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Did you do that painting, really ? Amazing. I have not practiced much. Who knows. Maybe.

Well she does have a point, one should not be too obsessed as there is not too much one can change anyway, except yourself and perhaps if one is very lucky , a few around ya that is all there is to it.
Nothing more than that. Help a few people around you, etc basic human things. That is what you can do, to make sure we dont lose that last part , that spark that is under pressure. To keep that light.
No point making endless enemies. Try not to get sucked into those endless ego fight, as it often goes that way, right or wrong, it never leads to anything, those catfights. I do not bother about such things in a personal setting I mean, with those around me, I do not bother.  Live and let live. It is their choice, you cannot convert them anyway. Most of them. Once they start asking the right questions you can put them in the right direction, that is all you can do. Little bits of information, if you give too much , they snap. Cannot handle that. Have meltdown and throw it all out and become zombie again. etc etc..


Cognitive dissonance.

The only one you can trust is yourself, and perhaps a few others. Never follow a leader as usually they have their own agendas. Honestly.
Never throw out the baby with the bathwater, suck it all in, digest, and throw out what is rubbish, that which does not hold value or water.
Keep an open mind and be on your guard. Don´t go paranoia but also don´t be a sheep.


Think for yourself, sound so simple , yet, most cannot do it. Very few can do that.
Don´t think I met more than ten people in my whole life who can actually think for themselves, not kidding at all.


I know we said, I said , we , I must slow down on postings. Hope we will get to that stage, very soon !!!

I am glad to see you enjoy , your mob, it is good. Many of us are jealous as many of us do not have that luxury. Usually people like us have to live in their own headspace. Truly so.


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