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Someone, I know you won´t believe this, put that same thing up , in another park , that fakebook slogan about corona scam, it wasn´t me , honestly, not that I do not want to, I would but I cannot care for such things, still it is kinda mysterious, as I go to six, seven parcs, once in a while, and that thing was not there VERY recently !!!!!
So , it was in parc one, and now, in parc two , figure it out for yourself hahahaha, WTF is going on here eh ??
Nothing beats reality ,  I can tell ya.

So that joker, just happens, to visit the same parcs as I do, hmm coincidence, could be….I just do not believe in coincidences. Not with those things.
Kinda amazing to see that.
Right in da face , written on a big pole/sign, I show that later, who is this mystery person ?

Anyway I hop on.


Do you notice the green light on the chopper ? Some sort of device, perhaps some form of detector. I often see that on those helicopters, strange light and apparatus attached, ah well, just coincidence.

The gifting dog takes a bath in a pond, than a nwo duck attacks the gifting dog :mrgreen:

Nah, probably too close to the nest of ducklings and mother duck tries to lure the dog away.


Also there was a thing in the woods, a pilgrimage thing, rebuild as the storm ten years back crushed it, with trees. You have to put a nail in a square and than you can do a wish.
What did I wish for ?
Can´t say that publicly but it involved the head of Soros and a stake…I leave it at that. I really put effort in that one 🙂



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