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Alan: FDR was related to Hitler’s banker and the Dutch families as well of the
Schacht and Germans, so everything is a play and the public get used and the real

theater of war is a theater. It’s a theater you see and to make people believe it was all very
real, real people must really die.

Jackie: Yes, but how many people were told by history in school that Adolph Hitler was bartering?
You see, the things that are hidden, Alan, are the things that to me maybe slipped out of their
hands, maybe somebody. I considered the same thing with Saddam Hussein, that maybe he was put in
power by them. I don’t know but I see the possibility that their minions got away with them. Look
at JFK and I think he actually got to thinking that he was the president.

Alan: So did Reagan, that’s why they shot him.

Jackie: Yes exactly, but you see they put him in and I understand at that time that there was in
Chicago or Illinois specifically a lot of fraudulent votes to get JFK in, but he got in and then
suddenly said what the hell is going on here and so he thought he was the president so they killed
him. So I’m saying that some of this people slipped through their hands.

Alan: I think some of them also get carried away. I’ve no doubt Saddam did and no doubt Saddam
never really looked at the end of the Cold War because his whole power structure was based on being
an American ally during the whole thing.

Jackie: Well, because America – not America, we’ll say the U.S. government Inc., they were playing
with him, I believe.

Alan: They did finance him and they did give him weaponry.

Jackie: I know. That’s what I’m saying, but Saddam Hussein was attempting to develop a Pan-Arab
collation.Well, that’s something that Israel and the U.S. government isn’t going to stand for.

Alan: They’ve said that. They’ve said that publicly. Israel came out and said that the New
American Century agenda that was drawn up by Wolfowitz and Perle and Rumsfeld and so on, back in
the ’90’s, with the agenda attacking first of all Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran, then Syria.
They said it was identical to their own.
That’s what Israel said; so yes, it’s one in the same policy. However, in ancient times, what the
historians call “spreading civilization,” it was the same system there as it created empire after
empire and spread civilization. They were standardizing a system across the world and today the
U.S. is just completing that job and today they call it democracy.

Jackie: I think we ought to be really contemplating, really considering that we’re going to be
some of the ones that slip through their hands because everybody doesn’t fall for it, do they,

Alan: No. They know that in every generation there are some who, as they say themselves, “slip
through the net,” the ones whose indoctrination doesn’t take so well and they’re clever enough to
remain free thinkers and hide it through school. Today, of course, if you show it at school, they
put you on drugs.

Jackie: You know what? For me if this broadcast does anything that it would be to open the eyes,
open the minds, open the hearts of our listeners that they would be part of the one that slipped
through the net, Alan, and you are part of this. You are so much a part of this of informing us and
bringing us out of the Dark Ages, out of the forest.

Alan: People all claim that they want truth and I tell them – and most people want truth like
buying a fast-food hamburger and they don’t realize that they have to do a lot of work.

Jackie: Yes. We’re out of our hour. You’ll be back with us, won’t you, Alan?

Alan: Oh yes.

Jackie: Thanks for being here.

Alan: It’s a pleasure.

(Transcribed by Linda)

Alan Watt on
“Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru April 13, 2005


Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty.
Today is Wednesday and it is the 13th of April in the year 2005 and Alan Watt is with us this
evening. I had friend stop by.

Our spiritual message tonight is the pray of Saint Francis of Assisi:

“Father, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; Where there
is injury, let me so pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair let me so hope;
Where there is darkness, let me sow light; And where there is sadness, joy. Father grant that I may
not so much seek to be consoled as to console; To be understood as to understand; To be loved as to
love; For it is in giving that we receive; It is in pardoning that we are pardoned; And it is in
dying that we are born into eternal life.”

Alan, thank you being here tonight.

Alan: It’s a pleasure.

Jackie: Always. How has your day been, besides the chemtrail spraying?

Alan: I got my truck stuck in the field.

Jackie: Oh no.

Alan: Yes. I was taking it out there to do some important stuff and it’s just not dry enough.

Jackie: So did you get it out?

Alan: No, I spoke to it quietly and left it there.

Jackie: Oh okay. So do you think it’s going to come in by itself now?

Alan: Well, I did tell it what would happen to it if it didn’t.

