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I’d better write before I check out the new videos, having just started the first it’s lovely to listen to the birdsong.

I may be a tiny bit tipsy after a very long day.  Up at 7.30, ‘gardening’ like crazy to make the most of the 7 hours before my friend arrived to spend a few hours with me.

I must say it’s pleasant and flattering to have younger people who want to spend time with me (or maybe it’s the relaxation  of my house and garden) but I do feel quite popular.

So L arrived 2.30, a coffee and chocolate cake from the coffee dock, drive to a local beach for a sit down to admire the view and a bitchfest.  Nothing new there.  I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo of the lovely seascape, sky and the Mourne Mountains in the distance.  But a sudden heavy downpour sent us back to the car, we felt sorry for anyone who had headed for a walk along the coast.   At home, we had a very tasty Freixenet sparkling wine to celebrate L’s recent birthday.  What a nice ‘cut glass’ bottle. Remember we used to be able to get some little tool that cut bottles into glasses?

In spite of thinking we should have a little siesta, suddenly it was time to head to a local Thai restaurant, after a lot of discussion about whether to go Japanese or Thai.  The food was quite good, but still couldn’t finish it all so got a ‘doggy bag’.  This was my  birthday treat for L.  And eventually brought L to the train at 21.20.   A long day but very enjoyable.

Excellent videos thanks,

very atmospheric.   You should work for your country’s Tourist Board, people would be flocking to enjoy the lovely scenery, just as green as the Emerald Isle.

A doggy bag…..sounds delicious. Any bones left for this sinner ,s’il vous plaît


I know there is more going on, but that is in private…so I best keep my big mouth shut before I throw out not too political correct remarks 🙂
You keep an eye on her. Being so damned popular comes with responsibilities. Thank goodness I do not suffer from that, not too populair, or , desperately try not to make myself too popular in any way shape or form and I do a great job of that.  Will do a restoration of the irish topic, dont worry, this will stay as it is , it is just for backup purposes as the last year or two years were a disaster in many ways.
Yes you should feel very sorry for not taking a picture of those mountains, will be withheld from your non existent CEO overpaid cheque… 😎


I do feel you are not feeling at your best, we all suffer from that, but this time it is more on your side, have to invest a bit of time in you soon I recon, to pump you up again hahaha…
You are feeling a bit low , aren´t you.
Spring blues perhaps…change of seasons…
Thank goodness I do not suffer that either, I have it in all seasons, lucky me eh , smile…

But it is true if one does not feel depressed at this stage , at what stage you may , one could ask ?
With so much crap going on, it boggles the mind.
As I said, many times, it is not that I do not want to throw in the towel, it is more like we do not have a choice in this matter, never had, never will, so what is the point of giving up ?
I d love to give up, big time, years ago, by all means, but there is no escape.
We are on this path, like it or not.
So, therefor, I keep up the good work.
There are not many alternatives.

Go easy J.
And get that pond fixed haha..
or was it your shredder, forgot, it was something.
And soon you may take up gifting again.
It is something that has to come from inside and very , very few people have that inside.

I do things I like and do not care, never really cared much, about this world as it is all bogus anyway, most of it, for sure.
So, do things you like, as you already have begun doing, that will keep you happy
works for me
but we are all different
I do mine you do yours

Life Force Energy