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Well, it was over in
matter of minutes, same thing. However, we didn’t know this. There’s some very huge, it’s a

poplar tree, a hybrid poplar. They’re probably about 90 foot tall out there, or 80. They’ve very
tall, big. They’re not the kind of poplars that are tall and skinny. They’ve got great big
spreading branches. And so, anyway, the people that owned the place, before we bought here, stopped
by, after dinner. And John came in, and he said, “I see you, I see you took down one of
the big poplars.” I said, “What?” He said, well, one of the big poplars is down out there. And
Alan, the top of that tree came off. If it had come to the house. It was actually not in center of
the house, but to the left of the house, a little. But it went over to the left, and took half of a
little crab apple tree out. That would have totally come through the roof. Huge trees. I’ve had
them topped by the way, since then, so that that can’t happen. But it was, I know it was a mini
tornado. And we were the only one that got hit. There was no damage anywhere else
around. And it took a tree right out.

Alan: It’s micro-management of the weather. They admitted that in the newspapers, that the US would
shortly own the weather. And that was about four years ago.

Jackie: Well, there’s a website. It’s an air force website. Basically, it says the air force owns
the weather.

Alan: And they do. And of course, NASA controls the satellites, which can also be used in
conjunction with all the various HAARP technologies that they have, and beam it exactly back down
on earth, wherever they want it. Four years ago, I was working under a truck, and in broad
daylight, it was in the middle of summer. And I heard this voh-voh-voh sound, and I looked to my
left and I saw what was like a stroboscopic light, like a flashgun going off, in a strobe fashion.
I thought, my, I’ve been under here a long time, I better stand up and see if I’m
okay. So, I stood up, and I felt fine. And yet, everything was still flashing. I went inside the
house, turned on the radio, and I could hear the same zap, zap, zap in time with the strobe. I
turned on the television, which had rabbit-ear antennas on it. And it was picking up the signal on
the picture, in conjunction with the radio sound, going across there. And that night, I had three
or four calls from different people in different parts of the States, and a couple in Canada, who
said, this might sound really weird to you, but I thought I saw like flash guns going off, strobe
lights, in the middle of the sunlight. And I said, yeah, I experienced it, and they’re using some
sort of new satellite technology. But that meant they were basking Ontario, and who knows where
else up this way, right down into Carolina and different parts. That’s a huge area.

So, they do have different technologies they have been testing on the public. And I have no doubt
that they’ll keep records of different kinds of sicknesses, through their doctors records, and
hospital visits and so on, and police reports to see how psychological changes occur with violence
or depression or whatever, and cede it all back to them; but it was definitely some big experiment.
And it went on and off, over a three week period, maybe three times. So, they are using amazing
technologies, which they’ll never tell the public about. And of course, in the high noble Masonry,
I’ve been told from three separate sources in these organizations, that there are three levels of
science, and from professorship down is the lowest level. So everything that the public are
informed about is the lowest level of science. CIA and so on, they get to use the middle level for
their gimmicks that they use. But there’s a higher level above them, that belong to the Guardians,
who run the whole show for the planet. And that’s how this system
works. And that’s why those at the bottom say, “well that’s impossible, I read all the magazines,
and scientific journals, and they would’ve told us.” Well, that’s the con game, “they would’ve told
us.” No, that keeps you in the dark.

Jackie: Right. You know, Alan, I don’t know if you recall this or not, it was in the summertime,
and I have no idea what the year was. Maybe ’99? The children were here, it was

