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Jackie: I mean wouldn’t that be what you’re inferring? If they’re of a bloodline that
Alan: What you’ll definitely get are the same types of genes, traces of other genes. For instance,
we know that the Bush’s are related to them. There are so many families. So many American
presidents are related to them.

Jackie: You said the Bush’s are just kind of little twigs on the tree though.

Alan: They’re lower down. In fact, Kerry apparently was closer, he had more ties to the royalty
than Bush did, but they only give you their own ones to vote for it seems to be.

Jackie: So the people today that are known as Jews because they were born into this religion. I’m
not talking about Sammy Davis, Jr. and Marilyn Monroe and those people who “convert” to that
religion. But they are not supposed to intermarry. I guess that’s just to keep control of the

Alan: The thing is, though, most of them who are not nobility, remember, have always intermarried.
In fact, most books out in the bookstores will tell you that there’s an ongoing crisis within
Judaism because so many of the men are marrying into gentile families. The same thing doesn’t hold
quite as – and they always have done you see, so the lesser ones have always bred into other
peoples and many have lost their descendancy by doing so and the rabbis have been screaming at them
for hundreds of years to stop doing it and they’re still shouting at them to stop doing it.

Even Woody Allen was on a little program – he was with his wife and she’s gentile and his mother
was there. The mother is home and the father was there and the mother
came out with the usual thing you know, in front of this girl too, “It’s a pity you

married a gentile because if we all do that then we’ll disappear,” and that’s the standard cry of
the rabbis.

Jackie: So these people that do object to the intermarrying actually believe that they’re of a
special bloodline?

Alan: They believe that, there’s no doubt about it. Many Jewish publications believe that they
are. I mean they’re very boastful in promoting all the scientists in history or actors or whoever.
They’re very boastful of their lineages and who’s come out of Judaism and they do boast that they
are superior to other people. And I always think how ironical that it was inevitable that the clash
in Germany would occur because here you have Adolph – not really Adolph, it was Himmler and the
ones behind him who were really into this new religion, very, very New Age at the time,
Theosophy really, of creating a Superman, a special superior breed; and here the people holding the
reigns of the money power in Germany who already believed that they were the superior breed. There
had to be a clash. There had to be a clash and maybe that’s the true saying that comes from their
own Talmud, “For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction,” because you had two people
claiming to be Supermen or special or superior living in the same country. Something had to happen
and I think it’s sad when people actually believe the mythologies written by rabbis which pump them
up into truly believing that they are superior. Now generally that would be called racism if anyone
else said we’re superior to you because we’ve created so many musicians and so many scientists and
so on and we’re genetically superior. Now if anyone said that that would be called hate speech.

Jackie: They all go to the – no, I shouldn’t say all, but so many of them go to the high colleges.
They get preferential treatment.

Alan: There is another thing that the people have to understand and this is very true as well. The
Western peoples were brought up to be employees. The education system was introduced all throughout
Europe and Britain and America for the average people; it was to train employees to fill jobs.
Whereas in Judaism, like Mohammedans, they’re the same, they will – the first generation will slave
and scrimp and do without to put their children through the best schools you can find because they
are well aware through their history that you don’t get anywhere by being an employee. You have to
get to the top and they do sacrifice for their children, so do the Chinese. However, it’s one thing
that was never ever instilled in the Western culture. The Western culture were definitely bred and
raised and pushed towards being employees.

Jackie: That makes all the sense in the world. What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you
want to be a policeman? Do you want to be a nurse? But it is never what type of business are you
going to start?

Alan: No, it’s never, so people can decry the Arabs who are coming in, Chinese or Jews, but they
do ensure their children go to the best schools and they do sacrifice a lot to make sure that they
get through, so you can’t fault them for that. The fault lies in the fact that in the education
system and the political system that’s emerged or was created in the West, the Western peoples were
raised and bred to be workers to others.

Jackie: To bee workers.

Alan: That’s right, to bee – that’s the yellow and black school bus, the worker bee. There’s no
doubt about it.

Jackie: I wish I had a more clear understanding of this because it’s still very muddy in my head.

Alan: You can’t go on preconceived ideas. You have to realize that in ancient times there were
powers at work – very, very astute powers with tremendous communications between countries, which
kept even the ancient world all working in a system. It wasn’t a haphazard system and they had
knowledge of what they called previous ages. In other words, civilizations long before Sumer, long
before 5,000 BC. There are powers at play in this world which have perfected the systems of
deception prior to Sumer and I’ve no doubt they had much more advanced civilizations at one point
according to their own histories of the Druids and the historian Tacitus who took some of the
legends of the Druids and they survived previous ages by living inside mountains during floods and
ice ages. The same story is told in Mt. Parnassus for the Greeks, and you’ll find the same thing in
the Himalayas north of India and that’s where the high Brahmans say that they survived the last
age. You’re talking about tremendous sciences held in the hands of the few who always will ensure
that they survive, just as today there are underground bases all over the world stocked and
prepared for the elite should any plague or warfare breakout again.