Jackie: You know what? These things can happen because last summer when the children were here,
Brandon got a real bad shock out on the porch and they were plugging in one of their players and
instead of connecting the extension cord and then plugging it in. He had already plugged it in and
I was in the house. They said his hair stood right up on end. It was a good one and it knocked out
some fuses. Well, I got all the fuse things flipped back but my doorbell quit ringing and I thought
well there’s something in there. Something like a ballast and I thought well then maybe it’s a
ballast and I have to find the company and I was without a doorbell for I cannot tell you how long
and then one day suddenly someone came up and rang the doorbell and it’s working without doing
anything to it. I like that. So maybe you’ll find your truck up by the house in the morning.

Alan: Well, I did threaten it. Jackie: But you did it quietly? Alan: I did it quietly.
Jackie: Okay. Well Alan there’s something that I would like you to address tonight. I don’t know
how to respond. I don’t know that what I say or the way I say it or whatever it is that’s lacking
or maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s just difficult. The one thing that initiated this is I got a call
last night from a really nice man and I mean this sincerely and I know that it’s with all of his
heart the belief, but basically it was the same thing I get from people who are I guess it’s
Christian or Israel identity, but it isn’t Yahweh or Jehovah that god of the Old Testament. The
name is wrong. It’s Yahweh; and Alan, what is the difference?

Alan: Well, to them it’s everything really and that goes way, way back into the Middle East where
if you knew the exact pronunciation of the entity or demon, then you would control it. That’s where
it all stems from and of course it’s all nonsense because if you’re talking to a creator I’m sure
the creator is bright enough to know who you’re talking to.

Jackie: What about the part in the Old Testament where it says if my people – does it say know my
name or something about repent. I wished I knew it word for word. I don’t if you know which one I’m
referring to, but I think a lot of stuff is pinned onto that too. “If my people would say my name
or know my name, call upon me, I will

heal their land.” So that’s to make people think that we have to have a name for Creator?

Alan: That’s pretty well it. It’s nonsense. If you are speaking to a creator that’s so dumb with a
low IQ that if you get the name wrong and he doesn’t hear you, then I think you’re praying to the
wrong entity because obviously anything that was a creator knows exactly who you mean.

Jackie: But this goes along with the fact that it wasn’t the Jews that was the chosen, it was the
white Anglo-Saxon and there’s a lot of evidentially research that people have done in the
bloodlines and people from back in that area and so what it comes down to this is. It comes down to
believing that Creator would choose a special people and we’re to rule the world. Rule the world.
It says in there, Alan, that you are going to loan to nations and borrow from none and it also says
to a special people that they cannot loan money and charge usury to their fellows but they have to
charge usury to the stranger or the goyim. Well, how is this reconciled in people’s minds or is
there something that at least to plant a seed that would get them thinking, Alan?

Alan: Their thinking would have to overcome their conditioning. That’s the problem and they’ve
been so heavily steeped in this stuff from childhood that for many of them it’s impossible to break
that barrier.

Jackie: A lot of people who are Christian identity I don’t think it’s necessarily from childhood.
It is what they’ve deduced from whoever – this came from British Israelism, didn’t it? The Israel
identity or Christian identity? What is British Israelism?

Alan: It began in the 1800’s with one man who was a bit of a nutcase to begin with. In fact he
ended up in a psychiatric hospital for the rest of his days.

Jackie: Do you know a name?

Alan: I can’t quite remember the guy’s name but he actually demanded that the king and queen of
England dethrone themselves and put him in power because he believed that he was closer to the
bloodline that was mentioned than they were, you see, so they locked him up. However, then the
World Zionist federation realized this could be an aid in their plans and so they pushed it ever
since and you’ll find that the World Federalist Society–

Jackie: World Federalist or World Zionist?

Alan: World Federalist Society is the exact same address in every country as the World Zionist
Society. It’s one and the same outfit. They’re using religion once again to verify the Old
Testament and to bring Israel up to be the basically the capital of the planet.

Jackie: And going along with that, isn’t it the second coming, the coming of Jesus, and I don’t
know if this is British Israelism or Israel identity but that Jesus is going to have his throne
right there in Jerusalem.