summertime. And it was in the evening. We were out in the garden, in the big garden, the children
and I. Chuck was up closer to the house. And suddenly, there was an explosion. And I stood there.
And it was so intense. And my first thought was, oh, my God, they’ve done it. I was thinking of a
nuclear explosion. And the children and I looked at each other, and we took off running for the
house. And Chuck came out, and he said, don’t go in the house, don’t go in the house. It could have
been a gas explosion. We have natural gas here. And so, we walked out to the road, you know, to
look down, because it sounded so close. And it was real hazy out that night. And when I looked down
the road to where the neighbor is, I thought, oh my God, I wonder if Sharon’s house blew up,
because it looked so hazy. Well, then, the next thing you know, a car is coming up the road, one of
the emergency, you know, volunteers. And they said, do you know, do you know where that occurred?
We said, no, it sounded like it was down there. Well, we got in the car and started driving
around, and as far as we went, even up into the state line, people were talking about it, and
everybody you talked to, they thought it was right near their home. Okay, well, there were
newspaper reports, the next day. We were told that an airplane crashed, someplace, I forget what.
But in the newspaper colored photographs of corn plants, that had these little perforations,
perfect perforations across the leaves of what do you call them, the fronds, the stems. We never,
ever found out what the heck
happened. But the perforations in the corn plants, and it happened in many of the areas. Alan: This
was when? When was this?
Jackie: I’ve got the newspaper articles in there, in my file. Isn’t it interesting how something
like that happens. It’s so intense. And then, it’s like, gone. Like you said.

Alan: Well, I think it was last year the major news up here reported that something was exploding
in the air, over from British Columbia, at least, it said British Columbia, all the way down into
the U.S. states. And it had set off car alarms in the middle of the night, all the way down. And
then of course, the speculation came out, they brought out, oh, it might be some kind of strange
meteor, and so on and so on.

Jackie: Right. Well, see, we were also told that, that they thought a meteor hit some place, but

Alan: Well, the odd thing was, a week later, Australia had the same thing happen. And what they’re
doing is using, again, the Tesla technology. They’re superheating parts of the atmosphere, and
they’re literally exploding. That’s what it does.

Jackie: Wow. That’s probably what happened here. We’re out of our hour. And ladies and gentlemen,
we will be back with you tomorrow night. Thank you for being here tonight. And I hope you were able
to hear the broadcast, and not have to pick pieces out of our conversation.


Jackie Patru: Good evening. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. Today is the 17th of
August. Is that right, Alan?

Alan: It is.

Jackie: It is August the 17th, folks, in the year 2005. And it is, of course, the end of our
broadcast week. We’re here Monday through Wednesday, and WFAR has a new satellite, and I was going
to get it, and I am so sorry that I just now thought about it. For those of you, I guess people who
are listening on satellite know it then, because I know that it’s been announced. But I will get
it, and I will share it with you, for those of you who prefer, if you have a CBAND satellite, who
prefer to do that. Alan is back with us tonight. Actually, I had told Alan this afternoon that
it was going to be you and me tonight, folks, because I had stuff I wanted to share with
you, and I canned today. I haven’t canned in three years, because, for the last two years, the
garden has just been totally drowned out. And I got 17 pints of delicious pickle relish today, from
my homegrown cucumbers. And it was a thrill, but I had forgotten how long a process it is and all
the steps that we have to go through to get that done. And it was about 5 minutes till the hour of
nine, before I filled that last jar. So, Alan graciously, when I called him, said, of course, he
will be on with us, and here he is. And Alan, thank you.

Alan: It’s a pleasure.

Jackie: Our spiritual message, and I didn’t want to forget this, and I did. This would be from
Psalm 139, folks. “Search me father, and know my heart. Test me and know my anxious thoughts. See
if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” That’s from Psalm 139,
verses 23 and 24. Know thyself. Jesus said there is nothing more to
know. And maybe that’s our whole mission here in a sense, Alan.

Alan: I think it is, because, I mean even though a lot of the Psalms were taken from the Egypt
wisdom writings, there’s a lot of truth in there. But when you were saying, search me father, I was
seeing in my mind, search me government, because you see these black-clad guys searching people all
over the place now.

Jackie: I know. You said that the last time I did this.

Alan: And of course, they’re looking for anything they can find as well that’s out of the ordinary,
even your opinions. So, we’re certainly going through the opposite side you might say of what was
given thousands of years ago. They’ve reversed it, and now the government, or the state, or the
world state is really in charge. And we’re seeing the misery that it can produce. But we’re just at
the beginning, at least in the Western countries, of the beginning of misery.