Jackie: Okay, but then we’ll go back about 3,600 years, about the conflagration that Immanuel
Velikovsky wrote about and it appears that the majority of the population of this earth was wiped

Alan: It’s very possible a good proportion were, but I still think there were some people who
survived on the surface of the planet and then one day many, many centuries later a few of these
high priests came out of the mountains and started the

whole ball rolling again. That’s what it seems to be. In fact the Armenians lived around Mt. Ararat
and that’s where the fable of Noah’s Ark came from. It wasn’t a boat or an ark. It was a place of
safety because Mt. Ararat is riddled with ancient tunnels where an elite came through bad times

Jackie: Way up high in the mountain evidentially.

Alan: Yes and deep within it. In fact, it’s so closely guarded even today by the armies around

Jackie: How long ago was that supposed to have happened?

Alan: The Egyptians, the Druids and the Brahmans all say that there was one which happened round
about 4,000 – 5,000 BC, a big one. A big one and there have been minor ones and localized ones in

Jackie: You’re talking the flood?

Alan: Flood, ice age, something like that. I mean there’s no doubt that there have been many ice
ages and even the scientists agree with that. They don’t generally agree with very much.

Jackie: But they happened immediately?

Alan: Yes and that’s the odd thing with ice ages as we’re given it, but there’s been many and of
course what happens between ice ages is the ice melts, so you get to the point where as it’s
melting the world gets warmer and something happens and it goes back to an ice age again.

Jackie: What seemed to happen is that at least the account of the Velikovsky’s at that particular
conflagration, something happened to the earth’s crust where what once was very, very warm suddenly
was covered with ice and it had to have been something that fast to find those huge mastodons
frozen solid in the ice but still had grass and plants, those tropical plants in their throat, in
their teeth.

Alan: That was Siberia. That area was the Equator at one time.

Jackie: So something happened to the whole rotation and et cetera of planet earth?

Alan: All you need is one good comet going close by to upset the gravitational paths and so on to
upset the kilter of it.

Jackie: And it wouldn’t be gravitational. It would be electromagnetic attraction.

Alan: It’s all tied in to gravity. That would be enough to do it, or the only other possibly and
this is a possibility. I don’t rule it out that there have been sciences here before, maybe
millions of years ago, which were never entirely lost because the mammoths – the scientific team in
1905 went out to examine in Siberia. They found that one of these mastodons or hairy mammoths also
had an erection, which meant it was instantly frozen, and it’s hard to imagine even with a comet or
something to cause that kind of instantaneous freezing. Science can do it on a small scale that we
know of
– and we are at the bottom level of science from professorship down.

Jackie: We’re out of time. We’re out of our hour. Okay, folks, we’re going to be back Monday. Hope
you have a nice four days off and we’ll see you then.

(Transcribed by Linda)

Alan Watt on
“Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru July 11, 2005



Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Alan, are you there?

Alan: Yes, I’m here.

Jackie: Did you just hear a beep?

Alan: I think you’re on though.

Jackie: All right. Well, ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Thanks for joining us tonight on
Sweet Liberty. It is Monday and the date is the 11th, Alan?

Alan: It is, yes.

Jackie: It is the 11th of July, folks, in the year 2005. I can usually remember the year, Alan.

Alan: Yes. That’s a good sign.

Jackie: Dates just absolutely totally escape me. We have Alan Watt with us tonight. I was out in
the garden until 8:30 and certainly not prepared and Alan is always just so gracious and kindly
agreed to come on with us and we didn’t really have anything set. Well, we don’t normally anyway, I
guess, do we, Alan?

Alan: That’s right.

Jackie: Except sometimes I say well I’d like to talk about that and what I’d like to talk about
right now is you’re in northern Canada and your temperature today was 111 degrees.

Alan: That’s right. 111 and it stayed there for hours and only started to cool down about an hour
ago. It’s about 86 right now.

Jackie: Well that’s a blessing.

Alan: Emergency stations opened up in some cities called “cooling centers” where they’d rush people
to cool down.

Jackie: And you don’t know if they’re claiming that records have been set?

Alan: They haven’t said anything so far, as far as I know.

Jackie: Do you know if temperatures like this in the area where you are – I mean were they at one
time common or normal, Alan?

Alan: No. This is not normal at all and especially further north. I mean these temperatures should
be close to the Equator but not this far north.

Jackie: Yes, really and I would think that you would probably have at the most days in the 80s and
probably cool evenings. That’s the way it used to be here. When we moved here 10 years ago we would
have – it could be a very beautiful maybe 80-85 degrees go down to 55 at night and it’s beautiful
sleeping weather, but to have 111 degrees. That’s like out in Dead Valley. Is that Death Valley?

Alan: With humidity on top of that.

Jackie: With humidity, yes. Is there a formula for figuring out, well I suppose there is. If the
temperature is 110 and the humidity is like what 70 percent, figuring out the actual heat factor,

Alan: Up here you’ve got so many lakes as well so the more heat you get the more evaporation into
the air and it gets terribly, terribly humid, but this is ridiculous the way it is right now. Even
if you’re sitting still, you’re soaked. They can do wonders these days with science.

