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Well done with that very striking cone, it would be interesting to know what energies you feel coming out from it?  Quite astonishing that such a small piece would bring your (un)welcome guests.  I hope you gave them your usual one fingered salute?

I thought I’d put this very long interview here for the Winter Solstice.  The huge tomb of Newgrange figures near the start, I haven’t had time to watch the whole thing, I hope it’s interesting, my friend who sent it to me thinks this guy’s theories are worth checking out.


I doubt if any sun got through the long tunnel into the burial chamber this morning, as it’s a very dull day here.  Usually about 20 people would be allowed in, getting a ticket by a raffle.  Probably it is closed today due to you know what.

And I’ll add another link to this very scientific guy Ivor Cummins.   How on earth has he not been allowed onto the airwaves in any debate?


Life Force Energy