Jackie: You know, Alan, the one thing I keep in mind, and you’ve said this before, that this plan
is millennia old. It’s been forever going on. And they’ve never been totally successful. And it
doesn’t mean just because of what it looks like to us right now, I just, it can’t. I mean, I’m not
saying that we should just sit back and say, oh, it ain’t going to happen, but to be aware of what
they have in store, what their intentions are. We see what’s happening. I mean, it’s like the price
of gas right now. And it just keeps going up and up and up, and as you said, you know, when I
mentioned, well, you know, everybody is complaining, but, we only complain to each other, because
where do you go? And in this system.

Alan: There’s no complaints department.

Jackie: There’s no complaint department in this system. So, I am not trying to make light of what
we see, and what we’ve learned, that their intention for us and for this world is. And yet, things
happen. For example, I don’t know if you’ve heard this. Maybe it’s been talked about on other
broadcasts. The lady, who went to Texas, who’s in Crawford, Texas, camping out, protesting the
death of her son, in Iraq, because she knows that her son died for nothing. He died because of
lies. And now hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of people, parents of these soldiers that have
been killed are coming to support this cause. And there evidently is a group in California, that
had started what they called Arlington West, Arlington Cemetery
West. And what they did, is they made wooden crosses, and they’ve made a graveyard of all the names
that they know of the soldiers that have been killed. There’s about 2,000 of them now, I guess, and
Alan, I think probably that count is probably half of, and of course, it doesn’t even bring in all
of the ones that come back missing limbs, legs, and arms, and half of a face, and etc. But anyway,
because of what this lady is doing, and she’s just sitting there very peaceably, well, the people
in California, moved their Arlington West cemetery to Texas. And they’ve got, there’s a website I
was reading it today, in fact, I’m going to send it to Darren to ask him to post it on But what they did, is they put all of these crosses down the road, in a ditch,
and you know, one by one by one by one by one, and there are more and more people coming all the
time. And those are the kinds of things, people that are not just sitting back. People, maybe this
woman doesn’t know diddly-squat about a long-range plan, but what she’s doing from her heart is
protesting the sin, the crime, of what is happening to the young men and women that are killing and
dying for the New World Order. And that kind of stuff is uplifting.

Alan: Yeah, I think that’s one of the reasons they’re going to rush forward with their plans for
Iran, and try and get it over and done with before anything else happens back home, you know.

Jackie: Well, and then there was that email I got that Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, and
I went to the website of the state government of New Mexico, and it’s there. When I first read it,
I wondered if somebody just made it up. He issued an executive order, calling an emergency to
protect their borders there, I think four counties there at the line, the Mexican border. And one
of the statements he made in the press release was that the federal government is doing little or
nothing, and that something has to be done. Now, they’re still trying to work with the federal
government, but they mentioned, you know, besides the illegal aliens that are swarming across our
borders, stolen and killed cattle, and drug running, and this type of a thing. Now, I don’t know if
there’s more to that. I’m sorry to say this. Maybe I’m becoming jaded, but I think there’s more to
it just than this guy, because I don’t know any governors that aren’t in the pockets of, you know,
the controllers.

Alan: Well, it isn’t as though they’ve just noticed. This has been going on for years. And I’m sure
there will be some other government rule, or law, ready to get it put into place; it was probably
all drawn up long before he came up with this. And it will effect probably everybody in the US,
rather than just the ones who are coming across the border into the US. There’s got to be something
else behind it.

Jackie: There probably is, but for right now, it looks good. Let’s put it that way. And we’ll watch
it. We’ll watch to see.

Alan: Because George Bush has already signed the unification of the Americas, back in March, with
the two prime ministers, one from Mexico and one from Canada. So, we know the federal scheme. And
this guy has to be in on it, you know.

Jackie: Or he wouldn’t be alive today, Alan.