Jackie: Yes, they can, can’t they?

Alan: They’re dosing the skies with all these chemicals. Then they cause the smog as they call it
and then they blame the public for driving and then causing the smog, which is coming down from the
aircraft above you. The idea is to get everybody off the road and the public will because they
never look up at the sky. They’ll believe

what they’re told and they’ll say by God it’s getting warmer and it certainly is some kind of smog
so maybe we should stop driving.

Jackie: And global warming and we have to be good little citizens and car-pool and give up our
second car.

Alan: Then eventually they’ll move us in towards the cities, the habitat areas, and that’s the
agenda. How else do you get the public to move? You cause the problems and then you force them to
move. That’s standard.

Jackie: Think about it. It’s the same way they caused the environmental problem and I tell you it
occurred to me, when we were going – I think I mentioned this before.
When Chuck and I were going to the watershed meetings and they had the Army Corp of Engineers come
out and this one woman brought a video to show us because we had so many questions and she wanted
to answer our concerns. They showed actual photographs, movie film of the pollution that was coming
out of the factories right directly into the rivers and she said our problem used to be point
source pollution because we knew exactly where it was coming from, we got all of our wonderful laws
passed that prohibits it, but now the problem is non-point source pollution. Well, you know what
that is, Alan? It’s runoff from the farmers’ fields. And they’re starting to – well, I won’t say
who this person is, but this person has two horses and about 40 acres for the horses to graze on
and they’ve already been to visit this person to find out what they’re going to do with that damn
horse manure that’s being dropped on the fields, Alan. That’s sick.

Alan: Again, this is all the agenda and it’s going to get more and more ridiculous as they go

Jackie: I’ll tell you one more thing that just springs to mind. I have a report here for an
environmental working group out of Washington, D.C. and they discovered all kinds of toxic metals
that were being put into the fertilizer that was sold to the farmers for their fields. I mean we’re
talking cadmium, nickel, lead, all kinds of heavy metals et cetera, because there was no
congressional oversight, okay. Well, the farmers, well guess what? Because there’s no congressional
oversight they don’t have to put on the bags – there was arsenic in it and that kind of stuff. They
don’t have to put on the bags that these ingredients are in the fertilizer, so the farmers put this
fertilizer on the fields and then they get the farmers for polluting the streams with these toxic
metals, Alan.

Alan: Sure. Sure they do. Everything is a setup because everything is a plan and they must make
the plan come to fruition by causing the problems and so they are responsible for it in the first
place, just like they’re responsible for spraying the skies

on a daily basis and at night as well. This stuff is coming down. It’s in the rainwater. It’s in
the snow even in the wintertime and of course they can also cause this intense refraction of
sunlight. Once you have the air saturated with metallic particles, billions and billions and
trillions of tiny metallic particles, they act like mirrors you see and they reflect the light back
and forth all the time so it simply doesn’t hit the earth or bounce back and go into outer space.
It’s bouncing through all these mirrors and this is causing the warming effect and this has been
noticed in previous years when they’ve been spraying heavily. They cause the problem, sure, and
then they blame the public for causing it and unfortunately it works pretty well because the public
never look up at the sky.

Jackie: I know. My new neighbor going to be across the road, Donnie, was out brush-hogging
tonight, stopped and we chatted a bit before I came and we happened to be standing out there and
they happened to be chemtrailing us. I had talked to Donnie about this before but you could tell it
just didn’t gel and I said look up there.
There’s a chemtrail, Donnie, and he looked up and he said yep, ah-ha, and then there were two more
over towards the west and so I just started talking to him about it. I got some emails about this
and that was way back then, wasn’t it, Alan?

Alan: It was.

Jackie: And I was reading it and I just quite – I didn’t disbelieve it but I needed some proof and
then I got calls from friends. A call from a friend in Ohio, her husband is a doctor. She said
Jackie, I don’t know what’s going on in the skies but she said you ought to see they’ve been
putting these lines down and they’re puffing up and she said everybody is sick and I said oh my,
my. Well, I’m going to fax you or email you some information that I have. Three days later I get a
call from a friend in Denver. She told me the same thing. She said they’ve been laying these trails
north and south for half the day and then they turn them east and west. She said there’s a perfect
checkerboard up there and she said everybody’s windows have this greasy-like film on it, car
windows et cetera. So, Alan, I started talking about it and I am telling you I got calls from all
over the country. All over the country and I had never seen them, but I was telling Donnie all this
and so he was listening to me because it was my awakening so to speak and I said I was telling our
listeners I was doing the broadcast at 6 p.m. at the time and whenever this happened it was the sun
was beginning to set over there in the west and I could see it out the door from my studio and that
night I was saying well I’ve never seen a chemtrail. See, we live in the country and I happened to
look up and there was a perfect X in the sky, Alan, and I watched the plane putting the underline
under the X. That was my first experience actually seeing one of these things.
Although I have lots of photographs that listeners have sent.

