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Alan: That’s right. They show the world the religion they really belong to, while the same people
stir up the exoteric religions against each other. It’s quite clever, while the inner players all
belong to an esoteric religion, which is one worldwide, but their symbols are always thrown in your
face and they love to mock the victim, which is really the population. However, they show us
upfront what they belong to and everyone knows of course – in fact, Lenin’s tomb was recently
redecorated inside and they’ve got his body or his mummy back on display. There’s another thing
too. Why would they mummify his body?
Jackie: No lie.
Alan: It’s in a crystal case and you’d swear that he just died five minutes ago and that’s back on
display and everyone knows of course that Lenin was a Jew and that’s behind the head now. They have
a placard up there giving his history for the first time.

Jackie: Do the people in Russia, maybe you don’t know this, as a whole do they revere Lenin or do
they know what a monster he was?

Alan: There’s a lot of the population do revere him because the propaganda was so intense
including their schooling right from your first day at school. You’d be taught to revere this man
literally as the next thing to any god.

Jackie: So it would be only the people who were there when Lenin was there that knew what a monster
he was and they’re gone today.

Alan: They’re gone. Although, even some of his compadres there, his henchmen like Trotsky, did
write books at that period and went through their system or their strategy of terror, because when
you take over a system you want compliance and immediate

compliance to maintain your hold on the system and they have a reign of terror. They always have a
reign of terror and so you saw that – actually they had that too in the British Revolution. People
forget that England was the first one to have a revolution.

Jackie: And that was when, Alan?

Alan: They had that actually before Cromwell but he re-revolutionized it again and you’ll find the
same thing with the American Revolution, then the French Revolution. The French really went to town
and then after that of course you had the Russian Revolution with its reign of terror, which was
based more on the French model right down to population control. That was part of the French
Revolution. They had maps made out before the revolution that they had to reduce the populations of
the rural areas and they rounded up thousands and thousands from regions. They had the map cut up
into regions and they would take the so-called excess population, peasants mainly, and put them on
river barges; the ones at the coast line were put onto old ships and they fired cannon into them
and sunk them because they wanted the population down. This wasn’t just a haphazard spontaneous

Jackie: So they couldn’t revolt?

Alan: Partly that, but they also had the whole agenda that we see portrayed through the League of
Nations and then the United Nations with its population reduction, population management, right
down to how many do we actually need for a specific task.

Jackie: They call it “Family Planning,” Alan. Alan: That’s right and now it’s societal planning.
Jackie: You have to say it nice.
Alan: This stuff goes right back for hundreds of years. It’s part of the Mystery Religion you
might call it.

Jackie: I would like to say this to our listeners. It was told to a group of doctors I think it was
back in ’65 or ’68 in Pittsburgh by Dr. Richard Day and you know it was interesting. Dr. Dunegan
who started taking the notes and made the tape he said that Dr. Day mentioned several times that –
in other words, he realized that his handlers would not be happy that he was telling all these
doctors this, but there had to have been some type of hypnotic something going on. Maybe it was
because they were all full from a real good dinner and had a few probably cocktails or wine,
whatever, but

he told them you cannot take notes and you cannot tape this and most of you aren’t even going to
remember most of what I’m saying tonight, but he says I wouldn’t have been able to tell you this a
couple of years ago but now everything is in its place and we intend to go into the 21st century
with a running start and nothing can stop us now and he talks about all of this. It’s all laid out
and he even told how they would do it and when you read that you cannot deny it because it’s
happening today. Even minute little details about the clothing and how they were going to take
little girls and they were going to take the nurturing inherent mothering qualities from them by
getting rid of the baby dolls and then came the Barbie dolls right after that.

Alan: They gave the dolls to the boys.

Jackie: Yes, they did give the dolls to the boys, didn’t they? All these things, Alan, that you’ve
talked about that we’ve talked about, it was laid out there and he said it very plainly and what I
found interesting Dr. Day was elderly but it was very soon after he admitted all this to this group
of doctors that he died and they probably got pretty ticked off. Sort of like what’s his name?

Alan: Carroll Quigley.

Jackie: Yes, Carroll Quigley. He told that he thought it was a wonderful idea and his only problem
with it was that they wanted to keep it secret and he thought people should know because it was
such a wonderful plan. What a nitwit. What a nitwit this man was.

Alan: The thing is, when you look back at everything you realize that every era has been just as
controlled, every era. You see, we’ve never had what we think of as freedom since as I say from at
least the days of Sumer and now through archaeological digs they’re digging up previous
civilizations like the Harappan culture which also was intensely – I mean you’re talking about
underground heating, under- floor heating, piped water in the rooms–

Jackie: Under-floor heating.

Alan: Yes and piped water into rooms and you were talking 6,000 or more, 7,000 BC.

Jackie: Who were the Harappans?

Alan: Well, that’s just it. The Sumerian culture was basically built on top of the previous
civilizations that had existed there and the one prior to Sumer they’re giving

the name of Harappan. They like to give it a name so they can identify or at least know who they’re
talking about.

Jackie: Okay. So that was before Sumer?

Alan: Yes and the Harappan cities that they’re digging up extended all the way from Egypt to
China, so they had a tremendous trade market. They had a high standard of living but it boils back
to the same thing. It’s trade and a monetary form so that they could literally get the people using
their money. Whether you weight it or count it doesn’t matter. It’s getting the public to give up
their rights for things they want and once you do that and they introduce their money they’ve got
you. I knew that too because it’s evident when you study Sumer that they were so perfect in their
managerial system of society.

Jackie: You know what? I’m glad you brought that up and I want if you will because we have to take
our break right now. When we come back, because you were reading to me once and I know that it’s in
your head so you don’t have to read it, but the system that you were reading from, whatever it was,
is exactly the system that we’re living under today.

Alan: Exactly.

Jackie: Including the taxes and just everything. All right, we’re back folks and since we’re
talking about Alan’s third book here let’s give Alan’s address, if you still have your pen in your
hand. I hope you do. If you want the book that we’re discussing, first of all Alan recommends very
emphatically that if you don’t have numbers 1 and 2 you should begin there because this is the
third one that he’s done and really what it does is it just follows along from one to the other to
the other. Do you call all of them “Cutting Through,” Alan?

Alan: I did initially then I changed I think the second one, but they’re all “Cutting Through”–

Jackie: They are cutting through the BS. Okay.

Alan, before we pick up the Sumer thing there’s a couple of things I wanted to mention. Joe
Bannister, I think most of our listeners or a lot of our listeners are probably aware of it. Joe
Bannister is a former IRS agent. In fact this has been in the newspapers you know, the press and
the news, the mainstream has actually picked this story up. Joe Bannister who was a former IRS
agent and is now part of the “We the

People” organization, that would be Bob Schultz from New York, he was indicted and charged with
giving I think disinformation to his clients because he left the IRS and became a CPA and Joe
Bannister actually won his trial. He was acquitted of all charges. Al Thompson and we had Al on
with us one night, a business owner. He was one of Joe Bannister’s clients and they each had a
trial. They were both – I don’t know if this was together, if they were charged together and the
trials together or separately, but lets just put it this way.

