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This whole reset thing is a massive agenda, to bring us into agenda21, very fast now too mind you
They are not kidding anymore
They manipulate it all easily, easy to do for them, peanuts really
failed harvests, flooding, you name it , easy to do, we all know this
but it all comes down to one thing, poverty ,planned poverty
as that makes us more flexible to bow down to the dark side you see, gives them more control,  it is all not so easy to see really


Did try the Gluhwein tastes excellent

only 1.98 for a bottle, it is basically just cheap red wine, nothing wrong with it, it just does not have a brand name that is all
coffee harvest in Brazil ” failed” , meat factories and other industries had ” cyberattacks” and they want us to eat insects, gosh how many ” coincidences” can there be before the children start to get it, but brace yourself, most around you , for the time being, live happily in la la land and as long as BBCsays nothing they will do exactly that, nothing.


But you are not like them, you are not a zombie like them. You can beat this and you shall.
made another incredible stew today , they are so good

I always play with recipies , every alchemy session is different, it is never the same.

Life Force Energy