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The cone and the hearts consist only of purely natural ingredients, which is why no more metals are cast. The metals impede the natural flow of energy and weaken the effect.
Therefore please do not pour any metals.

The hearts and the skittles are also often nibbled on or completely eaten by horses, dogs and cats. They do this for theirs replenish mineral balance. Do not be surprised if the animals like to eat it.

This requires some responsibility on our part, which is why I don’t pour metal shavings into it. As mentioned above the metal shavings would also die natural Impede the flow of energy, as they are mostly alloys of metals that do not occur in nature.

The precious stones always contain natural ores, these are completely sufficient as metals and are purely natural.

Then I wish you, if you like, a lot of fun and success in creating. As mentioned above, this is also a lot of fun for children.

If the cone or the hearts are to be outside, you simply have to protect them from the rain. If you want to place the cone outside, for example in a garden that is further away from the house,
then you can use one of the following tips to weatherproof the cone.

You can weatherproof the skittles and the hearts. The following possibilities have arisen. Paint the cone or hearts with 2 or 3 coats of eco-friendly clear coat.
It would also hand the skittle and the hearts simply protecting it from the rain with a glass or plastic hood is becoming more common made, or simply put under one roof. There are also customers who
Paint the cones and the hearts nicely and then put clear coat on them as the last layer. Even with the color, the cone and the hearts still work 100%. There is paint in the hardware store that is suitable for children’s toys, this can be used very well.

We also have cones standing outside permanently unpainted, you can see the marks on the cones, but they still work 100% even after years. And survive the winter too.

You can also bury the skittles and hearts. They integrate perfectly into the ground and remain stable in the ground. Crystals then even begin to form on the surface of the cones and hearts
to grow. This is often used by farmers in particular.


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