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We are still in the early phase and I assume that most of you are not sheeple ( stretching it a bit...whoooaaaaa ) thus I  think, with what is planned for us you should get engaged in some way to counter that elite progress. So you are prepared and therefor calmer and more self reliant and bla bla the rest of it when things go nasty.

One does not need to have a crystal ball to see where this is going, regardless of reasons. Reasons, in the end, do not matter too much, yes it could be this or that and yes there is definitely a hidden hand involved bla bla bal , at the end it does not matter. What matters is you have to get thinking and preparing for it. Could be many things, yes a baseline of say three months of basics is a good goal but also other things, like maybe get a woodstove, as being fully dependant on gas alone is ...well you I have to spell it all out ??
maybe those little camping gas things, those little heaters, propane or something, just in case things go hmmmmm
yes I wish I had solar panels, maybe can still get them
we will see
will be about 5 k but it is worth it

we will see how that goes

yes these topics are rather depressing but they are what they are, I did not make the " Georgia Guidestones".
why is it, however you look at it , they always come out as winner, if we comply they win if we dont comply they win
or have an excuse to clamp down on us bla bla
funny how that works
well mainly because we dont have the numbers

the majority of the public will always do what they are told that is the sad realization, that is what brings us trouble , or makes the agenda roll
the manipulation and tyranny are awful
like this needlecraft crap
like sacking folk who refuse , oh it is only 5 per cent of bla bla, yes the rest have to comply to care for their family etc duhhhhhh
what choice is that
that is tyranny
tyranny never stops
it only gets worse

keep that in mind.

it is still early day , the starting phase of it, now, estimated prices will be increase by 400 % in say six , seven years from now.
that is on the cabal books and we know if they look into their magic ball they always get what they want, funny how that always works out.
you know it is so
fuel prices bla bla
you know where this is going
you know it
you may not like it but you know it


does not mean you have to go overboard with it
just prepare that is all
to have some defence ,some resistance jadija
so you can avoid some of it

rationing will come in in a while you know that
so if you do not prepare now you will be caught out
even if you do have that money which is eh just won´t be there.
not a mystery as that happens already in some places, you can only buy two things of  a certain product...bla bla, supply chain bla bla
ukraine bla bla , cabal agenda
it is all fake out there , the reasons they give, but the impact is real.




There were some rants before 🙂 bottom line is stay positive, yes things are not looking  good , jadija blaa bla bla , we know that, we dont have to keep dwelling about it, sure we have to keep it in the back of our mind as yes things are in the making etc, but again, stay positive, things can seem dark and gloomy and perhaps they are but still, that is part of it, you are in in too, how you deal with all of this, so keep positive, we should not let our lives be lived by fear alone, to put it that way.

Do things you like, maybe, if you havent already, try to find like minded folk, I do that too now, after fifteen years !!!! , I try to branch out to others around me , those who are awake to " network" that is a good thing, I am not such a social person ( no shit ) but I have to branch out to find others to interact, learn,progress, find some truth there, it is better that way than feel alone as that is something that often happens with those who are awake , we are often very lonely as we do not have many to talk to , etc etc...
Not talking about ireland here as there are more that are woke there but in other regions it is not so much , I can state 95 per cent around me are not woke.
So, for some of us , me, it is very hard to find anyone to even talk to.
But I found something , they do organize things in the regions, meetings, so mind liked people can meet eachother and have a chat etc and who knows maybe something comes out of it, etc
we will see
it is something to look forward too
I hope it is not all " ufo people" but let s give it a try and we will see
anyway long story short
keep positive
sure you have to do some sort of preparing, whatever it may be in your case, but that is just part of a bigger plan or should be
keep cool about it
no need for panic that helps no one
you have to stay balanced

all the best









Came up all by kidding....







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