Joe Bannister got off and his client from what I’ve read I’m sure they’ll be appealing it is going
to prison and I also read if I’m not mistaken, I shouldn’t maybe say it because I can’t take it to
the bank but there was another client of Joe Bannister’s who’s already in prison and you know this
doesn’t surprise me. Just because of his association with this Bob Schultz because Bob Schultz is a
Rockefeller boy and there’s an article about Bob Schultz and it was actually written by Sandy
Stika, a lawyer, but this woman had the goods on Bob Schultz and I had the goods on him myself from
a previous interaction with him in 1993. I knew he was a phony but I didn’t know he was a
Rockefeller boy and I’m not surprised. When I found out that he was going to court, I thought ha,
maybe I was wrong about Joe Bannister. Maybe he’s just been taken in by this crew but to get off on
these charges we’ve got Dixon Cannon from Texas sitting in prison. There are other business owners
sitting in prison and Bannister gets off and folks I wanted you to know that. I want you to not be
taken in by this because I suspect that this was a setup. The whole thing was planned out.

Alan: Generally, most of these things are sting operations where they put their man out there,
people fall for it then they arrest them.

Jackie: And Bannister gets off and everybody on the internet is just celebrating to high heaven.

Alan: “They give us our heroes” as Albert Pike said.

Jackie: Alan, I’m going to tell you something. Sometimes the internet just makes me crazy because
you get these articles and people are just ecstatic that he won this thing but they’re not getting
it. They don’t put two and two together and see that he got off but his client didn’t.

Alan: Well, that’s what happens when you make a hero. He already was a hero for coming out and now
he’s more of a hero for getting off with the charges. You can be a bigger hero now and con more

Jackie: That’s why I wanted to bring this up before I forgot it. Now can we go to Sumer? And you
know the gentlemen who wrote me the letter? I don’t know, he probably wouldn’t want to have a
conversation with you because he just wants to say how crazy I am and how crazy you are. I’d like
to say this one more thing though. If he’s listening tonight, if you read about the account that
was written by Immanuel Velikovsky on the conflagration that occurred about the time the so-called
exodus out of Egypt was supposed to have occurred you will see that. His book is titled, “Worlds in
Collision” and the other one is called “Earth in Upheaval”, it’s a sequel, and those books unless
he made up all of that, all of the ancient manuscripts that he quoted from, and I don’t believe he
did, and he’s a Jew and he even quoted the Rabbis saying that at that time when the sun – it was
dark for three days. According to his report on the other side of the earth, the sun stood still in
the sky for three days but the Rabbis said that 49 out of 50 of the quote “chosen people” left
Egypt. They were leaving because they were trying to find some sun. They were trying to find some
food and it wasn’t just they who left and so therefore that to me when you look at that and you see
that they wrote that story of exodus, of course always around the chosen, well then it’s our choice
if we’re going to —

Alan: It’s a choice. See, Velikovsky too, we’ve got to remember, was a Rabbinical Rabbi and the son
of a Rabbinical Rabbi.

Jackie: Well, he must have ticked them off no end.

Alan: No. He was sent out from Communist Russia to promulgate this really.

Jackie: But why?

Alan: Because at that time they could not find any evidence of an ancient Israel people so his job
was to try and validate the fact that there had been an ancient Israel people.

Jackie: I see. So he wrote it into the histories.

Alan: When you look at all of it – when they discovered the Tel el Amarna city, which was the
record-keeping capital basically of Egypt when Akhenaton was in power, they found literally
millions of correspondences all in baked tablets from all their satrapies or little princedoms
across the entire Middle East back and forth from the leaders or the princes or whoever was put in
charge of these conquered peoples. Yet nobody’s history, whether it’s ancient Persian or Egypt or
whatever, nowhere did they mention a people called Israeli or a land called Israel.

Jackie: It’s been supposed or theorized maybe that it was the Hyksos that were there during that
time that it was supposedly the chosen.

Alan: What we do know is that from the Greek records and Tel el Amarna records that one of the
peoples was called Hyksos, which today means again “shepherd kings,” but it really was cattle which
they drove in front of them, these wandering tribes. They were joined by another huge group from
they think somewhere in the Aegean and of course this is where all the stories of Atlantis
come from, that these people evacuated their land during tremendous volcanic upheavals when the
land sunk beneath the water.

Jackie: Would that have been around the time of that whole conflagration?

Alan: Yes. In fact, the Egyptians had records of incredible tidal waves which had traveled across
the Mediterranean and caused tremendous damage to neighboring shorelines and so on. Crete was
flooded at the time when this huge island went down and the Peoples of the Sea came in, very well
organized people, very well military equipped and they joined with the Hyksos and invaded Egypt and
they took it over and ran it for about 150 years or so. They were the cruelest barbaric people
according to the Egyptians that they’d ever known. They had no respect for any religion. They used
terror again to subjugate the populace. They would just commandeer hundreds of people for a public
spectacle and chop them to pieces and that was to keep everybody else in line.

Jackie: That’s the entertainment of the day.

Alan: It has never changed. The same thing happened in the Russian Revolution where Lenin ordered
his men according to Trotsky to go out into all the rural areas and just round up a couple of dozen
in every little village, hang them from the trees and let their bodies rot and that will terrify
the rest of them to comply. That’s how power is maintained. It’s an ancient technique and it’s a
science in fact which has never been lost. It’s actually taught in certain places and of course
we’re seeing the same thing now as they go into a global civilization – I hate to use the world
civilization. That’s their term for their system, but we’re going to the global structure and to
maintain powers as governments they must have a terror within if they can’t have a terror abroad.

Jackie: Do you know the Guantanamo – no, the place where they have found that they have been
torturing people – what’s the name of this place?

Alan: That’s right. That’s the one that’s in Cuba, Guantanamo Bay.

Jackie: Do you know that one of the – I don’t which one it was of the three broadcast companies,
but they actually had a poll on their internet site asking people if they agree that torture should
be used for these “suspected terrorists” in order to get the truth out of them. Now how could any
person believe that torture is going to get the truth because they’ll admit to anything to please
quite torturing me. Whatever they want them to admit to they’ll admit to it.

Alan: It’s understood by the ones who run things.

Jackie: According to this poll there were actually people who said yes.

Alan: Of course there will be. Torture, they know themselves that they have far more sophisticated
methods of extracting truth from people and painless methods too. The whole thing about torture is
to terrify the public.

Jackie: They can just give them a shot, can’t they?

Alan: They can give them a shot. They have equipment today I am sure that–

Jackie: Isn’t sodium pentothal supposed to be the – that’s old.