Alan: He wouldn’t be alive. And he had to have known when they signed the unification. Well, it
happened, you know, down his way, when they went down and signed it anyway. He’d have to have known
about it. They wouldn’t leave him out of it. So, there’s another reason behind it, for sure.

Jackie: I think there probably is. In fact, as I said earlier today, it could even be something as
simple as a close friend of his owned a ranch that got raided or something. Well maybe not.

Alan: Either that, or the drug drops didn’t work out properly, and they’re peeved.

Jackie: You know, his name is Bill Richardson. Well, I just noticed this. And what I want to look
into, it probably isn’t the same person, but there was a Senator, Bill Richardson, from California,
and he was the same one that wrote the book when he was a state Senator, titled, “So You Think We
Read the Laws”, “You Think We Read the Bills” it was supposed to be, it was supposed to be
humorous. But it really basically told about, you know, how the state legislatures, they don’t know
what the heck they’re doing, and they just rubber-stamp everything. He was also the one that
started, the other Bill Richardson, and I don’t know if this is the same guy, but
seems like I saw a picture of that Bill Richardson, and this guy looked like him, to me, from my
memory. He started gun owners of America. And of course, that’s another shill organization, phony
conservative, Larry Pratt, who heads it up, of course, is a long-time member of the Council for
National Policy.

Alan: And also the big family that started up the CFR in the US for the Royal Institute of
International Affairs, was the Pratt family.

Jackie: Oh, you’re kidding. Alan: I wonder if he’s related.
Jackie: Oh, now wouldn’t that be interesting to check out.

Alan: In fact, their main record house in New York is actually called the Pratt House. Jackie:
Pratt House, yes, it is.
Alan: You always find the same family names cropping up down through history, over and over and
over. So, I wouldn’t be surprised. The thing is, I mean, there’s nothing hidden about the agenda,
because it’s all been well documented by many of the people involved, who were all for it. H.G.
Wells back in the early 1900s called it The Open Conspiracy, because anybody could get the material
and the future by simply reading the books that they put out themselves. And he went through the
entire agenda, leading to the air police, he called them, where the air police would simply bomb
all those countries or gas them, actually, or spray them from the skies, until they conformed to
world government. And it’s to be a world government run by scientists and experts. And everybody
would be subject to them. So, this is well documented, there’s nothing….

Jackie: Who was this, Alan?

Alan: H.G. Wells. And he worked for MI5. He was a spokesman for the British government. He was a
propagandist actually. And, of course, most people know him for his science fiction writings, and
even those were actually, it was a form of predictive programming, they called it, to program the
public, through novels, of what was to come. That way, when it really does happen, you’re sort of
familiar with the ideas, and you accept them more readily as being inevitable. But he wrote an
awful lot of books, which were non-fiction, and he was getting all the material for both of
those types of books, from professors at Oxford University and Cambridge, and he just had to write
a sort of story around them, to get them over to the public. But he was the main propagandist for
World War I for Britain. And he coined the phrase, because they were running short of troops. They
couldn’t get enough cannon fodder, with the heavy machine guns, which, Maxim, Henry Maxim sold to
the German side and it was Lord Vicars, went in partnership with the same guy, who sold them to the
British and the French.

Jackie: Now who was he? Was he an American or what? Alan: Vicars was English.
Jackie: He was British.

Alan: So, Vicars and Maxim formed a company based in Switzerland, a neutral country. And they knew
the war was coming up, because their peer group had told them so. And so, they sold these heavy
machine guns to all sides, and made a massive profit. You might say they made a killing, you know.
And, of course, they weren’t prosecuted for it. And Vicars was promoted from being a Sir to a Lord,
for his part in it. But anyway, H.G. Wells coined the term, because they were running short of men,
the War to End All Wars. That was to get the young idealists to join up.

Jackie: In other words, we’ll go fight for this, and then we’ll have World Peace from now on.

