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Those photos are of Ireland, lady J 😛



Yes, flog us with your garden perfection, seems your energy field is buzzing. Things do go well indeed. Excellent, keep up the good work. And yes again, it is from there, Canary Islands. I know that plant. Never seen it in reality though.


Echium candicans, the pride of Madeira, is a species of flowering plant in the family Boraginaceae, native to the island of Madeira. It is a large herbaceous perennial subshrub, growing to 1.5–2.5 m. In the first year after germination the plant produces a broad rosette of leaves


to be more precise, the big sister

Echium pininana


At over 5m tall, this giant of the plant world is fast becoming a British gardeners’ favourite

Could be masonic, phallic symbol and jadija 😎




You could, if it pleases Her Majesty , save a few seeds for the lesser gods, moi moi moi

Just send them over…

Not much rain , yet, but will come, it is changing, can feel it, about time , too hot for too long.
Weather manipulation at its finest.

Did some gifting, yes I cannot be helped, too far gone with love and light….call someone….

had the helicopter, after about 15 minutes

sylphs yesterday , did another gifting run, I know ..I know…there should be a statue but….one day , who knows….    ( yeah right…that´s gonna happen…)




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