Alan: It doesn’t really. It’s called abreaction therapy and you can certainly take a person back
into certain states with a form of hypnosis and a good life history of the individual but it
doesn’t necessarily guarantee truth.

Jackie: I’ll bet they have a truth serum today.

Alan: See, everything that was known in the Spanish Inquisition and the European Inquisition of the
Catholic Church about torture, everything that was known then is known today that, yes, people will
say anything in order to have that pain relief.

Jackie: It was like the Nuremberg trials. They tortured them and when they hung them they had a
shorter rope so the people would take a long time to die. It was a terrible, terrible thing that
happened during those Nuremberg trials. Okay, we’ve got about 10 minutes left here. Can we do

Alan: Yes, getting back to Sumer, there’s a book, which I don’t have actually, it was a library
book, but it was called, “Life Begins at Sumer” and it’s an easy read. I can’t remember the
author’s name but he was quoting from tablets that were unearthed there written by scribes and
every priestcraft was a specialist lawyer, so you had a

priesthood that dealt solely with real estate and with the writing up of the dividing up of
property and so on. You had a priesthood for every function at the top of every function.

Jackie: In Sumer? That would be the lawyers today.

Alan: This one young priest wrote and said “I look from the east. I look to the west. He says I
cannot see the sky for government buildings.”

Jackie: In Sumer.

Alan: 5,000 BC. He said they tax everything. He said they tax the fish we bring in. They tax the
goods we bring in. They tax us for living. He said when we bury our relatives they come to the
graveside and of course they left offerings of food and that on the grave. He said they come and
take the food for death taxes and I thought well nothing’s changed.

Jackie: Nothings changed. “Life Begins at Sumer?” I’m going to check and see if that’s available.

Alan: It’s an easy read and it’s a good book and they even show you the students who were being
trained. They were picking young boys and training them from the age of five to be scribes and they
have unearthed some of the schools and there are thousands of practice clay tablets they found
where they were doing advanced trigonometry and geometry just as well as we do it today.

Jackie: I have a newspaper article or maybe it’s from the government itself. I think it is the
U.S. government. They have special schools for gifted children and they bring them to Washington,
D.C. and you can see that what they’re doing is they’re grooming them and probably intensive
brainwashing, intensive brainwashing.

There’s something in the book here I must ask you about because remember when you talked about for
example even the royal Khazars, red heads, and they’ve unearthed and you said that the Egyptian
pharaohs they wore those big headdresses and stuff.

Alan: They wore wigs.

Jackie: Because to cover up their hair and in here, this would be on page 31, you’ve to this thing
it’s called – you’d have to pronounce it for me. Tenochtitlan. Is that it? It’s a human sacrifice.
It’s a drawing, a depiction.

“A priest slashes open a captive’s chest to tear out his living heart and they actually have drawn
this. Every night, the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli was believed to do battle against the power of
darkness. To give him strength, and to ensure that the sun would be reborn every morning, the
priests offered mankind’s most precious gift– human hearts and blood. This scene is from the Codex
Magliabechiano (16th century AD). Then you had written below it:

“Many people know of the bloody sacrifices to the Aztecs and their predecessors. It cannot be
stressed enough that sun-priests had a long history of similar cultural mind control techniques
across the ancient world. Much has been over thousands of years to ‘clean’ the historical records.
We know the Egyptians used to sacrifice red-haired captives to the sun on certain high holy days.”

Okay, well that confused me because it seemed that the red-headed ones were put up in those high

Alan: Yes, but don’t forget too that even the Phoenician nobility used to sacrifice their own
first-born, so this would probably be some of the special first-born and that’s the highest
sacrifice you could give.

Jackie: Of course, like GW. I believe he was sacrificed when he was born. I mean the guy he’s so
pathetically stupid that you could almost feel compassion for him and that you know that he was
born and bred to be where he is today to be the idiot puppet of the U.S. government.

Alan: They did sacrifice the red-haired men in Egypt and later of course they changed it to the
red heifer. The red heifer was adopted by Judaism for a sacrifice, a perfect red heifer.

Jackie: It’s a holy thing. Oh, do you know what? A friend of mine sent me a photograph, her son is
a dairy farmer and she sent me a photograph of a red heifer that was born to one of his cows; and I
meant to and I didn’t write back to her and say what is the relevance of this. Is that what she is
getting at? That it’s something holy?

Alan: Yes. In fact, they are apparently breeding stock to try to get back to the perfect red
heifer so they could recommence the sacrifices on the so-called holy mount.

Jackie: Oh my God. Then, so when somebody gets a red heifer, they celebrate that this is a wonder

Alan: Yes.

Jackie: Oh, Alan.

Alan: The whole thing is barbaric, but again, as I say, it’s a form of brainwashing, especially
children who have to watch that, because it also hardens them and steels them to suffering for even
for animals.

Jackie: They’ve done that with the movies and I’ve seen that young people can watch the most
grotesque. I remember one time a movie was on and I happened to walk in the room and some guy was
laying in a hospital and he was all bandaged up except one eye and they opened that eye and I saw
that they were going to shove an ice pick in it and I just cringed and walked away but they were
actually sitting watching it. It was when I was visiting in St. Louis and that’s the kind of stuff
our children watch, so Alan, they’ve already been–

Alan: Desensitized.

Jackie: Oh absolutely, absolutely.

Alan: It’s all planned that way because this sort of period we’re going through has been done so
many times in the past that they know exactly what type of generation they need to implement these
kind of things, so they create that generation. That’s why they could write into Revelations and so
on that children would be against parents and parents against children and all that, man against

Jackie: I’m not to the back of the book but that’s where you’re addressing Revelations. Okay,
would you like to come on with us again tomorrow night?

Alan: Sure.

Jackie: And maybe I’ll be there by then and if I’m not you can just – we can talk about it but
Revelations is so mightily important to people because it’s like oh look at this. It’s written in
the book.

Alan: By God.

Jackie: And by God, yes, and it’s going to happen, it’s God’s plan, and then we say oh God is

Alan: Just a bit hard to figure out sometimes.

Jackie: Well it is. It’s quite insane. We’re out of our hour. Thanks for being with us tonight,

Alan: It’s been a pleasure.

Jackie: Then we’ll see you tomorrow night?

Alan: Yes.

(Transcribed by Linda)




Alan Watt on
“Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru June 28, 2005

Jackie: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight here on Sweet Liberty.
It is Tuesday and it is the 28th of June in the year 2005 and Alan Watt is back with us again
tonight and I was doing last minute preparations. Alan, are you there with us?

Alan: I am.

Jackie: Folks, we’re going to be talking about Alan’s book, “Cutting Through” tonight. We’re going
to be talking about “Cutting Through” and we’re going to zero in on Revelations and so Alan would
you give them your address, your contact information.

Alan: Sure.

Jackie: Okay, thank you.

