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Anyway, something interesting now, I did a estimation session, dowsing session, on the german model, the model that my teacher made, years ago. Compared it to my model.
The german model was about 70.000 bovis, which is not bad in itself, my model was 65 million bovis.
Must say my model had lot of goodies in it, but mainly had the healing aspect integrated, what we call intention. It is a rather inaccurate word. I would not really call it that, but anyway, it had my ” program” in it, maybe a better description.


Not bad eh, not bad at all.
Sure the quartz of all sorts helped, rock crystal, rose quartz you name it, it is there,  plus many other ingredients.
Also the sea shells, let us not forget that.

Quite pleased with the result.


you can make something like this

Just a paper
put a tile or plate on it, something round, half way and make half a circle, that draw lines, sort of equal, does not have to be too precise.
give it values

and just ask and you get the results


it is really simple but than truth usually is

it does not need bling bling



made a clip of it so you can see for yourself Oh Thomas thou of little faith…



Life Force Energy