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Yes after a lot of ENCOURAGEMENT from Sunflower I headed off to Tescos on my bike as I was afraid the carpark would be crowded.  Not at all, the store was quite calm and peaceful.


Trying to find things to buy that will be nutritionally beneficial I was shocked to notice how much actually useless items were on the shelves. Most of them would not be missed if they disappeared.


So this time I concentrated on high protein tins, sardines, mackerel, corned beef which would probably turn into an ok meal with the addition of pasta or rice and some sort of ‘mix’ like chilli con carne or spag bol.


The corned beef (unfortunately from Brasil not Ireland) was the most expensive item at about €3.70.  The little tins of sardines were only .35c and the mackerel .55c and I made sure to buy the ‘In Sunflower oil’ option for a bit of extra nutrition.


The sweetcorn was only .25c.  The soup mixes were .49c and the other mixes, spaghetti bolognese etc. were €1.39.

I did think of buying washing materials but I’ll need to do that another day, as being on the bike I had to be careful about weight. As it was I felt a bit dangerous so cycled home quite cautiously.

Now I know these prices I’ll be able to go to Lidl and compare prices there, and get more pasta, rice, porridge oats and bread mixes.  I often buy the skincare preparations in Lidl anyhow, they seem to be quite good quality and are very inexpensive.





















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