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Funny part is missy there does not mention WHY it is happening..she sort of ..forgets that, what is behind it , bla bla bla

no no

all sort of eh ..coincidence theory…


Sexy glasses by the way 🙂


Nana Mouskouri , eat your heart out, I Hope that did not classify as an ” ad hominem ” attack , giggles


rolling eyes

Of course missy has a million followers on jewtube therefore missy cannot open her mouth properly and speak truth , only BS comes out as only BS is authorized now.

The global cabal agenda is so in your face you must be insane not to see it.


None of those idiots on Jewtube talks about the real issues, nope, wont happen, nada, njiente, non, nyet

wont happen


It is very simple it is called agenda 21 , that is it , nothing fancy about it, just an elite blueprint for the world they want to see, voila, jee , duhhh
they write books about that stuff, an old agenda
all from the Un all created by the same bunch, the club
very simple stuff

it is all re – acting what those idiots do on those stupid channels, re acting
never tell the people what is really going on, no no
this whole covid scam was in the drawer for decades , dusted off and put on the table as now it is time to roll it all out, austerity, global governance, bla bla boring bla bla


none of those crappy ” prepper channels” will talk about the essence, the totalitarian crap, the jibbyjabby, the nwo, the global police state , bla bla bla and bla

no no


not gonna happen

You must have nerve to do that , honestly, I could not do that, sell out my million followers on CIA Channel
so pathetic
They all do it, no one there will talk about the issues, ALL of them will serve the demon, and praise this covid scam, pretending it is all real !!!!
Makes your head spin
But I try to remain calm, herb tea, not going into another rant as it is perhaps now getting too pathetic to even rant about such scam artists..

They all got businesses on youtube,  so you see, you cant have truth when money is involved, you just cant, nope, cant be done.
They all sing from satan s song sheet, all of them
If not you will be banned
Not a big deal for us, but for those goofs it is , as it is a money thing you see.
I have heard NO prepper channel talk about the scamdemic, none of them
that should be a red herring

Suddenly there is a shortage of this and that, oh really and why is that, silence, I hope I never end up like those jokers
This bimbo here is just an example
They know what they are doing
Keep the children in the dark that is what they are doing
How sad eh
How pathetic the official channels have become and how sad most love to sell out for a buck



But still, most are so far gone they dont , because they cannot think.
Most humans sort of float through life you see
Expect daddy state to take care of them well…daddy state will take care of you than.
You see that crap a lot on authorized social media shit station, they cannot speak truth

only BS is allowed

have a nice day



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