Alan: It’s all part of the plan and you see behind religions you’ve had people who conned everyone
for thousands of years so they do certainly know the techniques to use and they could pull it off.
They could certainly pull it off; but if you go into the Old Testament, Jehovah or Yahweh is a
latecomer. He comes on the scene after the Elohim and the Elohim are the creators you might say, so
definitely Yahweh was a local deity that was then pushed – in fact he was the volcano god and he
was eventually pushed up to overtake everyone else, not by Jews but by the ruling governments of
the day.

Jackie: The priesthood?

Alan: Yes and Constantine I’m sure had a few good chuckles at that one because he was steeped in
all the mystery religions and even though he’s given the accolades for bringing Christianity to the
fore, he did not make Christianity the religion of Rome. He simply stopped the persecution of it
and prior to doing that he created his own temple of the Mithraic Cult – he was a Mithraic
disciple, a form of Masonry you might call it. He also created a church where you could go in, like
all Caesars, and worship him in his own church, so he was worshipped as a god. He had insurance
policies out with every mystery religion and so he used this religion, the Christian religion, to
further the cause, which was again to lead eventually to world government.

The Roman cult of Mithras (




the Fasci, the red cap, the square and compass…bla bla bla …yes it is everywhere in many shapes and forms


Jackie: I’ve mentioned this on the air before because I don’t really understand all of the
writings that are attributed to things of Jesus but there are some that are so simple and that you
just absolutely know is true. You know, how to live. Do unto others. That is it, Alan. As you sow,
so shall you reap. I take that literally and for people to think that okay if I say a certain
amount of hail Mary’s or the priest or I pay enough, well the Lord knows that I’m a weak sinner and
Jesus died for my sins so I’m okay because I repent and then you do it again and repent again and
it really gives people a cop out. But far beyond that, the way I see it, the way it appears to me,
is that it has created that separation – that perceived separation between each of us and our

Alan: Long before Christianity the mystery religions had always been around and they knew from
time immemorial that man would always seek out his Creator. He had a yearning to be in touch with
the all or whatever name they gave to it and then they exploited it. The priesthoods actually
exploited this natural need you see and of course out of the need they create dogma, and from the
dogma they make rules and laws and enslave the minds of the people.

Jackie: And if you don’t buy into the dogma you’re a heretic; and I remember saying that on the
air. Actually it was sometime in ’98 and why I remember that is because it was still daylight when
I was doing the broadcast at the time. But I said I just want you all to know that I am a heretic,
and by the definition in the dictionary, that I do not ascribe or subscribe to the religious
doctrine and the religious dogma that we have been taught. I had somebody call me and say that’s a
terrible thing to say about yourself. In other words, it’s terrible to be a heretic.

Alan: “Heretic” comes from “hearsay,” and that’s what they forbid the public to do, was listen to
hearsay; and from “hearsay” you have “heresy.” That’s where it comes from, so you were forbidden to
listen to any kind of hearsay or heresy and if you did then you were a heretic. It’s a fantastic
form of mind control to do with guilt-tripping and sin of course and it’s been exploited and used
by professionals for thousands upon thousands of years. It’s all mind control, all of it.

Jackie: I remember when Rick, what was his name, Wiles, was actually on this hour on this
shortwave frequency at 9 p.m. Eastern time and Lilly listened to him and taped the thing one day
and called and let me hear it. This basically was his message because he used to do news and tell
all the terrible things that were going on, but then he’d say but that’s okay, I see what’s going
on out there, I know what’s going on but it’s okay because I know that it’s the time Jesus is
coming, see. Then he says come on Jesus and establish your throne in Jerusalem and I am going to be
there right in the front row worshipping you and following you. It seems that the kingdom on earth
is the message that has permeated throughout a lot of these religions, like the Jehovah’s

Alan: Of course the history of the Witnesses was began by–

Jackie: Charles Taze Russell


Alan: And he’s buried under a pyramid.




Another little psycho clown, giving you the masonic sign, do you see that, children ?



Jackie: “34 holy,” I was at his pyramid. I have photographs of them, Alan.

Alan: Yes and it’s right opposite the Masonic Lodge and of course the whole idea of the
“Russellites,” as they called themselves, was that the Gentiles had blown it with all their wars
and the goal was to bring the time of the Jews to rule the world. That was part of the Russellite

Jackie: Oh, you’re kidding.

Alan: In fact Balfour who gave the Balfour Declaration said the same thing. If you read the whole
declaration, and generally you’ll see only part of it published, but if you read the whole thing he
said the same thing that the Gentiles have blown their ability for salvation, were unable to handle
freedom and therefore the Jews had the right to rule.

