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I do not think you speak Dutch , J, do you ? Anyway, the cop says ” he does not like to be filmed”
Quite funny when you think about it, so while they crush your skull because you refuse to wear that slave mask , it is ok , it is ok to beat you up, but they don´t like to be filmed while doing so.


Could translate for you what he says, but he is cursing a lot, that douchebag…..” put that camera away ffs” something like that
It is not a problem beating up innocent citizens, it is a problem if you document it, as evidence, they do not seem to like that very much….weird eh ?


Quite telling it all becomes. Do not worry , this is only the start of the new Utopia, more to come…

I wonder how long this one stays on jewtube but we will see.


They got a lot more in store for us ….

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