Alan: That’s Utopia. So, he wrote a book called The Open Conspiracy, and goes through the whole

Jackie: I read a piece today, when I pulled up my email. Somebody wrote, I didn’t read the whole
thing, I do a lot of skimming, scanning, whatever, but, it was somebody who had mentioned. Oh, I
know, it was a website. I tried to go there too, and wasn’t able to get into it. But, whoever wrote
it, mentioned that the wars, that mentioned the Christians, that all the
versions that there are of the Bible, every single one of them is the word of God, and not to be
questioned. And made that point, and that all of these wars are right out of the Old Testament.
Because the Old Testament is full of nothing but wars, Alan.

Alan: Oh, of course it’s all wars, because that’s the system. See, this is a system that was
developed thousands of years ago, based on money, not food or anything else. Money controls
everything. And we’re all trained to work for money, not to work for food or clothing, or whatever.
We’re self-maintained slaves. We buy all our own stuff, and the rest of it goes to our betters in
taxes. So, it’s a system, but the Bible has been tampered with, heavily. Old Testament is OT which
is also the Order of Templars. We should remember that to begin
with. And it’s the Black Book. Black is law in the Talmud. And Black is also law in the Kabbala.

Jackie: Well, and Moses Mendelssohn was quoted as saying that Judaism is not a religion, it is a
law religionized.

Alan: Well, all of them are. All of them end up in laws, based on it, and really whether they call
it religion or whatever. If you go to the 46th psalm, see the number 10….

Jackie: And folks, when Alan says Sam, we pronounce it Salm. I just, that confused me when you were
talking about that before.

Alan: Okay. Yeah, if you get six and four, or four and six, you get ten. So, all combinations that
work out to ten are the binary code, which is very high in High Masonic Coding. You get the 46th
one, and you count from the first word forward and you’ll find the word, “shake”. Then, forget
“selah” at the bottom, which just means, make it so. That’s put on to all of them. Forget that one,
and count backwards, 46, and you’ll find spear, Shakespeare, in there.

Jackie: Say, okay, would you repeat that one more time? I’m making notes, but I didn’t get it all.
46 psalm.

Alan: Count forward, 46 words. Jackie: 46 words forward.
Alan: You’ll get Shake. Then you take, from the bottom, the end, forget selah, which is like amen,
added on to it. And count 46 back, and you’ll get spear.

Jackie: Okay, you go to the end of the 46 psalm. So you start from the front, go 46 forward, you
get Shake. Go all the way to the back, count 46 back, and you get spear.

Alan: And that’s a little Masonic joke, right in there you see.

Jackie: No, but you know what. There have been books written about Bible Code, and what they do is
show that this could not have been done by man.

Alan: That’s nonsense.

Jackie: No, I know that. Excuse me. I shouldn’t have said show. They use it as proof. Alan: I know.
Jackie: That this could not have been done by man, because there’s too many of these types of codes
in the Old Testament, because, I’ll tell you, when I read this, it was very astounding to me. And
now, it makes sense.

Alan: It was a joke. I mean, Bacon, Francis Bacon is claimed by the High Masons, was also
Shakespeare, which makes a lot of sense, because the history of Shakespeare, who basically, with
all of the 180,000 words he came out with in his plays, that were new words, he created the English
language. That’s how they put it over. And then the Bible, the King James Bible, reinforced that,
because prior to those days, people were speaking, in England, they were speaking Old Saxon German.
That was the language. So they created a new language and Bacon wrote about it in his own memoirs.
He said, we are creating the international language of the future, to be called English.

Jackie: Francis Bacon, does his name have anything to do with Ham?

Alan: Actually, it’s a play. Frank is Red, like Franklin, Benjamin Franklin. The term even in
medicine for bright red blood is called frank. Frank blood, you see. And so, you have Ben, which is
son, Jamin, which is I am in high Masonic coding.

Jackie: Benjamin?

