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Although it is a top secret I can give you the formulae for the Kefir, it is also somewhat of a detox of course, but mainly a builder for the body and spirit.

So you start with the Kefir, add in the goodies, like seeds, pumpkin, hemp, flax, nigella, etc, also I add nuts, pecan, walnut, than some fruit, kiwi, banana, apple, also a tad of honey…to make it all more drinkable….these are just for the building as when you detox you must also rebuild.

Celery juice is also good, it will also make you lose weight, big time, but mainly I use it remove fog from the brain, to rebuild the neurons.
It is all a bit of work but if you want to be bold and beautiful you have to suffer.

That blond hair does not grow out of the head by itself you know 🙂

Restore takes a while, it works, give it some time, Rome wasn´t built in a day.


What I often use is also honey, garlic, and ginger, mix it all up, it is good for a lot.
The fairies have not kissed me since I started using garlic but we keep quiet about that.



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