Alan: Yes, but Joe Average can see them for himself if he wants to look up once in a while because
they’re doing it everywhere.

Jackie: They don’t see it when they look up, Alan.No, they don’t. I told you this I believe that
when – the children know what chemtrails are, my grandchildren, and Jody was telling me that she
and Ashy and Ashy’s boyfriend were outside one day and Jody looked up and there they were, laying
the chemtrails, and she said look up there Ash and Ash said oh my God. Mama would be having fits
right now and her boyfriend said what. She said well look up there and he looked up and he said
what and then she had to explain to him what the hell he was (excuse my language) what he was
seeing, Alan. He looked up and said what.

Alan: I’ve seen it even at a local fill-up station and right above the sky there was a mess of
trails and they were still laying them and I just mentioned it to the guy who was filling the tank
in my vehicle and he just casually glanced up and yeah, yeah. It didn’t penetrate.

Jackie: No. Well see that’s what I saw happen with Donnie and I proceeded to go through this
little story to him and then he went huh. I said just watch it Donnie.
Watch it pop up. I stopped in a little plant store when I did grocery shopping last week and told
the lady there about them, Alan.

Alan: See, that’s what Zbigniew Brzezinski talked about in his books with “The Technetronic Era,”
which is to do with mind control for the masses and he said that “shortly the public will be unable
to think for themselves. Instead, they will be downloaded with their thoughts from the previous
day’s news and that’s all they’ll be able to talk about.” In other words, if the news does not
mention something they themselves will dismiss it if they see it.

Jackie: It doesn’t register, does it?

Alan: No, because technically they’ve got to a stage where they don’t think for themselves. They
expect the media is there to do their thinking for them and will tell them what they should think
about or worry about or be concerned about, therefore if the media doesn’t mention the fact they’re
being sprayed, and you do, then they will ignore what you say.

Jackie: Yes, exactly.

Alan: It has to come from the media.

Jackie: It’s the same thing with people when you show them the poison warning on toothpaste.If you
swallow more than enough to brush your teeth, seek medical help or call a poison center
immediately. Keep away from children under six. We start teaching our children to brush their teeth
when they get teeth, Alan, and nobody reads that, but you show it to them and they just go, oh, I
didn’t know that. It’s poisoned.

Alan: I know.

Jackie: And you know what I was just wondering? We’ve talked about this on the air. I wonder if we
have any listener listening to this broadcast that brushes their teeth with fluoride toothpaste and
if they do, unless you’re a new listener and this is all new to you, then what would somebody do
when they realize that they know this but they’re still doing it if they realize it?

Alan: Well, it’s doublethink. I mean it’s doublethink if they know something is poisonous but
because the ads are still on TV, the smiling faces and happy people, it confuses them. They can’t
go all the way with the fact that it’s poisonous because they, the big THEY, those that look after
us in a socialistic system, they obviously wouldn’t do that to us to harm us.

Jackie: Do you think that any of our listeners think that big brother government is benevolent?

Alan: Unfortunately, you do have some.

Jackie: Really?

Alan: They can’t quite get it because – see, the ordinary people cannot imagine evil on such a
grand scale being committed upon the people by agendas which your own government participates in. I
don’t think there’s been one politician in any Western country come out and publicly talked about
the chemtrails overhead – not one.

Jackie: Well of course they wouldn’t. Of course they wouldn’t.

Alan: Therefore some people, unfortunately, because they don’t talk about it at all, the person who
still thinks government is real becomes confused and thinks “if they don’t talk about it, maybe
it’s nothing at all.”

Jackie: What about the person that sees the poison on the toothpaste tube? It’s the same thing.

Alan: They are pretty well in doublethink as they say. They’re able to hold two opposing opinions
in their head at the same time about the same subject, which means at least on this subject they’re

Jackie: So in other words they could say I know that’s true but I really don’t believe it?

Alan: Yes, and yet that same person if you said to them drink a pint of gasoline, they’d think
you’re crazy and you say why don’t you drink the gasoline? Because it’s poison. We know that’s
poison. What does it say here about the fluoride? Well, it says it’s poison. Are you going to keep
using it? Oh yeah. That’s doublethink right there.
They cannot believe those smiling faces or the authorities would allow ads on TV that would harm
them. They truly believe that all business is there to be benevolent. They believe that and that’s
a tragedy. Brzezinski said it. The people would give over their own ability to think and make
decisions for themselves. He says they will give it over to experts and the authority and
unfortunately people have been raised now to actually believe that that’s what the media is there
for, it’s to do their thinking and to be their watchdog for them, and of course it never was and it
certainly is not now.

Jackie: Because you know it occurs to me people that believe that we have to go to Iraq because
they have weapons of mass destruction. I know because I saw it on the news. Well now, people are
beginning to realize that this was a hoax because guess what? They’ve announced it. The media
itself has said there were no weapons of mass destruction.

Alan: That’s right.

Jackie: And now they believe it, but I wonder how they feel about the war, even “Saddam Hussein
was a tyrant. We had to go over there and take him out.”