Alan: I am the son of the red. That’s what it means, the red way. Jackie: But what about Francis
Bacon, that world Bacon?
Alan: Well, he’s the same red, and there’s two ways there. You’ve got a beacon, which is like a
lighthouse, you might say, Illuminati. And Illuminati did not begin with Weishaupt, because even
the old Oxford dictionaries say it’s a movement which first began to be noticed, or put its head
above water around the 13th Century AD in England.

Jackie: Douglas Reed suggested that possibly, that Weishaupt received it from the Knights Templars.

Alan: Weishaupt got it from the Royalty of Europe. When he was, it’s in the official history books,
when he was chased out of Bavaria, he sought refuge and was granted refuge in the House of
Saxe-Gotha. The present Queen of England, her full name is Saxe-Coburg-
Gotha. So, they gave him a pension, in Saxe-Gotha, which was a part of Germany. And they gave him a
life-long pension to live there, and he lived there till he died. So why would royalty grant
Weishaupt, who was supposed to overthrow everybody, why would they grant him refuge there and a
pension to live on, unless they had put him up there in the first place, to cause the revolution.
That’s the key to it. These particular royal families eventually came over to England, and they
took over England as well. They all traced their roots back to Prussia. But that’s the official
history, you know. And Weishaupt is a pseudonym for Wise Leader, that’s what it means.

Jackie: Wise Leader. …The way that he explained it, he didn’t say that Weishaupt got it from the
Templars. He just suggested that possibly. But he explained how it’s set up in cells, and that the
people on one level, they just take orders from the person just above them. And they don’t know
anything else that’s going on.

Alan: It’s still part of Freemasonry’s oaths today. It’s said that you must obey immediately an
order by a superior degree, and put your own moral judgment and opinions in reserve. You must carry
out the order, regardless.

Jackie: And when you take a look at it, kind of from above, like a bird’s eye view of it, first of
all, it does make sense. You know, the fact that so many of their minions that are carrying out the
plan, they’re only given like an Nth degree. They have no idea. They may be given an ostensible
reason why they’re doing a particular job or something. And they could be working alongside of
other agents, that are doing their own part of it, and neither of them know that they’re agents.

Alan: Very often that’s the case.

Jackie: Okay. And then, when you look at the whole thing, and you have the CIA and CSIS and the
Mossad, and you know, all of the Secret Services in every country, then you see that it’s all,

I see it like a puppet master up there. That’s what I see in my mind’s eye, just pulling the
strings on all of them. It is a global spy network.

Alan: Oh, it is, it is.

Jackie: It’s a global spy network.

Alan: Every part is compartmentalized from the department above it. And that’s why they’re all kept
in the dark, except for their own little role or mission, and as you say, you can work, you could
actually be working and there’s guys above you sabotaging your work, you know. And you’d never
know. And those guys would have higher clearances than you, and all you would be told is the word
would come down to leave it alone, don’t go any further.

Jackie: And not only that, but they actually kill each other, thinking that they’re killing an
enemy. So, talk about minions, Alan. Pawns in a game.

Alan: Sure, and that’s the whole thing with secrecy of any kind. Secrecy always is used for
subterfuge and power. That’s the reason for secrecy. And Secret Services are at the top of the
whole list. And as I said before, Peter Wright, who was in MI5 and MI6, in his own book said that
when he joined MI5 as a specialist, they took it for granted that he was a Freemason, and the woman
who basically was stamping his cards for him, his IDs said, you must be a Freemason. He says, oh,
no. She says, well, that’s impossible, everybody that works here is a Freemason. So, he said it in
his own book. And that’s the same in Russia. Trotsky said in his own memoirs, My Life, he said, I
was initiated into Freemasonry while in prison. And when he died, or was assassinated, he was
writing what he called, he said it would be the greatest volume on Freemasonry ever written. So he
was going to, probably through his own ego, start to expose some things which he shouldn’t expose.
And he said, when he was escorted from Russia, because he was ordered out, his guards crossed
different borders by giving Masonic signs to the opposing guards in different countries. So,
there’s the brotherhood at work, even at all the different guard posts. No questions were asked.

