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Menez daou (The ploughmen)
Approach all, Bretons, to hear a lesson:
it was composed not long ago on the life of the ploughmen.

Very different is the situation of the unfortunate plowman
different from the situation of people who live in the city.

The plowman must pay, constantly pay,
pay taxes to the king, three or four every year.

And when you have to pay your master, if the money isn’t there
they sell their goods at auction. This is the drama.

After that, the plowman will be impeached;
he will be curtly chased away by the lawyers.

He will be stripped of his little good
and when his fortune disappears, he has nothing to say

Finally, the plowman gone where he wants,
will be the object of gossip, many people will despise him.

And yet, if these people became aware
that it is the arm of the plowman that sustains the whole world.

Your fate is extremely cruel. No respite night and day
Until the order of things is reversed, I will have no rest.



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