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Today was quite a good day, I took some nice photos of a few of the roses in my garden, did a little experiment on Fakebook whereby I shared some important and seemingly interesting stories, with no perceptible comments. Then I posted the flower pictures and within had about 70 ‘likes’ and quite a few comments. It’s the syndrome of the ‘picture of my dinner’ getting attention and otherwise crickets.



I presume with seemingly interesting stories you meant all sorts of ” conspiracy crap” like eh…geo engineering, fluoride, gmo, cabal one world enslavement, bla bla, hmm yes, probably…hmm hmmm sure …
and than you post a picture of a dog with a hat and you get hundreds likes…. hmm hmmm
nuff said
well yes it is cia book for the dumb children
I am only there, under an utterly fake name of course, to have some interaction with CEO Jenn, that is that.
There is truly nothing there, there never was anything there and there never ever will be anything there.

Hope I am not too blunt now…sensitive children´s ears…

There are many reasons for that behavior as it is guided behavior, also most zombies there are doing their spiel under their own name, that in itself is devastating.

You can figure out why.

Once this whole control crap came in, years ago, I knew it was game over on the main platforms, it is dead now.

By design.





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