Alan: There’s actually three books, 1, 2 and 3, and the last one goes into some of the history of
priesthoods and the bankers because they do go hand-in-hand all down through the thousands of years
that we know of. I try and give you the documentation
– the scanty documentation that is available and I have found enough to put in a book and show you
this correlation between religion and money. If anyone wants 1, 2 or 3, “Cutting Through,” [see for ordering information.]. You will enjoy this because I don’t
think the correlations have been put so precisely before.

All knowledge as I say is scattered deliberately, so I think, because I don’t see why the
authorized historians who have access to archives, as opposed to public libraries, why wouldn’t
they give us this correlation between money, the system of money, the money which creates standing
armies which then go and conquer other countries to force the same money system on them with the
debt and all the rest of it and the priesthoods, who basically their purpose is to control the
minds of the people so that they’ll go along with it. It’s still going on today as we force Moslem
countries to accept this term called “democracy”, a term, by the way, which changes definition
every 25 years because the democracy of today is different from that 50 years ago and it’s
different from the one they had in Britain in the 1800’s. At that time only the nobility could
vote. People without property had no say in anything.

Jackie: And that was the truth even in the young America.

Alan: That’s right. It was only landowners and even then they specified a certain acreage before
you could vote.

Jackie: Yes, exactly under the Constitution. You had to be a landowner.

Alan: That wonderful document written by lawyers that you could drive buses through. Everything is
a scam and of course even prior to the revolution there were international meetings in Europe where
the bankers and the top front men for the bankers got together and they needed a shining knight in
armor that would lead the world into their system believing it was for the people. They couldn’t
use England because London had pillaged half the world and stole and robbed and so on, and they
couldn’t use France because they did the same thing. Therefore they decided to create a brand new
one and people fell for it of course. There’s more mythology involved in the founding than reality,
but that was their Novus Ordo Seclorum, their New World Order. That’s the motto and the U.S. is
actually doing what it was created to do, which was to bring this in.

Jackie: Well yes and think about it. They referred to America as the New World, and I thought
about that.

Alan: Every symbol of the U.S. federal government including the Great Seal, both sides, is
ancient, ancient Egyptian. Even prior to Egyptian the same symbols were used in Sumer so this is an
ancient brotherhood stretching back many, many thousands of years using their symbols openly in
front of the people who generally never inquire as to what they actually mean. It’s the oddest
thing even to see Washington’s Monument built like an Egyptian obelisk dedicated to a god. That’s
why they raised the obelisk. A human being had achieved godhood. That’s what apotheosis means and
here they erect one in Washington and the average American doesn’t ask the question, “why would
they put an Egyptian obelisk for Washington in this so- called, so-called Christian country?” The
signs are right in front of us.

Jackie: I had a call from a very nice man today and he said how much he enjoyed our broadcast but
he said I just don’t understand why the program before yours and after yours always comes in so
good. I hear this from so many people, Alan, that he has to listen so closely to be able to hear
it, but he said that he knew that the Bible was true and we talked and I mentioned the King James
Version and that Francis Bacon was one of the editors. Who was Francis Bacon? He certainly was an
insider but people get the idea and I don’t know why because I’ve said it a jillion times. I know
that there’s truth in that book. They have to give us truth but there’s so much – it’s all mingled
up with the lies and the contradictions and that is the one thing that it doesn’t cease to confuse
me I guess is that people can believe that the infallible word of God is contradictory; and it is
contradictory. There are so many contradictions.

Alan: That is the technique of mind control; it’s to give the person the ability to hold two
opposing opinions on the same subject in their head at the same time.

Jackie: And both of them being true?

Alan: That’s right. They’ll fight to the death to defend either contradiction.

Jackie: As I told you just before we went on the air, I really wanted to read the book last night
and get into where you were talking about Revelations and after about five minutes I crashed,
working out in that hot sun and the good exercise, it really helps you sleep but you said you
haven’t read it yourself.

Alan: I read it; I mean I wrote it and I never recheck anything once I’ve written it so there’ll be
a few typo errors. I didn’t use a computer and I watched my fingers rather than what I was writing,
so excuse any typo errors that you come across.

Jackie: You want me to make a note of it if I find them as I’m reading?

Alan: Sure. I can’t be bothered.

Jackie: Well, Revelations, can you give us some of what you wrote? You said you don’t have a copy

Alan: Yes.

Jackie: Now Alan, how are you going to make copies for your new people?

Alan: I’ve got a master copy.

Jackie: Oh, but you don’t want to mess with the master copy?

Alan: You get one wrinkle on that and you can’t get it through the machine.

Jackie: Maybe we’ll have to do it another time though because I haven’t read it so there aren’t
places that I can refer to. Some of the symbology that you gave in the book can you recall with

Alan: It’s all astral theology, the ancient, ancient priesthoods and we don’t know how far back
they stretch but we know it’s way before Sumer, 5,000 BC they already had all of the major planets
charted. They had the stars, the constellations and so on named, and many of the stars charted.
They knew when certain stars would rise and what time in fact. It was so exact they knew what time
it would rise for the first time in a set period and they basically wrote their plan into the
constellations rising and setting, which constellations of the zodiac follow which ones, and they
used that terminology even to do with – it’s like animals chasing each other in a constant circle.
They wrote elaborate stories for each part of the story for the zodiac and of course when people
are trained to believe these are actual people that lived on earth it’s very difficult to get that
out so that they can see what it really is, especially if they’ve been trained from a very, very
young age to believe that these are very real people.

In the book I use an old chart, an astrology chart in fact. That’s how they couched that back in
the 1500’s. They were studying astronomy but they used astrology as an exoteric cover and in that
particular zodiac you’ll even see – have you got it in front of you?

Jackie: Yes, I’ve got the book. Where would I go?

Alan: Go to that zodiacal chart that’s there. If you flick through it, the whole page is the
zodiac. It’s all symbols and animals.

Jackie: Oh yes, I’ve already gone by that. It’s up towards the front more?

Alan: I think so. Every religion that’s ever been and the stories concerning the individuals–

Jackie: Oh yes, this is this whole page?

Alan: Yes.

Jackie: And then you’ve got the names, Baal, Saudi, God all Mighty. Now who are all these people?

Alan: These are all the same people. It’s all titles to the sun. It’s titles to the sun at
different periods of the year.

Jackie: Baal means lord?

Alan: Lord and it can also mean sun because it all revolves around the sun. The sun being born in
the morning, prior to that, you get the coming of the sun. The color is purple. That’s before dawn
and like the song goes, “in the deep purple dawn.” That’s the royal color. That’s why royalty is
then set above the people. This is a system. The zodiac is a system of the system that we live in.

Jackie: Are you saying system?

