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AvatarJenny .

I was unfortunate last night when I tried to comment on the Dutroux story, technology and a lack of writing talent caught up with me, being dumped out of the comment box not once, but twice. Maybe just as well, because there was no way I’d have compared to Sunflower’s great prose.

Today was quite a good day, I took some nice photos of a few of the roses in my garden, did a little experiment on Fakebook whereby I shared some important and seemingly interesting stories, with no perceptible comments. Then I posted the flower pictures and within had about 70 ‘likes’ and quite a few comments. It’s the syndrome of the ‘picture of my dinner’ getting attention and otherwise crickets.



I got a gift of a bit of fresh yeast so decided to try a yeast bread, first time in years. I found an unbelievably easy recipe on the web, the first that showed up. Described as ‘no knead’ and so it was. I’m astonished how ‘light’ it turned out, not the same heft as sourdough but very addictive. I’ll definitely make this again.












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