Alan: It was on the news here when even they had the inquires into it after it was all over and
there was a panel there with George Bush on it and Colin Powell and a few others and George Bush
said at the time, when he was asked the question, he said, “oh I never said that Saddam Hussein had
anything to do with 9/11,” and that is true.

Jackie: Did he really?

Alan: They left it to the media to eventually infer that Saddam Hussein was connected with it and
so he justified it by saying “well the world’s better off with Saddam Hussein there anyway.” That
was his justification for it.

Jackie: What about Osama Bin Laden?

Alan: Oh, he’s all forgotten about now.

Jackie: Yes, well you know what? I got an email and of course, just because there’s photographs
that looks like Osama Bin Laden doesn’t mean it’s true, but that it’s possible he’s not even alive

Alan: It’s possible he never existed.

Jackie: Well, that’s a possibility too, isn’t it? Although the Bin Laden family was very closely
connected to the Bush’s.

Alan: They’ve done documentaries for the CBC to show you that the Bush family and the Bin Laden
family were actually business partners.

Jackie: Yes, they were.

Alan: In fact the family who got the rebuilding job of the Twin Towers after the first bombing was
the Bin Laden Construction Group.

Jackie: You’re kidding.

Alan: No. And that was Daddy Bush that awarded them the contract.

Jackie: Oh my God.

Alan: So they’re all in bed together.

Jackie: But you’re saying maybe – well, I think Osama Bin Laden probably did exist. He was a CIA
asset, I think. I don’t know.

Alan: He took the place of Goldstein in “1984.” You always have to have a bad guy hiding that you
never catch who does all these terrible things and with all their high- tech technology and
millions of cameras in London even–

Jackie: Wait, wait. Okay, it took me a little bit to compute what you said, Goldstein in “1984.” I
was wondering who the heck Goldstein was and I didn’t realize you were talking about the book,
Orwell’s book, and Goldstein was the terrorist, wasn’t he?

Alan: All you ever saw was him on video. You never actually saw the person, just a figure on the
video that they told you was Goldstein that was behind all the world’s terror and it’s the same
with this Bin Laden. They can’t find the guy – with all their equipment and millions of spies all
over the world and the fact that they’ve infiltrated every group you could possibly imagine, in
fact they sponsor most of them; and with all the cameras everywhere in London they couldn’t even
stop these bombings. Now who’s kidding who?

Jackie: There was a French newspaper that printed a story that Bin Laden had been in a hospital
undergoing kidney dialysis–

Alan: That’s right, he was.

Jackie: And that the CIA had actually been to visit him, and so maybe he didn’t exist but I think
there probably was somebody; but their whole point was they just threw his name out there like they
did with what’s his name at Murrah Federal Building.

Alan: The fact is the Bin Laden family are actually Arabic nobility, so for one to split off from
the rest of his family and supposedly go in the opposite direction is almost impossible. However,
they needed a Bin Laden for that time because they already had all those countries slated for
attack back in the 1990’s in the New American Century Plan that was set up by Cheney and Bush and
Wolfowitz and a whole bunch of them. They had that in their order that they wanted to attack
Afghanistan first, then Iraq, then Iran, then Syria and that was all first done in 1992 then it was
rewritten for
the New American Century group, which is the group that Cheney and Wolfowitz belong to. They
republished it in 1998 and sure enough, in 2001, they started the invasion right in that same
sequence, so this was planned years ago to take over the Middle East.

Jackie: Yes and that brings to mind Norman Dodd when he got into the records of the Carnegie
Foundation, their minutes of their meetings. They planned – and it was probably planned well
before, but maybe this was the finalization, their details of World War I. This was in 1906 and
they said well we should probably start it in the Balkans because that’s always been a place of
unrest. And I’ll be a son of a gun, but they didn’t start it until after 1914, wasn’t it?

Alan: Yes.

Jackie: And I don’t know where I’ve read this, Alan. They didn’t want to do it, have that war
until the Federal Reserve Act passed in the U.S. so the American people could pay for the war.

Alan: That’s right. It was all done to bring in world government and that’s why they wanted the
League of Nations set up to be the precursor of the UN but to bring in world government. H.G. Wells
who worked for the British government as a propagandist, in fact the term he put out there, the
propaganda term was “this is the war to end all wars,” and so that was the slogan that all the
troops in the world went by and died by, thinking they were going to bring in a more better world,
you see.

Jackie: Oh, because they thought they would get their League of Nations in at that time. Woodrow
Wilson was pushing that, wasn’t he?

Alan: Yes. In fact, America funded most of the meetings.

Jackie: And prior to the League of Nations they called it The League to Enforce Peace.

Alan: That’s right. Before that, it was the Concert of Europe. They’ve tried this for a long time
and after World War I, H.G. Wells wrote in “The Open Conspiracy” (this was a non-fictional work),
he said not enough countries are willing to give up their sovereignty so we shall have to have
another world war, which they did. Everything that happens, every major occurrence which happens is
planned that way long in advance. Everything, just like the New American Century in the ’90’s
planned to establish what they called the democratic system in all the Moslem countries. Nothing
happens spontaneously. Nothing happens by itself. It’s all planned way ahead of time, including the
finances which would be involved and even how much taxation they would need from the public to pay
for it. All of this is planned in strategy.