Alan: Yes, system. Before that you get the royalty, the dawn. The Greeks called it Aurora and
Aurora was the goddess of the dawn. She was dressed in purple as well and purple is the royal color
for British royalty and royalty all over the world because they come in a sense before the system.
They are pre-existent. Their system is pre- existent before the sun rises. That’s what it means and
then of course as the sun goes through its phases during the day they give it a different title.
He’s a young lion in the morning and of course he’s a full-grown lion at midday and that’s really
one of the titles of Ra, Almighty Ra, such power and fire, so he’s a full-grown adult male
basically generally pictured as a lion. Then of course towards sundown he’s an older lion who sheds
his blood for the world, which is of course the sunset, the sky turns red, so every day the god of
the world gives his life for the world. It’s that simple.

Jackie: And who is the god of the world?

Alan: Well, you can take your pick. I mean there’s many names for the same thing in different
cultures and Lucifer of course is the light bringer and many of the esoteric sects that coexist
inside the Christian sects and always have done in their own private rituals will have Lucifer as
their god, meaning the light-bearer. Whereas the average Christian who’s taken everything at face
value, they’re in the dark. They’re still in the dark. They haven’t seen the light, you see. That’s
what that means, so as we’re being good little Christians we’re also being mocked by the people who
run Christianity and that’s why all of the Pied Piper leaders you get, the TV evangelists, the
superstars you might say, multimillionaires, have their own private meetings with Freemasonry.
Billy Graham is a 33rd degree Mason and I’m sure all the rest of them are too and they have their
own private esoteric meaning for everything.

Jackie: I forgot to tell you I got a response. Remember that article about the Sanhedrin being
reestablished, which you said you don’t think it’s ever not been and that would probably be so, but
they’re bringing it out in the open now. One of the courts that they’re going to be establishing,
the first one in Israel, are the Noahide courts and that one will be established in the U.S. and
remember I sent that note to Billy Graham and asked he or his colleagues if there’s been any
opposition to this. Well, I got mail back from somebody who said Billy asked me to respond to you
and he is very ill. He’s evidentially on is way out but he just didn’t have time to answer me
personally and he hasn’t done any research on it so there’s nothing he had to say about it.

Alan: No, which is ridiculous because these guys have known about these laws for years and Billy’s
been over to Israel who knows how many times and his job of course is to bring Christianity
together with this religion based in Israel which will be the world court as well.

Jackie: The world court?

Alan: Yes. All these boys they lie because that’s their job.

Jackie: Well you know Alan from doing chapter 16 and 17 of the book and rereading the I think it’s
“The Cause of World Unrest” and all of the rituals that this guy brought out actually from Albert
Pike’s book, no wonder they’re all so in love with Israel. I mean all of these – whatever, the 30th
degree, the Knight Kadosh or whatever and their – well, even before then into their initiations,
what are you building? We’re building temples, physical temples and temples in men’s minds. Which
way do you travel? From Babylon to Israel; and they asked them in one of them: Are you ready to

be governors of Israel? Now that of course has got to be some kind of code. What the heck does that
mean, Alan, are you ready to be governors of Israel?

Alan: Israel again is Isis Ra-El. It’s the bisexual deity in the male/female hermaphroditic god
and of course behind all religions it’s the same deity because their creator as they say is both
male and female, meaning perfection, and of course if you go into that of India, they’re far more
explicit in connecting the two together. That’s why Shiva and so on have attributes of both male
and female and they show it openly in their statues and so on. There’s a religion behind the
exoteric religion. It’s always been there and I think it was even Clements that said that when the
mass is gone – and that’s what he means by that. That’s why you have a mass for the people. They’re
the masses. When the mass is gone, he said, we have our own secret meeting or secret rituals which
the profane cannot see; so this has always been here from its very inception. As I say, too,
Constantine himself just a week prior to the counsel that he supposedly was responsible for he
deified himself as a god in the cult of Mithra. He built a temple so that the people – and this is
traditional in the Roman theology – he built a temple so that people could go and worship him, a
statue of him, even while he was still alive. He was worshipped as a god and that was traditional
in ancient Greece and in Rome, so the secret religion of course is that they all attain godhood.

Jackie: Did the people differentiate between “gods” and creator?

Alan: Well, not really. In the Christian religion, even though the Old Testament is so wishy-washy
because you have Elohim in the beginning and then you have this latecomer called Jehovah. I could
also pronounce all the crazy other names or terms they use for it.

Jackie: Yawvey and Yahaweh.

Alan: Oh yes.

Jackie: Did you hear a click on your phone?

Alan: I did, yes.

Jackie: I want you to know that your voice – the volume is up. It’s almost like you’re being
suppressed or something.

Alan: It’s very possible because a lot of technology out there is so advanced that doing that is
quite simple. Yes, you do have this Elohim and of course the secret behind the Elohim which is
everybody is confused about and many guys have written

books and made lots of money on them, but the real secret is the Elohim is ‘we,’ meaning the deity
who’s both male and female. That’s what it really refers to.

Jackie: Is that why it says, “let us make man in our image?”

Alan: That’s right and therefore Adam had the attributes of the deity. He was both male and female
and then the female part was separated from him. That’s the symbology.

Jackie: Did they do that through surgery do you think or I mean was the whole thing-

Alan: No, no. It’s all esoteric nonsense.

Jackie: Okay, but I mean is there any truth behind that back then that man was both male and female
and that the story about Adam as being used as a representation of that?

Alan: No, there’s none at all. They definitely had homosexual sects who were priests themselves. I
mean that’s fairly traditional all down through thousands of years. You would have – I mean what
young guy is going to cut off his manhood literally and join the cult of Isis? Which young guy is
going to do that voluntarily and then go and spend the rest of his days with men? You always had a
homosexual element who dressed as women and that’s why even today the robes are still the female
robes you know, so when a priest stands there he’s representing male and female in one. In other
words, he’s reflecting their secret deity.

Jackie: They probably don’t wear anything under their robes either.

Alan: I don’t know. I don’t know but this is the same in every religion.

Jackie: You mentioned one time the dog priests. Those were the priests that were the ones that were
used by the priests?

Alan: Yes and they had temple prostitutes and they had them in Israel too because they’ve
uncovered some parts of the old temple where they had an entrance which went into the house of
prostitutes, the female ones, and then there’s a little stela on the wall, a picture of the male
ones on the left hand side of the entrance, so they had both and so did Israel. They were no

Jackie: When you said Israel, it wasn’t Israel back then?

Alan: After the so-called Babylonian captivity there was an Israel for a short time, although the
Romans called that whole area Edomia on their maps, but you can still check today. They have
historical maps but they did have temple prostitutes the same as every other mystic religion across
that part of the world and of course the generative power of the sexual act was the closest they
claim they came to emulating the creator. It was a creative function and many of them in the higher
sects claim that to have sex with the male was still closer to the deity than having sex with the
female, so the deviant part of it has been there for thousands and thousands of years.

