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Quite a shocker to see you post , by yourself, without being threatened or otherwise framed, blackmailed and harassed 🙂

Real progress is being made here …huh huh..doubleplus good

Good to hear you take things in the proper hands, you did wonderful. Can only applaud the steps taken. A great leap forward.
Yes perhaps best to avoid any doctors as much as possible. Or any government institute for that matter. You have to promise to be more careful, we cannot afford losing our top CEO due to such hmm issues..
Well one way or another , posting will be kept to the minimum on my part. Oh do not forget to keep you stock , provisions, up to date for the times ahead.
If you can find time for that , as you are terribly occupied juggling goldfish 😀

I think that pond thing of yours sucks up too much time and perhaps , well…you know…maybe you could take things a bit slower…not be the acrobat all the time hehehe

Do not worry when they starve they will come up to the surface for pieces of bread from mistress, honestly…
If you do your best you can train them to jump through hoops, why not, could make a whole circus out of it, hope I don´t put you on weird ideas or so..
You could also place little windmills for children at the pool, things that spin and make sound, think that will keep the cabal birds away..
Worth a try


I do not think it was essential to put all the raunchy details of your misfortune in plain sight hahaha
Some of us cannot stand the sight of blood
Today a bee was in a bowl of water, it drowned, so I put my hand in and scooped it out, in that second, bang, it stung me, silly bee, so I saw the needle in my skin and removed it, but had a punch
quite stingy , annoying, I always use garlic, cut a clove in two , rub it on , plus I used your Life Pillow, it helped, are you not proud of me 🙂

of course could have used something else to scoop it out, but thought what are the chances of it giving me a slap, did..



It already got four views, so yes, we definitely going places, babe
It is good to know we live in such an aware world , rolling eyes..





But you can relax now, you wont have to post , for a while
A few months or so.
You can if you like but..I leave that up to you.

They banned coll silver here, years ago, but can make it and sometimes do.
Use all sorts of detox now, zeolite, coriander, chlorella, you name it, sea weed too, salt baths, to name a few.
Also make regularly now those smoothies, with goodies in it, kefir and all sorts of good things, seeds mainly, to at least get a minimum of material.
There will be a heatwave, for a few days.
Of course we will keep in private contact, as usual. Secret board meetings. Strategic summit meetings.








Life Force Energy