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While the sheeple play on CIA Book, the gifting dog maybe soon earns a CEO badge …. hint hint

She may not be abled to give two lines but she for sure can give two paws…





It was a nice sunny day here too, spoiled quite a lot by spraying (many observant people commenting upon it).  I went around and wet all my Plasterite pieces in the garden, and requested them to clear up the spraying but by the time that happened, the sun had cooled down quite a bit.  So for what promised to be a really hot day it was a disappointment.  I made the most of it though, got out the sun lounge and a good book.  Then was distracted by a neighbour who had heard I accepted grass cuttings, and she kept coming back with eventually 6 bags of cuttings which I was glad of but it did disturb my reading.  So I have plenty to put on the compost and also around the strawberries in lieu of – eh – straw.

Yesterday was a mini competition between Sunflower and me as we were both making sourdough bread.  I think I should get top marks for effort, not so sure about the other categories, one is supposed to improve but this loaf still didn’t achieve the great result of my first two loaves.   It requires a good bit of concentration and watching the timings.   So it fell a bit flat, sadly.  But is still very tasty.   I’d ordered a large bag of strong bread flour online which came the day before. The chatty guy from the delivery service asked was it flour.  He said ‘everybody is buying flour’ which may be a slight exaggeration.   Now I have to decide how to store it as it will probably take me quite some time to get through it and I don’t want it going ‘off’ or getting little visitors.

The last image is of a cane basket called a ‘banneton’ which the professionals use, it seems it makes it easier to get it into the final baking dish.  I must intend continuing, as I ordered one online, which seems to come from Belgium rather than some exotic faraway country.

In fairness, I think Sunflower’s bread looks like a winner this time.
















little clip is in the making, won´t go over five views , I know, been around for a while ,making the world a better place is not the most popular topic I know, children, I know…







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