What they did and this is standard philosophy and history, what they did from the most ancient
times to set up this particular system was to create a god and a god’s wife in the heavens, so in
Egypt it was Osiris and wife Isis. Then they’d have a representative on earth who also emulated
that, so you had a human being who would be the god on earth. That was the pharaoh and his wife, so
they wrote it into the heavens and then reenacted it on earth.

In fact, the three pyramids themselves are nothing more than the belt of the Constellation Orion.

Jackie: We have to take our break. On the other side of this I want to remember to tell our
listeners, you and I talked about this recently about John Coleman and his books… Somebody must
have come down on John Coleman;and folks, for anybody to think that somebody is an ex- or former
CIA or MI6 or whatever, it’s folly because once you are, you are. Don’t you agree with that Alan?

Alan: They say that themselves.

Jackie: You get people on radio broadcasts you know guests, former CIA, a former Illuminati.
Really? And people fall for it because they say so and that’s when our logic has to enter in. It’s
like people who listen to the broadcasts of people who are syndicated on a lot of different radio
stations. Well, George Noory, what’s his name, Art Bell, they actually take these people seriously
and there are others who are purportedly in the patriot community or whatever you want to call it,
alternative radio, and when they’re on 18 and 20 and 30 hours a week and syndicated – there’s one
particular one. I can’t mention the name but he’s been on C-Span. He’s been on I think if I’m not
mistaken Fox News but the mainstream mentions him. Now when you get a mention by mainstream you
have to know that it’s one of theirs.

Alan: You don’t get an interview unless you are playing a role which they know about, and Albert
Pike, and I can’t stress it enough, he said that “we supply the leaders

to the people. When they need a leader we supply them,” and they always make sure it’s a superstar
that seems to have more info than anyone else and they steamroll ahead and before you know it they
become almost a deity themselves.

Jackie: Yes, and they have lots of infomercials too.

Alan: These people are definitely backed. For instance, in about March or April there was a
Rabbinical protest in New York; 6,000 people, many of them Rabbis, were protesting the illegality
of the present Israel. They claimed that it’s supposed to be Messiah-led to create a new Israel and
it hasn’t happened, this was done by man, and so 6,000 and all walked across the Brooklyn Bridge,
brought everything to a standstill and yet not one paper mentioned that fact.

Jackie: That’s all well and good but it’s sort of like a Ross Perot when he was allegedly fighting
the NAFTA. He wasn’t fighting the NAFTA. He wasn’t opposing it. In fact his slogan was “not this

Alan: What I’m saying, though, is not one paper or media mentioned that fact at all, which tells
you if the media doesn’t want to hear what you’ve got to say that you won’t get a mention and so
when you are doing a supposed patriot show – which is a joke anyway, the whole thing, the patriot.
I’m sorry to say it but it’s true. These guys gave you a system and made them believe it was yours
and that’s where the patriotism comes from. Now they’re simply adjusting their system into the
updated version and because people don’t like change they’re getting angry about it, so they put
the Pied Pipers out there to lead you, which will be up the garden path as always, and nothing will
be done except keeping you pacified or letting you blow off steam as we go through all the changes.

Jackie: Yes and my thoughts about these 6,000 people, rabbis, et cetera. Well, okay, not this
Israel because it isn’t messiah-lead. They believe that their messiah is going to come in with the
damn sword and eliminate all their enemies and they still are adherent to the Talmudic–

Alan: Well, that’s the craziness of all religion you see. I don’t put them in a different bracket
from anybody else. I know that the rabbis know more about the esoteric, but the followers don’t,
because the rabbis study the Talmud and they get to know what the inner meanings are.

Jackie: Well, they’re lied to. There’s this rabbi from Neutra Karta I think it is. I heard him on
John Stadtmiller’s broadcast several years ago and he was saying they’re anti- Zionist and he said
our god has demanded, commanded us to be good neighbors

wherever we live. That’s an outright lie because they are commanded to root out, pull down and
destroy every nation where they live as though they were captives whether their host nation
welcomes them with open arms or not.

Alan: That’s where the Noahide laws come in because it’s their duty to actually try and get these
laws enforced into all gentile nations wherever they travel. That’s a commandment really and of

Jackie: That’s what I was saying but I was getting emails saying – in fact I did tune in. I got a
call and somebody said oh you should hear this guy. He’s really great. No, he wasn’t, Alan. It was
just fuzzy warm, we’re good neighbors and we love America and we’re anti-Zionists. That’s BS. They
might be “anti-Zionist” but they’re still under the Talmudic law.

Alan: As far as I’m concerned, there’s no single religion out there that should have predominance
over any other one or people.

Jackie: There’s no religion out there that should even be.

Alan: They’ve all been created from the same source a long time ago and that’s the triangle.
That’s one of the meanings of the triangle and a trinity because they love trinities, you see, and
the Mystery Religion had trinities for thousands of years before Jesus and one of the trinities of
course is Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedism.
That’s your three main religions.

Jackie: On the internet you see all kinds of stuff about the evils of the Muslim religion et
cetera and the people who are doing this don’t even realize it that Christianity and Talmudism has
been combined. It’s all one.

Alan: Legality always wins over and that was why they combined the Old Testament with the New.
See, the more you condition people into a culture, and it’s culture shaping you see, that’s why you
give them a specific religion that generally is promoted by the royalty or whoever is at the top.
It’s designed to have a function, a purpose and to take the people to a certain destination, a
“fulfillment” if you like, of a plan and millions of people go along with it all because they’re
simply trained to do that from a very early age.

Jackie: What I became aware of is that Christianity and Talmudism are not opposites. They’re
parallel and the people are on a parallel path, the Christians and the Jews, and that path isn’t
going to cross. It’s going to merge.

Alan: Eventually so will the updated the Muslim world, once the job is finished in the Middle
East, they’ll merge too.

Jackie: Well, that’s the intention.

Alan: The trinity always merges, that’s why you have three in one.

Jackie: You look at the Christians waiting for Jesus. He’s coming back and he’s going to have his
kingdom. The seat of his kingdom is going to be in Israel and then of course you’ve got the Jews on
the same parallel path. They’re waiting for their messiah who has not come yet and he’s going to be
the one that’s going to rule the world. One of the things that you read in their websites on the
Noahide laws et cetera, one of the things they’re telling the Jews, one of the most frequently
asked questions, why hasn’t our messiah come? They said because the world is not ready for him yet
and the world will not be ready for him until the Christians have become Hassidic Gentiles and that
would be under the Noahide laws and so it’s their duty, their mandate to proselytize and bring
people in convincing them that this is the true “religion.” Of course, then you have so-called
Christian pastors and some of them on the air 20 and 30 hours a week actually getting their
followers to observe the Talmudic holidays.

Alan: Well, sheep go into the pasture and that’s what a pastor means. He’s looking after sheep and
you can’t do anything about it because sheep follow. That’s all they do is follow and they will go
willingly into whatever the guys at the top decide for them and it’s unfortunate but that’s the
truth. That’s why they call the man the pastor.