Jackie: It’s very clearly laid out in the Protocols back in the last three or four Protocols,
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. You talk about a controlled economy, Alan.

Alan: This is a controlled economy.

Jackie: They laid it out beautifully. We have to take a break. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be back
with you in about a minute or a minute and a half with Alan Watt. Stay with us. Okay, we’re back.
Alan has written his third book and it is available now. If you haven’t read I and II, you really
should do that first because they really follow one another.

Folks, for those of you who are maybe fairly new listeners to try to imagine that everything that
we have thought that we knew, everything we’ve been taught in

history really happened, to find out that it’s all a lie is really quite unbelievable. Alan started
actually coming on air with us around in December of ’98 and we did five weeks together. Alan
pretty much blew our minds away with the ancient history and I kept telling our listeners I don’t
know that what Alan is telling us is true because I have not done this research and I have not read
the books and know the things that he’s telling us, so I kept in a sense warning our listeners not
to take it in like it’s gospel truth but to consider it. Then I started getting mail from listeners
– things, their copies of old books et cetera, et cetera and say, look, this is exactly what Alan
has been telling us and finally Alan really didn’t have a choice. Well, he did and he made the
right one of course, but to sit down and put this in writing, but it isn’t just Alan’s commentary.
There are photocopies of ancient books, folks, that it gets to a point where you cannot deny it, as
much as you would like to, and I can tell you for myself that there was a period of time where I
felt that – in fact I said this to Alan one day. I said I feel like I’m in another world some place
and nothing I see looks real to me and Alan says that’s a very good place to start and I know that
that is to open our minds.

You know you can’t just wash out all that garbage that’s been in it but you can replace it. You can
replace it with truth or as close as we can get to truth because let’s face it. If we aren’t there
– if we haven’t been there ourselves we don’t actually know, but, Alan, will you forgive me for
going on like this?

Alan: Carry on.

Jackie: Folks, I remember one time I challenged him, kind of. I do that every now and then, and I
asked him how many books he had read and he said oh I don’t know, about 1,000 or maybe he said
thousands, I don’t know. I said well how do you know that the books that you’ve read are truth and
the one thing that he told me that I have noticed, folks, and I know that this is so, although I
cannot prove it of course, but when you read enough and you read from varied authors and various
histories and there’s a thread that runs through. As Alan said, you’re never going to get all the
truth in one book, but when you put enough of it together there is a thread that runs through that
you know that there is truth there. Getting back to his books, this is what he has done with books
I, II, and III and book three is called “Cutting Through.” Alan, I don’t remember which titles are
the first two.

Alan: It’s okay to call it I and II and III.

Jackie: Yes, I, II and III because it is cutting through the BS, isn’t it? As I said earlier if
you don’t have I and II you would want to start there. If you have I and II you definitely will
want to have number
III. [See for ordering information.]

Anyway, back to what we were talking about. I had a thought just before we took our break. All the
stuff we talk about sounds like such a downer sometimes, Alan, and remember I told you I’m reading
novels, a series of books that I had read sometime past about ancient people. The one I’m on right
now is about the Cahokia Illinois mound builders and they weave the story. There’s a huge
bibliography at the end of it so there is probably some history interwoven into the novel but it
made me think about this last night. Cahokia evidentially at that time was the huge distribution
center for all of the other tribes that lived near by and they got this ruler in – this is of
course a novel. The people paid tribute to Cahokia to keep trade going, the traders that came in,
but anyway there were people who defied this just totally powerful thousands of man’s army and such
and such and they would go to the villages or to where their clans stayed and they would say well
where’s your tribute. Well, we can’t give it to you because our people will starve. They’ll die.
Okay fine, we’ll kill you and then there were those that defied it and made me think about this,

Even though they plan it so beautifully and so perfectly, it doesn’t mean that we should sit back
and do nothing and say oh well they’re so almighty powerful that there’s no sense in making a phone
call or whatever somebody is led to do. There’s no sense in it. I have a feeling that every tiny
little thing that each and every one of us do makes a difference and at least sort of derails it
every now and then. So I guess that’s what I wanted to say, that we shouldn’t get to a point where
we just creep and give up.

Alan: Oh no. We do have to realize too that the motto that this system goes by, the ones who cause
the problems, is that the end justifies the means, which means that they are totally ruthless and
they will do whatever it takes – whatever it takes at all to achieve their objectives, so we have
to realize what we’re dealing with.

Jackie: Oh absolutely.

Alan: It’s like Tony Blair in England. He was ready to go out. The people didn’t want him. Nobody
wanted him. Even the Party didn’t want him.

Jackie: Does this have anything to do with that memo that came forth?

Alan: It’s way more than that. It’s all the lies he told about the weapons of mass destruction,
the fuzzy photographs they used to say that they were rocket launchers, which turned out to be
trailers for weather balloons that Britain had sold them. Lie after lie after lie, and the fact
that none of his party wanted this. It was only him to go to war.