Jackie: I had never read the whole thing then because what I have that I was under the impression
that this was the Balfour Declaration, basically it just said that a home there will be established
for the Jews. However, it said something about that this would not encroach upon the people who are
living there already, the Palestinians.

Alan: Well, they are nice liars.

Jackie: Yes I know that but that’s all I’ve got.

Alan: I’ve got the whole thing and don’t forget too, it was not a British government document. It
was a personal letter to Baron Rothschild, so it was never debated in Parliament in Britain. This
was a managed thing between Rothschild and Balfour; but that was the scheme of it all, was that
“look, you Gentiles just can’t handle it so it’s only right that Jews take over.” H.G. Wells who
was also a front man for MI6 and who was given most of his material that he wrote his stories
around, H.G. Wells also categorized the races that should be allowed to live and the ones that
would have to be exterminated, long before Adolph Hitler came along. He said that the British Crown
had decided that Jews because of their survival abilities and their ability to handle this economic
system would be allowed to survive alongside the aristocracy of Britain.

Jackie: You’re kidding.

Alan: No.

Jackie: So their ability to handle it. They’re the ones that – well, the elite are the ones that
created it, aren’t they, way back in ancient times?

Alan: Oh yes, it’s always been the elite of course. When you read into the books,
H.G. Wells wrote the first set, it was a two-volume set called “The History of the World,” and he
lays out there the races that would have to be destroyed because they could not come into this new
order, which was an economic system, and he said that the red man would have to be killed off by
diseases and so would the blacks. He also had the Irish in there, by the way.

Jackie: Why the Irish?

Alan: Because the Irish have a temperamental streak where they don’t like to go along with systems
and the only ones that would be allowed to survive would be people who would conform to an economic
system, and that’s the key to everything is the economic system. We under law exist to serve the
economic system and not the other way around. They wrote a lot of their agenda openly back in the
early 1900’s and put down in that agenda the races that would have to be eliminated.

Jackie: When you read enough different stuff you know that you keep seeing these connections. And
in the Protocols of course their world court it looks like it’s already built there in Israel but
they say that their king despot of the blood of Zion is going to be the Pope of the world. Now I
was sharing with out listeners last night a thing that I got on the different popes but there’s
something here that I didn’t get to and I think it’s part of our conversation now and I’d like to
share it. He was talking about the scandals of the child molestation and he said:

“Notwithstanding the scandal and shock of the aforementioned, Rome carries on quietly with her
program of world dominion. They lead the competition to establish the first one world system that
has ever existed. Their ultimate goal is global religious syncretism, and to eventually wield
control and authority over every individual on earth. The human solidarity goals of the Roman
Church are identical to the goals and objectives of the United Nations. This is why they are such a
perfect fit. Rome only gives the appearance of objecting to the UN agenda. At the 1996 World Food
Summit in Rome, Cardinal Angelo Sodano fledged the holy seas support for the UN humanistic programs
of action. Rome also has designs on Jerusalem.”

Now this is where the connection comes in.

“For 46 years after Israel’s rebirth the Vatican refused to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.
But Rome wants to exert premier influence over Jerusalem, which will one day function as the
capital of her World Church. In a 1993 letter to the Pope, Shimon Peres promised to
internationalize Jerusalem granting the UN political control of the Old City and the Vatican
hegemony over the holy sites within. This was confirmed

by the Italian newspaper La Stampa. In March 1995 the Israeli radio station Arutz Sheva was leaked
a cable from the Israeli Embassy in Rome, confirming the hand over of Jerusalem to the Vatican. The
future Pope will establish his throne one day within the walls of the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem.
It is from here that he will rule his World Church.”

That reminds me that the king despot of the blood of Zion is said that it will be the Pope of the
World and it says and there’s just another paragraph here.

“And this day may not be as far off as many believe. The cornerstones for the Third Temple have
already been quarried by the Jewish group known as the Temple Mount Faithful. They are extremely
well financed and organized. They have also produced priestly vestments in accordance with
scriptural outlines and are presently attempting to breed a perfect red heifer in anticipation of
the coming dedication ceremonies. Obviously, Rome and the Temple Mount Faithful are headed for a

I don’t think so. Do you, Alan? I don’t think there is going to be a showdown.