Jackie: There are some people waking up. I know that from phone calls that I get from people and
you have said that you’ve had some really great phone calls from people who suddenly just – it
suddenly hits them. I thought about this last night that I’m not sitting here “bible bashing,
Christian bashing,” which evidentially to some people it sounds like what I’m doing, and Alan, I
wouldn’t even be talking about this because it is so sensitive for people who are really steeped in
it. Now I was raised up in the Lutheran Church. I mean it wasn’t like I didn’t have religion but I
knew that there was stuff that we weren’t being told. It just wasn’t making sense to me. But the
only reason that I do this is because I see that it is the engine that is driving this plan for
world dominion and it’s so important and I would not intentionally offend or hurt somebody’s
feelings or tick people off just to do it. It would be nice if we didn’t have to talk about this.

Alan: When you have people going along with it and they become part of your problem or my problem
because they’re giving their power to this system and whether we agree with it or not we’re
supposed to go along with it or else; and I don’t like that

either. We all have a right to say what we know and what we think and if it hurts their feelings,
then that’s just too bad. If they’re so brainwashed into this double-speak religion, a god of
vengeance and a god who loves you, well that is their problem.

Jackie: A god of vengeance, a god who loves you, “I’ll curse you if you don’t follow every one of
my bloody statutes and I’ll bless you if you do.”

Alan: “I’ll make rich ones to lord over you and I can make rich whoever I want to. I’ll have my
favorites if I want them and I admire guys who can steal titles and property from others,” because
that’s the whole story that they give you where Jacob gets the blessing that was supposed to be put
on his brother. He cheated his old dad out of it trying to pretend he was the brother.

Jackie: I thought was a really pathetic story when you read about it.

Alan: It’s a good story for that type of conniving and cunning.

Jackie: That a father would reject the gift of one son and accept the gift of the other.

Alan: Yes, a half-blind old man.

Jackie: Yes and not only that, but the one son, wasn’t he offering the fruits of his labors from
the land?

Alan: That’s right. What it symbolizes is the man of nature. It’s not real people, you see. What it
also symbolizes is the one who has cunning and uses his intelligence but not his muscles to work
and therefore it’s his right to take advantage of the schmucks. That’s the lesson there. That’s
what the lesson is.

Jackie: People who believe that story, then in their minds they would want to be like the son who
was blessed, the liar, the one that’s cunning.

Alan: The deceiver, and if God says that’s okay then that’s okay with them. Then they cannot
complain when the government comes and steals whatever they have.

Jackie: It’s like the story about Abraham and Sarah and they waited a hundred years to have a son
but meantime–

Alan: She wasn’t quite sure she wanted one.

Jackie: Meantime, Hagar her handmaiden, she sent him in to Abraham to have a son and then when
what was his name, Isaac, their son was born, she got jealous. She wanted what’s his name out of
the way. What was his name? Born to Hagar.

Alan: Yes, I know who you mean.

Jackie: Okay, you know who I mean. Well, you read that in the Old Testament and the Lord said to
Abraham – this is my of course paraphrasing, but it’s like okay it was fine that he impregnated
this woman and had a child by her, but then when Isaac was born Sarah didn’t want them around and
so the Lord said to Abraham get him out of here, put her on an ass and put him on an ass and send
them away. Don’t upset Sarah. Alan, when you read that, that is so pathetically sick to believe
that “Creator or God” would be that lacking in compassion.

Alan: However, the ones who belong to this Mystery Religion and who believe that they are gods
would do these things because they have no compassion for anyone outside their system.

Jackie: But there are people who claim to be Christians who take a lot of stock in those Old
Testament stories. In fact, it seems to me that Christians are more in love with the Old Testament
than they are with the little 10 percent of the Bible, the gospels, which I know that isn’t all
there anyway; but to read that and believe it, that is very sad to me because your heart tells you
– I mean your heart knows or our inner knowing that that isn’t our Creator. We wouldn’t do that to

Alan: No, but a mafia boss would.

Jackie: Yes and they say well God can do anything he wants and that’s how they slough it off.

Alan: I don’t waste my time with these people because you see when indoctrination takes it’s like
an inoculation. They have that term “the inoculation has taken,” meaning it’s supposed to work.
It’s the same with indoctrination. The ones who have come from even abusive families and it doesn’t
have to be physical abuse, abuse of the mind is generally the first thing that happens, they grow
up almost being obsessional with rules, regulations and laws.

Jackie: And abuse of laws.

Alan: Yes and so they gravitate right into that whole thing because the god that’s presented in
the Old Testament is a very human, almost an alcoholic personality,

“Come here, go away. I want to cuddle you or I might just turn around and smack you.” See that’s
the ambivalence of this deity because it was basically an oriental king that they molded the whole
thing on, a despot basically, so it’s nothing to do with a creator at all. It’s a man-made religion
and within that man-made religion is an esoteric religion which is taught everywhere to select

Jackie: When I realized how important it is to have these conversations and it was a long time
ago, Alan, because I remember it had to have been around in ’98 because I was doing the broadcast
at 6 p.m. I remember one of our listeners who called in and he said, I love listening to you and
you’re so inspiring and et cetera, but, he said, Jackie, don’t you understand this is God’s plan,
it’s in the book; and I gulped. I gulped and thought oh my goodness and when I got off the air that
evening I said, Chuck, we have met the enemy and he is us and I think one of the most dangerous
books in this world is the Holy Bible.

Alan: That’s why it’s on every Masonic temple. They have it on the altar, that Black Book, the
book is the law is black you see. That’s what it means. Saturn is always dressed in black. That’s
why you have black-robed priests and rabbis and so on, and so their book is black because that’s
the Saturnalian law.

Jackie: Well, for any of our listeners who are listening, I just want you to know that these
conversations would not be being had if it wasn’t very clear in my mind that it is the engine that
is driving that will, if enough people don’t wake up to the lies, it will help to implement their
plan for world dominion.

Alan: The purpose of all psychological warfare is to disarm the enemies mind prior to anything
occurring, and, of course, when you say, “it’s written in the Bible. It’s God’s plan” —

Jackie: It’s the infallible word of God and the Bible seems to be worshipped.

Alan: It is, especially the King James Version.

Jackie: Yes, that’s the one.

Alan: They think that’s the one that Jesus used.

Jackie: That’s the one and only. We’re out of our hour. Alan, thanks for being here. Would you stay
on the line when we go off?

Alan: Sure.

Jackie: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be back with you tomorrow night and thank you for being here
with us tonight and I pray that your minds and your ears and your eyes are opened and that you will
consider the conversations and maybe if you get Alan’s books, that might help a lot when you see
the ancient records that he has in the books. It’s all there.

