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It’s about time I showed up , so much has been posted recently (thank you Sunflower) I can’t even start to comment.  But I’ll try.  Congratulations on the latest lovely cone, it seems to be a real powerhouse at, is it, 60 million Bovis? That’s pretty punchy.


I’d better report on my minor accident on Saturday. I usually proceed with caution around the garden, chosing my steps and holding onto various branches as I move around. That is because the vegetable garden is very packed, not a comfortable space to move in.


On Saturday I was feeling pleased with myself, had bought some new little fish to stock the empty pond.  But not feeling like feeding the seagulls or herons, I wanted to get a cover over it.  Making my way carelessly towards it, I hopped up from the patio onto the grass, but in between I tripped and came down quite heavily, doing a good bit of damage to one of my shins.  Thank goodness the other one survived pretty well.  There was lots of blood and a very disconcerting appearance, not nice seeing one’s skin in little folds away from where it was meant to be.  I doctored myself with Colloidal Silver, arnica and various other homeopathic remedies.


It’s now 3 days later and thankfully is at least doesn’t seem to be getting infected.   I’ve been using colloidal silver liberally on the area, maybe tomorrow I’ll try some fresh aloe vera gel which a friend recommended.

I eventually got the pond covered to my satisfaction this afternoon,  I can’t do much more.  But I wish I could at least catch a glimpse of the 7 fish I bought.  Up until about 4 years ago I had numerous goldfish in the pond that used to breed and be quite tame, they would show up for food, it will be disappointing if that doesn’t happen.



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