Alan: No, I wouldn’t think so.

Jackie: Okay. Here’s the last. “In a letter sent to the Vatican in January 2004, the Temple Mount
Faithful demanded that Pope John Paul return the Temple Menorah and other vessels and treasures
removed in 70AD by Titus and taken to Rome, where they are presently held within the Secret Vatican
Archives.” And that’s the end of the article and this was written by some guy in Toronto, but I
think there’s a lot of truth in here except that there’s going to be a show down. This last pope
according to many sources his mother was a Jew. He went to Israel and apologized on behalf of all
Christians for the terrible persecution of the Jews that have taken place over the last 2,000
years, so the guy was a Jew.

Alan: He also worked for I.G. Farben just prior to World War II.

Jackie: Yes. I understand that he became a Catholic in order to escape whatever and he became a
cardinal and the next thing you know he’s a pope. There’s not going to be any showdown. Their
puppets are being put in place right now.

Alan: Sure, the Catholic Church was always used for this. In fact if you look at some of the big
names of Catholic popes, they were also world bankers in their own right.

Jackie: I was telling our listeners last night about this beautiful book I have written by David
Yallop, I think his name was. It was titled “In God’s Name” and it was about Pope John Paul I that
was in only for 33 days and he was going to get rid of Marchinko the Vatican banker because he
found out that they had laundered a billion, 900 and some million, dollars of bad bonds through the
Vatican church. It was the night before when he handed these instructions to the Secretary of
State, which he had actually inherited from the previous pope, and the author said that the guy
begged the pope not to do this, evidentially knowing what was going to happen, and he said I want
this done. Marchinko was some bishop or cardinal and the next morning he was found dead. He was

Alan: He was going to make a speech that day, too, to ban freemasonry in the Vatican.

Jackie: Yes. What is it called? 32P… 3P… 22?

Alan: There’s two 2’s.

Jackie: P2 freemasonry. Yes, that was mentioned. We have to take our 60-second break here. This
was a pope that could have done some real good. He was going to get rid of the birth control ban
for Catholics and they got rid of him in 33 days. Okay folks, we’ll be right back with Alan Watt.
Okay Alan, what were we talking about?

Alan: The fact is that organized religions have always been used for the purpose of control from
the most ancient times.

Jackie: Oh yes, we were talking about Pope John Paul I.

Alan: If you really want to find mystery religion, you should look into the established churches
because that’s where it all began.

Jackie: You know the word pagan? Well, I looked it up one day. I got a whole bunch of dictionaries
here and every time Chuck found one in an old bookstore from all different areas and I look up the
word pagan in every single one of them, including 1828 whatever. Pagan, the word is connected with
the word heathen and that is the person of the heath. Pagan really means rural folks, but what the
dictionary said is that they were people who did not come into the organized church, the doctrine
and the dogma of the church; and Alan, do you know that almost every single one of them, one of the
definitions of a pagan was a gentile? Now that kind of confused me. Can you explain that?

Alan: Sure. All ancient peoples had meaning in life. They had meaning from life. They lived the
meaning of life and it didn’t matter really where their source of inspiration came from. They lived
their life and life has to be meaningful. If you take away the meaningfulness of life, then you
have robots and slaves and of course the organized religions were intended and set up to do exactly
that. The ancient people had special sacred spots all over the world and it meant something to
them. That’s all important you see.

Jackie: Yes and it wasn’t necessarily evil, was it, Alan?

Alan: No, not in the least. In fact, there was far less bloodletting with the so-called Pagani as
there has been with established religion. Established religion has been a horror show.

Jackie: Alan, what about the people now, I guess I have thought of them as pagans who sacrificed
their children? Like I remember reading in Hawaii they throw their babies into the ocean
sacrificing them to the gods. Some of them when they built a building, the four corners, before
they put those posts in an infant was thrown in there; did that come from the priesthood?