(Transcribed by Linda)






Alan Watt on
“Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru June 29, 2005


Alan: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is actually Alan here. I’ll be on for a few minutes
while Jackie has to attend to a few vital things and I think tonight we’ll be talking about some of
the meanings behind Revelations. This is contained in the third book I put out there which deals
with a lot of the history of banking and religion, which have always gone hand in hand in every
age. I go through the meanings of Revelations and explain it as it really is, which is basically
astro-theology as they call it, which again is simply the study of the stars, the times of the
risings and settings of major stars and the planets of course. You’ll find the zodiac is very
important in all of this because it’s the Heavenly Plan and that’s the term they use, which is also
the term that George Bush, Sr. used discussing everything going the way of the Divine Plan or the
Heavenly Plan. That’s when he gave his first New World Order speech and you’ll find it’s more of a
timetable written in the sky and it was written many, many thousands of years ago and possibly even
millions of years ago because the further we dig into history, we find that humanity—as we are
today, that is, not ape men—but humanity definitely existed much, much further back than the
Darwinists have told us.

In fact, Darwin I think was pulled out of the hat to try and cover up the fact that knowledge is
not being discovered. Knowledge is being rediscovered and science is being rediscovered and very
possibly it’s being reused and it’s coming from archives. That’s why research is called RE-SEARCH.
Why isn’t it simply called search?

There’s very little today that we know of which wasn’t discussed many, many thousands of years ago,
especially by the Greek philosophers. We find we have the Atomist School, as they called it, where
they knew that nothing was really solid and the tiny particles of matter revolve around each other.
We’re expected to believe that they simply came to these conclusions by their vast intellectual
superiority – a bunch of nobility with nothing else to do but sit and think about things. Well, I
don’t care how long you would think about something, if you don’t have access to high-tech
civilizations with high-tech equipment, you could never come to that conclusion in a million years.
This knowledge was known a long, long time ago and if we jump from there to “The New Atlantis” by
Francis Bacon who wrote the book in the late 1500’s and it was published in 1602.

Jackie: Alan?

Alan: Hello.

Jackie: I’m here and I want you to just continue what you’re saying, okay? And thank you very

Alan: It’s a pleasure.

Jackie: You were talking about “The New Atlantis”? Alan: Yes and “The New Atlantis” is the same
thing. Jackie: Published in?
Alan: 1602.

Jackie: Right. Go ahead now.

Alan: We find that he talks about a land to the west which would be risen up to be a world leader
and of course he’s talking about America. He said that it would have a form of government on the
surface for the people where they would think they had a say in matters but in reality there would
be an invisible government of an elite bunch of intellectuals and scientists who would make all the
decisions. He called it “Solomon’s Land,” meaning the Brotherhood. That’s what he really was
referring to was the Masonic Brotherhood or in his day Rosicrucianism. He said that they had
laboratories under the ground and within mountains where they did scientific testing on different
things and that all of the laboratories were powered by an energy which gave off the heat and light
of the sun. Well, that’s what we have today with nuclear energy.

He then went on to say that in some of the laboratories they could take the tiniest particles of
matter, living matter, animal or vegetable, mix them together and create new types of species and
know exactly the types they wanted at the end before they even started, which tells you they’ve
done it before. He also talked about a machine which could manipulate the weather. It could cause
rainstorms or droughts. It could create hurricanes or tornadoes and be guided to their target.

Now this book “The New Atlantis” was a common book in universities for the last couple of hundred
years or more and we’re expected to think that a man who lived in an age where the candle was the
best form of light they had–

Jackie: Yeah, 400 years ago?

Alan: Yes, and the horse and carriage were the best form of land transport. We’re expected to
believe this man dreamed all this stuff up by himself and wrote this tremendous book, which was
also a prediction. As I say, America is the New Atlantis and we know today that we are basically
running towards a plan. We’re part of a definite plan to “spread,” if you like, Solomon’s word
across the world or make one system across the world. That’s what it really means and the United
States is leading the charge and up until now it’s been financing most of it through the taxpayer.

Jackie: Did you say that there was not evidence that Solomon’s Temple was ever built?

Alan: That’s right. I mean even amongst the Rabbis there’s debates as to where it was, because if
there ever was one they think it was much further to the north and not on the present site where
Herod’s Temple was built. We know that Herod definitely built a temple.

Jackie: Or he started building one.

Alan: He built it and then the Romans destroyed it. It didn’t last terribly long.

Jackie: So it wasn’t Solomon’s Temple that was destroyed?

Alan: Probably not. The whole thing about the esoteric meaning of Solomon’s Temple, the temple is
the individual High Mason. It’s yourself in other words. You’re rebuilding yourself. That’s what
Solomon’s Temple really means and in the third book I go through this, what the real meanings are,
as opposed to what we’ve been taught to believe – which is mainly fictitious characters or else as
I say solar and stellar theology wrapped around stories concerning people. It’s very cleverly done
because if you’re indoctrinated at such a young age to believe these poor people were wandering
through the desert and we have their names and all this stuff, it doesn’t occur to us that these
are all stories of the planets and stars and the sun going through the zodiac.

Jackie: Even Revelations, from what I was reading and I did have to put it down, but that’s what I
was getting out of it as you were explaining, that for example the lion with the 10 horns and they
depict him as three different animals. You said that it’s the way that they have depicted the
animals that are representing the different zodiacal signs–

Alan: That’s right.
Jackie: From one merging into the other, like spring into summer, those animals are, and that’s
that lion; and the 10 horns, what does that mean?

Alan: It’s the same thing. The old zodiac, the very, very old one only had 10 main symbols and so
they stuck to that even though they updated it and added another two.

Jackie: It was 10 crowns, wasn’t it?

Alan: In fact today they’re even thinking of updating it to 14 because there are two more main
constellations which have crept in there over the last few thousand years.

Jackie: Was does the word Sephiroth mean?

Alan: The Sephiroth, it means emanations. They talk about the 10 emanations from the deity and
people study this all their lives often and never really catch on to what they’re talking about.
Everything that’s put out there for people to follow is a maze of storytelling which captures the
imagination and yet very few people see through what it really means and find the original
meanings; and when they do, they kind of kick themselves because some people have spent an entire
life studying this stuff, only to find out it’s so simple really.

Jackie: How do you know what all this means, Alan?

Alan: How do I know?
Jackie: Yes.
Alan: I always knew. I could see through things from a very early age and I can remember even going
to Sunday school and hearing the stories and then it struck me because I also studied astronomy
from a very early age and before I went to school and so I thought my God that’s got an awful lot
in common with – for instance, if you chart the planet Venus over the course of a year with its
risings, its settings and so on, you’ll find it forms the six-pointed star.

Jackie: It actually does? It makes the shape in its movement? It makes the shape of a six-pointed
star and is that where that symbol came from then?
Alan: Yes. That’s why they chose that as one of their main – and they didn’t choose it really. It was there long before there was any Hebrews

Life Force Energy