Jackie: It’s become public now.

Alan: And so they were ready to kick him out and the public this week were ready to have a mass
demonstration and maybe even riots in the streets over the new ID card that they’ve been told
they’re going to get; and lo and behold, right on cue, the so- called mysterious bombers bombed
London, which put Tony Blair back up there on the grandstand: “Oh, I’m here to protect you. We’re
doing all that we can. It’s these nasty Moslems that did this, a brand new cell that we didn’t even
know existed,” which is the biggest joke of all you know and it happened right on cue. You couldn’t
get better terrorists as friends for Tony Blair than they’ve got right now.

Jackie: You couldn’t what?

Alan: You couldn’t get better friends as terrorists. If they were real terrorists they would just
leave it the way it’s going and Tony Blair would get kicked out–

Jackie: Oh right. Okay.

Alan: You see and his party as well and also the public would have their riots in the streets
about the ID card; but, lo and behold, right on cue, when they needed him most, the mysterious Bin
Laden’s group blows up a few buses and things and this is all out the window now, we’re back to war

Jackie: Are they blaming this on Bin Laden?

Alan: It was a brand new faction that they didn’t know existed. The famous MI6 that had
infiltrators in every group on the whole planet didn’t know that this group existed and they have
millions of cameras all over London but not one picked them up doing this.

Jackie: Oh my.

Alan: It’s so mysterious. We’re all amazed. So it’s a joke.

Jackie: So now Tony Blair gets off the hook.

Alan: And the public cannot bring themselves to imagine that there are evil people running their
country that would go to these lengths, kill their own people to justify a warfare. That’s why this
technique works. That’s why it works. They say the end justifies the means. To them, if they had to
kill half a million people or a million people, they would do that if they thought it was
worthwhile in their cause.

Jackie: Yes they would. You know that brings us back to the spiritual nature of man and the fact
that we don’t know from one day to the next what is going to happen, so therefore the most
important thing that we can do and I think you said this in your own little – when I say little it
wasn’t what you say is little, but you said it all comes down to the individual.

Alan: Yes.

Jackie: And I’m just of course expanding on it as I have a tendency to do, but that getting
conscious of our spiritual nature. Learning to listen to the voice within us and I don’t mean like
we hear voices but when we know that something we’re doing is wrong to stop it and it doesn’t
matter even if it means your job, that you say no. I’m not going to do this. I’m not going in and
stealing people’s children just so the Human Health and Human Services can get $37,000.

Alan: It’s up to the individual because it’s coming down to the wire and you will find most people
will go – in fact they’ve done polls already after this bombing in London. That shows you how ready
they are for all of this. They’ve already done polls to see how many people will take the ID card
now. Suddenly they claim anyway it’s now about 85 percent, which is about right actually because
study after study for the last 100 years has found about 87 percent of public will always do what
they’re told and so this bombing has been good for the ID card, which is “must be” in Masonic
terminology. It was ready years ago but they must get it through now. There’s only about 3 percent
at any time who are actually awake to everything and I mean by that fully awake. There are other
people who are caught at different levels. They’re part in the system, part out of the system.
They’re part believers still in the system, but only 3 percent are truly conscious at any one time
and it will come down to what are you going to do when they say you’ve got to take this card; and
the card is only the precursor to the chip.

Jackie: We have a call here. Hello, you’re on the air.

Storm: Yes, Alan. Are you there?

Jackie: Yes. You can’t hear him but he can hear you.

Storm: Okay, I’ve got you okay. He can hear me but I can’t hear him?

Jackie: Yes, right.

Storm: I’ve got you. Alan, it’s Storm. I’m a frequent caller of Jackie’s. He is talking there it
sounds really heavy and interesting. I’m glad I caught you at the right time. First of all, Alan, I
believe that Blair knew about that bomb. I believe that possibly I can’t prove it–

Jackie: Storm, that’s exactly what he said.

Storm: No. But I believe he did it. I believe he had something to do with it. In other words, I
think him and Queen Elizabeth had something to do with that bombing.

Jackie: They don’t dirty their hands, Storm.

Storm: That doesn’t mean they don’t have something to do with it. They can give the orders and let
somebody else do it. MI5–

Jackie: You don’t understand, honey. There are people behind the scenes giving them orders.

Storm: Yes, but that would be the Queen though if you’re talking about–

Jackie: Okay, Storm.

Storm: Oh, you don’t think the Queen has given Blair orders?

Jackie: Alan, would you like to comment on this?

Alan: The Queen doesn’t give any orders.

Jackie: Okay. Well, Storm, hang up and Alan will comment on this.

Storm: Okay.

Jackie: Thanks.

Alan: The Queen doesn’t even have to have anything to do with this. She knows the agenda and
that’s all that she actually cares about.

Jackie: She doesn’t have to know the dirty little details.

Alan: Oh no.

Jackie: They don’t dirty their hands.

Alan: Blair is the same too. There is a worldwide agenda here. It’s not a handful of people. There
are many people involved in it.

