaster Master , his Highness Sir Greg














One of Jenn´s better looking babies




Also one of Jenn´s , oh… so ugly only a mother could love it 🙂

Another , perhaps interesting aspect, of this method is , it will reduce your costs of energy , it makes energy consumption somehow more effective, one way or another, dont care, it just does that. Plasterite in itself will do that as I did test that in the car, if you put pieces in, esp. around motor compartment and the fuel tank you will see a decrease of about 20 % minimum, perhaps somewhat higher, but around 20 per cent at least , reduction in costs, aka more miles per gallon.





May not seem like the end of the world but in a year s time it is still a few tank stops duhhh…so it saves a couple of hundred a year, just for car fuel.
Works on any energy system, water too, reduces or makes more efficient, water consumption, home energy use, etc…
I know sounds perhaps far fetched to thou of little faith but…you know what, take a walk on the wild side, just test it out
just put a piece on the electric meter and you will notice a decrease, a lower bill.

To some extent that also applies to the life pillow it has similar features.

Could force you to donate now, at least fifty bucks ….you buggers ….but…I will not do so…no no…am aware you need it for very important business, I get that
like popcorn and cheap liquor , subscription to NetFlix and what have you to hold on a bit, I am truly full of understanding.  Therefor we will not hold it against you ( …perhaps we will so maybe play it safe …wishful thinking… )


Is this all there is to the broadcaster you ask ? Well I challenge you , is it not enough ?
There is also a more spiritual part to it but you have to find that for yourself , that is your job.

If two silly buggers from Dublin can do it , so can you , maybe even betterNot that I am from Dublin but it would get too complicated to go in endless details, you get the gist of it.

You can beat us, no one has ever succeeded but by all means , do not let that fluffy aspect hold you back.
Results are expected for presentation within ten minutes, or else….
Do not let it get to that stage, you know what is good for ya
Make sure we do not have to ask again , next meeting might be less comfortable…
One thing is for sure, your supposed ” betters” may not like it, the dark side, call it what you want, the psycho club up there, all the way up on top of that pyramid, they will not be amused.

For broadcasters I do use lots of sand, say a quarter , three parts plaster of Paris and one part sand, for a big cone, a good Hand of salt, and throw in for good measure some crystals, cheap ones, dont be too cheap on broadcasters, no Tesco perfume…Chanel, Dior …to start with.

Make it count

You can use extras and you should, etheric oils, zeolite, you name it, anything that has some sort of healing properties will do well.

If you make it big enough you can throw the tax collector in too, just seal it up and we won´t say a word.
It just never happened.

Be good now, your partner in ” crime”













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