Jackie: Do you think it’s true – I’ve heard this and read it – that if a person goes into court,
that if they have some of the Masonic positions and etc, that if they can project that to the
judge, that the judge will be lenient with them.

Alan: Yes. It’s their law. Jackie: Their law.
Alan: They cannot deny a fellow Freemason in distress.

Jackie: Well that would be, then it would behoove us to get some of their little, well, not a
handshake, because you’re not going to be shaking hands with the judge, but some of their little
sayings and phrases and positions. Like Jack Benny. Remember how. We have to take a break right
now. Folks, we’re going to be back right after this, with Alan Watt. Stay with us.

(Commercial Break)

Jackie: Alright, we’re back with Alan Watt. Alan, you and I were going to on the break monitor our
shortwave radios, and I forgot to do that. Did you happen to flip yours on?

Alan: I didn’t; I didn’t plug it in, even.

Jackie: You didn’t even plug it. Yeah, okay. Maybe we’re losing our memories, Alan. Alan: Could be,
Jackie: Anyway, folks, I wanted to remind you. I mentioned this last night. I don’t know how we’re
coming in. The one big one that I get constantly is that I am overmodulated. My voice is
overmodulated, which I don’t understand, because I understood the engineer, Jason, at WWCR, to say
that they were getting a beautiful clear, crisp signal, from the satellite. And if it’s going in
that way, it should be coming out that way.

…Alright. We were talking about the Masonic hand symbols or signals and stuff. And I mentioned
Jack Benny. And remember how he used to stand with his arm crossed over his chest, and then his
elbow on his hand, and then he’d hit the side of his face. I was told that that’s the Masonic
symbol of the square.

Alan: It is. You’ll see a lot of people, famous people, including Stalin and Napoleon, with their
hand across the chest and the right angle.

Jackie: No, but I mean, do you remember, did you ever see Jack Benny on TV? Alan: Oh, yeah.
Jackie: Okay. It wasn’t, it didn’t have like the right hand up across, but it was like really a
square, because his hand, his arm, the forearm went across the chest. And then his elbow was rested
on that hand, and then his other hand was against his face. But I was told that that’s a

Alan: You see it every time world leaders meet on television. You’ll see Mr. Bush greet Tony Blair,
or whoever. They did it with Arafat too, so they’re all Masons. And it’s toe to toe, knee to knee.
And of course, it’s hand to hand, then your left hand goes to the elbow, then behind the back, hand
to back, and they hug each other, and then they whisper in each other’s ear. And that’s the five
physical points of Freemasonry. So, you see it all the time, with all the world leaders. They’re
all Masons.

Jackie: What if somebody was standing before a judge in a court room? What could they do or say?

Alan: As a real last resort, if you really are in the wrong, and you want mercy….

Jackie: I’m not saying, no, forget it. Very few people that go into court are in the wrong. Alan:
You’re talking about Masons.
Jackie: I’m talking Freemasonry.

Alan: And I’m just telling you that that’s what you do as a last resort as a Freemason, apart from
having a word with the Sheriff’s Clerk, he’s more important than the judge.

Jackie: The Sheriff’s Clerk?

Alan: That’s right. And then you go before the Judge. And if the Judge still didn’t quite clue in,
as a last resort, you try your Joseph Smith thing, of the Mormons, because you throw your hands up
in the air, as a Y, the letter Y, and you say is there no one here to help a widow’s son. And
that’s the final plea for mercy, and he must grant you it.

Jackie: What about just a person that’s in court, and shouldn’t be there, but is? That would be a
final plea. But is there anything that can be done or said, that would let the judge know?

Alan: It all goes through the Sheriff, beforehand. That’s traditional, in every country. In every
single country, you have a word with the Sheriff, and you tell him, and he’ll say, I’ll see what I
can do. That’s why you’ll see some cases drag on, petty little cases. And other ones, the same type
of thing is dismissed right away. That’s been going on for hundreds of years. And it’s no different
today. And so many of the public who are….