Jackie: Blair is a puppet.

Alan: Oh, absolutely. Mind you, I mean he must accomplish his mission too and therefore his head
would probably roll if he doesn’t because he’s been the main cheerleader for this war from the
beginning and he knows that too and there’s no one else really who’s so pro-war to take his place
so he’s got to keep there. These bombings have helped him tremendously as I say to get back up
there on center stage again. “I’m big daddy here to protect you.”

Jackie: It doesn’t mean that Blair didn’t have an idea this was going to happen.

Alan: I’m sure he would have forewarning.

Jackie: Exactly.

Alan: In fact, Netanyahu was over there for the G8 meeting over there; and of course in Masonic
terminology, eight is as above so below, the number eight, the two circles joined together above
and below, and that’s what it means. It also means money and power in Masonic terminology and G
before 8 means “gate” so this is a gateway.
There’s a whole language here which the public has no idea about but all Masons understand. They
were meeting over in Britain at the time of this bombing. They were in Scotland but Benjamin
Netanyahu was over there as well in London and he was told not to move from his room. They knew
that these bombs were going to go off, so yes they knew. It was a must-be. They had to get the ball
rolling once more. It had been stalled by public opinion and now of course they can rush ahead with
their ID cards and of course they pinpointed Iran right away, which is next on the list that they
drew up in the 1990’s. Afghanistan, then Iraq and so Iran’s next and they said they believe this
new terrorist cell – this is about five minutes after the bombing – they believe this new terrorist
cell has been kept and trained and are based in Iran.

Jackie: Oh. They didn’t know who it was. Very mysterious. Never knew about them before.

Alan: This is how all of this is done, you see.

Jackie: Yes, it’s how it’s all done.

Alan: It’s like the passport that fluttered down from the Twin Towers when this explosion of jet
fuel went off and this immaculate passport fluttered down off one of the supposed terrorists, not a
scratch mark anywhere and so that pinpointed who did it, you see.

Jackie: Whoever you are, caller, turn your radio down.

Storm: Yes, okay. I was going to say that Queen Elizabeth ordered the deaths of some people in
Ireland a while ago when they were trying to get them out of Ireland we know this was like many
years ago. But that’s not true. The Queen can give orders to murder and bump people off and it has
happened before. There was also some evidence somewhere that she might have caused the person, the
boyfriend that was going with Diana so I’m not talking about there but no the Queen–

Jackie: Okay, okay. Storm, we’re almost out of time here.

Storm: But she’s one of the top people of the illuminati of the world. TLC British petroleum. She
meets at the Bilderberger meetings. She’s in with the top people with the Rockefellers. She’s one
of the top people of the world. There’s no doubt about that.

Jackie: Okay. Thanks Storm. Any comment, Alan?

Alan: The Queen doesn’t have to deal with any of it at all. She knows the agenda. She knows the
money side of it. She knows – she’s been told that this elite must always be in control of the
people. The methods are irrelevant to her. It’s all done for her and as far as Lady Di goes, the
reason she was suddenly called from Princess Diana to Lady Di by the press was because that’s a
Masonic terminology that the lady was going to die.

Jackie: Oh my God.

Alan: That’s in your face.

Jackie: Lady Di. Oh my God.

Alan: See, people don’t even know what they read.

Jackie: Well of course not, Alan. Well, I didn’t.

Alan: You see, so it’s always in your face, so much so that the public never see it for

Jackie: I think that Storm – well, he listens to a lot of other broadcasts and has a tendency to
take in what he’s hearing as truth and I don’t think he just quite understands that she’s almost
the same kind of puppet that George Bush is. She’s a figurehead.

Alan: That’s a fact.

Jackie: She’s a figurehead and the people that have controlled the kings and queens and pharaohs
et cetera down through the ages have the same kind of control, so she knows the agenda. She lets it
happen but I think that it would be good if people could just understand that the heads of nations
are at there at the behest of the controllers.

Alan: Absolutely. You know 200 BC there was a pharaoh in Egypt who found out that he was not the
boss and he was surrounded by priests who decided who he would see and who he would not see and
often he wouldn’t even know that people had come to talk to him.

Jackie: Oh that was [Tuten] – what’s his name?

Alan: Long before him, and he actually tried to jump out the window to meet people that he saw had
been turned away by the priests to find out what they were there to see him for. The priests were
always in control and it’s no different today. It doesn’t mean that these elite people are not part
of certain bloodlines and they’re very pompous and they truly believe they are superior. They do
believe they are superior, but they are not the ones that sit and plan all this. This is planned by
strategical think thinks.

Jackie: And they don’t give the orders.

Alan: They don’t have to.

Jackie: No, they don’t have to. We’re out of our hour and thank you for taking the time to be with
us tonight, Alan.

Alan: It’s a pleasure on a very hot night.

Jackie: Well, keep cool. Have you got your fans going?

Alan: Yes, I do.

Jackie: Oh good. Well say hello to your guests for me.
Alan: I will do.
Jackie: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be

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