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Story #1: Courts Overturn Covid – India’s Supreme Court Overturns Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination Policy

Crown Drops Another 24 Tickets Against Three BC Pastors Who Refused to Shutter Churches

Court Finds COVID Restrictions for Tokyo Restaurant Chain Illegal

Indian Supreme Court Judgement Against Vaccine Mandates

False Claims About Indian Supreme Court Judgement Against Vaccine Mandates Debunked

World Bank to Receive $450 Million to Start Pandemic Preparedness Fund

PDF: “Strengthening WHO Preparedness For and Response to Health Emergencies”

Overview of FDA’s Planned June Blitzkrieg to Authorize Useless Toxic Shots Now and Forevermore

Story #2: A One-and-Done CRISPR Gene Therapy Will Aim to Prevent Heart Attacks

PDF: “Verve Therapeutics Announces Clearance of First VERVE-101 Clinical Trial Application and Outlines Global Clinical Development Strategy; Reports First Quarter 2022 Financial Results”

Putting an End to Heart Attacks By Editing Human DNA; Verve Therapeutics Targeting Cholesterol-Causing Genes to Clear Arteries With Its Experimental Therapy

CRISPR Cockroaches? A New Gene-Editing Breakthrough Makes Them Possible

The Tick That Causes a Meat Allergy Is on the Move

Story #3: Babies Breastfeeding From Covid-Vaxxed Mothers Becoming Sick, Some Dying

Search Results from the VAERS Database: This is VAERS ID 1532154

Breast Milk Banks Receive Surge In Calls From Parents

Baby Formula Shortage Has Anxious Parents Stalking Shelves Nationwide

Bill Gates’ Climate Change Investment Firm Bets On Lab-Produced Breast Milk (Jun. 16, 2020)

Artificial breast milk firm that offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to baby formula gets $3.5 million from investment fund backed by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg

NWNW Flashback: Gates Invests In Lab-Made “Breastmilk”

“Here’s a fun game… Suggest urgent investigation of rising hepatitis cases in kids based on the reasonable hypothesis of spike proteins in breast milk and watch the ‘be kind’ Ukraine flaggers tell you to shut up with your self-serving craziness…”

Remembering The Nestlé Baby Formula Scandal That Rocked The 1970s

Video: ‘The Stuff’ Trailer (NSFW)

Video: ‘It’s Alive’ Trailer (NSFW)

Controversial 33-Yr-Old ‘Ministry of Truth’ Head Nina Jankowicz Resigns from Disinfo Board

The New World Next Week Store

Life Force Energy