Jackie: And the Judge has to give you leniency?

Alan: Yeah, once you’re a brother, and you let them know you’re a brother, and you’re in bad
straits, etc, and this will upset your reputation, or whatever, or your job. They must grant you
mercy, and it will be dismissed. And men, of course… see, the only thing that you can do wrong
as a Mason, is to break a Masonic rule against your fellow brother Masons. What you do to the
public is almost irrelevant. And you’re allowed to have intercourse with anybody’s wife, as long as
it’s not a Freemason’s. That’s in their rules.

Jackie: Even the judge’s wife? Alan: No, not with a fellow mason’s.
Jackie: Oh, that would be wrong. Oh, yeah.

Alan: Then you wouldn’t be tried in a court for it, you’d be tried on the square, inside the
Masonic lodge. So, they have their own little courts for their own rules and laws.

Jackie: How does one get a hold of the Clerk?

Alan: Oh, you just go in and see them. You just ask to see them. And they’ll give you little clues.

Jackie: What about a woman? I mean, does a woman count too?

Alan: Well, if she’s in the Eastern Star, although they’re all side degrees, that counts as well.
Especially if they’re at the heads of different charitable organizations, which they’re encouraged
to do. So, sure. It counts for them, as well. And that’s why the public are so
confused when they see the same types of cases, same supposed charges, and five of them are
dismissed as soon as the person’s name is read out and the charge, and other ones with the same
charge go through two or three hours, and then get a fine or imprisonment. It’s because ones are
Masons and others are not. That’s traditional. The court is a Masonic Lodge. It’s set out that
way. And the bar is your bar between the peasantry and the man who sits as god. He presides
over the court. He wears the Saturn, the black Saturn gown. He is a god, you know. So that’s how it
is. Now, getting back to Bacon though, I meant to mention too,

that Bacon, when you break it down, is also B A Con. You know, Con is a priest, a Cohen. And
so you have all that in the name.

Jackie: Well, I thought of ham, because you’ve mentioned the name Ham before. And when you
mentioned, brought up Francis Bacon, the first thing I thought of was ham.

Alan: Oh, as ham and bacon. (Chuckle) But that’s how they hide their names and so on. And William
Shakespeare, the High Masons all claim, and Francis Bacon were one and the same person. And of
course, Bacon did help to write the King James Version. King James was a High Mason himself.

Jackie: And a pervert. A big-time pervert.

Alan: Yeah. He chased the page boys all over the place. That was his hobby. Jackie: Well, the stuff
I’ve read about him, it was even worse than that.
Alan: Oh, it was worse, all right.

Jackie: He rolled in the blood of dead animals, and had sex with cadavers.

Alan: Well, I don’t know if it was that bad, but he certainly chased the boys, and that’s the
official Scottish history records. They called him Shamey Jamie.

Jackie: Well, you know I think maybe I saw a movie one time, and I think it was one of those old
movies that they show sometimes. It seems it was in black and white. And if I’m not mistaken, they
showed him as a real mincing, feminine male.

Alan: He also had a bad limp too. And he was kind of deformed. But, yeah, he was definitely
homosexual. There was nothing hidden about that. He was married, but that was for offspring only,
and that is not unusual.

Jackie: And that is the accepted and treasured and idolized and worshiped version of the Bible by
many people.

Alan: Well, that’s the one that Jesus used.

Jackie: Oh, okay. It seems to me, and I don’t think that people think about it. Or maybe they
don’t. Maybe they do, but I don’t think they do. That they worship that book, a book, more than

Alan: That’s why it’s called The Holy Bible. It is a book, but they’ve made it a sacred object.
Jackie: Well, Bible means book, doesn’t it?
Alan: Yeah, but holy, holy. I mean holy means it’s sacred. Now it’s been deified as the book being
sacred. So you’re not supposed to worship any image. And of course, how did they get
onto those pages? It’s called engraving. It’s a graven image. So, I mean, it’s such a
joke, you see.

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