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AvatarJenny .

Gosh that’s an interesting result by using Plasterite in the vegetable garden.   I have Plasterite all over mine too but nothing like that.  In a way a bit relieved.  Now that I’ve started growing veggies again this year, the thought of a pumpkin or anything that size would be very daunting.  Though maybe huge strawberries or raspberries would be a good thing, as long as they maintained their flavour.

A good find to see all this information.    I think Yannick is adding basalt to his Plasterite, or is it Cementite?   I had a bowl of basalt for the people at the last workshop to add in handfuls if they felt like it.   I would have no idea at all about testing for effectiveness, though I suppose I could use my pendulum.

You may remember Murielle and I filled a pipe with basalt a year or so ago, perhaps it helps,, it certainly seems as though the growth on that side of the garden is flourishing.

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