Alan: It came from Babylon. In fact, the archaeologists today who’ve worked steadily what was
Babylon right into Jerusalem have found no sign of a Jehovah type worship. What they have found is
that the same exact system of Babylon, where you kill children and often put them in an urn and you
put them on each four corners to protect the inhabitants. All this rubbish and nonsense about a
great Judaic people who worshipped this Jehovah is absolute rubbish. The truth is in the earth. The
proof is there buried in the earth and in fact you can’t tell Judaism apart from the Phoenicians
who also did the same thing of killing first-born children and burying them in the four corners of
the structure. You see in the ancient times, even in Rome, the emperor himself, to open up land for
building purposes he would make the crossroads with the plows and he would plow an exact square and

Jackie: Who did this?

Alan: The old Caesars.

Jackie: The Caesars themselves?

Alan: Yes. That was the law that they had to plow a square part of the land, with a plow, and
wherever any structure went up then a human sacrifice was given so that

the mother goddess would not be offended. That was their belief system and that was rampant – that
same belief system is exactly the same as Babylon and Jerusalem and on and on you go.

Jackie: This Caesar, are you speaking of in Rome?

Alan: In Rome and their empire, wherever their empire extended to, it was the same system because
there is only one mystery religion.

Jackie: You mean the Romans were doing baby sacrifices?

Alan: Yes and even today in the land of the so-called Phoenicians, which was the Holy Land

Jackie: Okay. Tell me where that was?

Alan: That was the Holy Land. That was Jerusalem and round about Jerusalem.

Jackie: That was Phoenicia, huh?

Alan: Yes and the Greeks called the land of that area Phoenicia. South of them was the Edomites,
but that land itself was the Phoenicians.

Jackie: Aren’t the Edomites the ones the Jews supposedly are supposed to get rid of?

Alan: Well, you’ll find they were not too happy with anybody else. Everybody was their enemy
basically. However, what you find with the Phoenicians, and this is the key to it all, it’s an
economic system and the Phoenicians were the ones who lived in that area who always created an
artificial island and that was their capital and from there they would spread their system of
commerce all over the ancient world.

Jackie: You mean somewhere out in the ocean they would create an island?

Alan: Yes, a man-made island.

Jackie: How do you do that, Alan?

Alan: They poured millions and billions of tons of soil and stone and so on and then they built
their island.

Jackie: In other words, sort of like a shoal or something that was already fairly not deep, fairly

Alan: That’s what they did and they built it off of Joppa [Jaffa, Yafo] off the coast of Israel in
the Mediterranean Sea and that was their capital. Then they moved eventually to Venice. Venice is a
play on Phoenician – Venetian, Phoenician, same thing – and that was their capital of the world;
Venice itself again was created by man, by the creation of an artificial city, and so the MO [modus
operandi] you can trace down through history wherever they go.

Jackie: Yes and this gets so confusing because I read a fairly long piece about Venice. I think it
was Venice where the Jesuits were supposed to be so powerful. Is that so, was it Venice?

Alan: They were definitely powerful because the Jesuits traveled even to ancient Japan. They
created the warrior caste of Japan. It wasn’t natural to that country. They actually gave them the
Warrior Caste and they’ve done it wherever they’ve gone. If you say–

Jackie: Phoenician and Venetian.

Alan: It’s the same thing, and the Phoenix bird dies every 500 years and it’s recreated in its own

Jackie: And that would be a takeoff on the Phoenicians?

Alan: That’s right. You’ll find if you say “Jesus” and then take it into the French, you have “Je
Suis,” I Am. Jesuit is Je Suis, same thing, “I am.” The whole thing is the mystery religion. All of
it is the mystery religion.

Jackie: Now I have read that the one we know as Jesus but wasn’t really his name.

Alan: Jesus is a Greek term because the initial writers of the gospel wrote primarily in Greek and
they had no problem by saying ‘Son of Zeus,’ (Zeus, Iesous), because they were familiar with the
son of Zeus, Hesus. The other name is Apollo of course and Jesus is the sun. He is the sun. If you
look a the King James Bible and you get a proper King James Bible–

Jackie: You mean like the original one?

Alan: Yes. You’ll find that the accolades they give to King James says “you are the SUN.” King
James is the SUN and then talks about the late queen Elizabeth I who is the Eastern Star. That’s
where the Eastern Star Lodge comes from. That’s in all the original King James Bibles.

Jackie: All Masonic.

Alan: All Masonic. These guys have literally pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes for thousands of
years. You look at all the churches, they have a spire, which is the phallic symbol going right
back to Egypt and it’s called ON. The phallic symbol is called ON. It’s in the English language
today. We use ON for an erection; and you walk through the phallic symbol into the box and you walk
through the vulva. That’s why you have what they call a “Norman Arch,” and you walk through it into
the church into the box and it always faces to the East where the sun comes up.


Jackie: Is this in the Catholic Church mostly?

Alan: It’s in all Christian churches.

Jackie: Are you saying then that all Christian churches that the entrance faces east?

Alan: That’s right.

Jackie: Gosh, I never noticed that, Alan.

Alan: And the priest gets dressed up in his robe, which is a female dress, because he portrays the
hermaphrodite, male and female in one, because in the beginning God created man and woman; “in his
perfect image created them both,” which means (and this is in the Talmud) that the god they’re
talking about is a hermaphrodite. It’s male and female in one. They worship on Saturn’s day, which
is Saturday, and that’s why they wear the black robe. When they wear the black robe they are also
ultimate law. They’re all law.

Jackie: Is that what the black robe means?

Alan: That’s what it means. It’s the law. That’s why judges wear the black robe. They are the law.
They are Saturn. When they sit on that bench above the people and there’s a bar in the way, they
belong to the bar, they are speaking as gods. They are gods in the courtroom.

Jackie: In the courtroom. Well, how does law connect with black?

Alan: Again it’s the ancient system that predated Judaism and all the rest of them.

Jackie: You mean that’s what they did was wore black?

Alan: Yes and when they brought even Hebrews in for trial, this is how they said it: they held
them by the “short and curlies.” They held them by the you-know-what.

Jackie: The pubic hair?

Alan: By the B-A-L-L-S and if you lied they crushed it. The crushed your “manhood” and that’s
where the “short and curlies” comes from. This is all history. It is recorded history and we’ve
been fooled for such a long, long time with all this nonsense that we have not allowed ourselves to
live. These guys who run this system know exactly where they’re taking us and what they’re taking
us to and they have decided that they want to eradicate that part of the mind, the brain, which
allows you to think of yourself as an individual.

Jackie: Okay. What part of the brain is that?

Alan: It’s your higher survival centers. Arthur Koestler worked for the United Nations. He wrote
about it. He said we will have to lobotomize that part of the brain that gives them their
individuality because they won’t need it anymore since the state will be making all their decisions
for them.

Jackie: Are we talking about in the pituitary area? Like a frontal lobotomy?

Alan: It includes that. They’ve been right up front with their agenda.

Jackie: Alan, was it Arthur Koestler who wrote–

Alan: “The Thirteenth Tribe.”

Jackie: I know “The Thirteenth Tribe,” but what about “The Ghost in the Machine?”

Alan: “The Ghost in the Machine” is what they refer to for your ability to know yourself as a
distinct personality.

Jackie: Wasn’t that a book?

Alan: “The Ghost in the Machine was a book, yes.

Jackie: Was it Arthur Koestler who wrote that?
Alan: Yes. He worked for the United Nations on a way to eradicate what they called “a problem of

Jackie: So you know what had just occurred to me? These psychotropic drugs that they are putting
everybody on, do you think that does something with that frontal lobe of the brain? Do you think
that’s the way of chemically lobotomizing people, Alan?

Alan: They are doing that. That’s what the spraying in the sky is all about.

Jackie: Well yes, but besides the spraying in the sky, the psychotropic drugs that they’re putting
so many people on and so many children. Do you think that that is sort of like a chemical – I mean
they actually get zombie-like in a sense.

Alan: When you put them on the drugs they’ve been put on, it actually shrinks the brain and what
they’re doing is eliminating all those people with leadership abilities who can convey what they
understand and know and have learned to other people. They’re eliminating them before they become a
problem and this is not fantasia. It’s been written about by the very people involved. It’s just
that no one reads these books.

Jackie: So “The Ghost in the Machine” would be the actual soul or spirit of the individual?

Alan: It’s everything that makes you who you are. That’s what they mean and they’re doing it.

Jackie: I’ve always meant to get that book and I’ve never done it.

Alan: Arthur Koestler was quite candid about it. He believes in it of course. He worked for Stalin
and then he came over to the University of New York and taught the same theories there.

Jackie: Koestler was a Russian Jew?

Alan: Yes and then he also spent the rest of his life working on methods to eradicate
that part of the brain that makes you who you are; an individual.

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