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I know , keep repeating myself, but it is for a good cause

You have to remember that, even if we save or help just one soul out there it is good enough for me.
One soul is more than enough.
Who gets activated and does something, whatever that something may be.
Something, anything, yes anything goes….prepping in one way or another or developing other methods, skills, techniques, you name it, whatever.
Most of those other things, outside prepping are not so easy to do , as most are sheeple.
So that is a bummer, oh you have to meet with like minded people, yeah right, if you find one let me know.
There are not that many.
A few here and there and most of those , from my experience, are only half awake, they still fall for many other scams.
Like global warming and so forth, in other words they are still sucked into the system in many levels.
Some protest this covid scam not because of the scam itself, which they believe but because they have to wear mask or do the jibby jabby bla bla bla
Many many levels to this, you have to keep that in mind, most folk are not like you, or me in this case.
We always assume they are, but they are not.
Think that vid of the girly above explains enough, not the reasons behind it all, that is taboo, but what´s coming , partially here already I d say
The China system
Social credit

bla bla bla

you know that don´t ya
of course you do as there is no other way to go
it is the only way
We saw what happened the last few years, quite something else eh , a true wake up call
Not for me of course, been awake always and far awake for twenty years
I knew this would come, fifteen years ago, on the dot
they write about this you see
it is not hidden
it is all documented

They publish this crap
although they have done a lot in regard to the memory hole
oh they have
they do that a lot now
memory hole everything they dont like
Many books that said too much
So this prepping hoopla , not new for me, always done that, literally, always
say at least twenty years now
it is nothing new for me
Look you cannot stop this
so , prepare
Inflation in itself is enough to do the job.
Believe you me, children, waving banners and saying boo boo aint gonna do mucho
it aint gonna do mucho at all
keep that in mind
from now on the steamroller is started up and is gonna flatten the planet.
It is already rolling but will gain speed soon
you cannot protest that
well you can but it s not gonna do you any good
now we all will feel the new Order
The new system which is not new at all
It is the Babylon system over again
Run by the same bunch
They own it all, always have actually it is now time to make you aware of that little aspect of reality.
So you get the message from now on.
Loud and clear
The masses will know their place soon.
Middle class was already on its way out, quite some time now, since the 2008 scam
this banking scam
but soon there will be only two classes
a true slave master system
the proper natural order you might say
the law of nature

It wont be much fun but I know all that.
This is not for me
This is for the world
For those who need some motivational talk
A little slap on the bum
The powers that be want a more efficient system
No more spending money for you, no more consumer society, that is history , will be , soon
no more cheap toys from China all that jazz, no more
No more cars, private property, bla bla bla, no more
they have had it and make sure we get the objective here.
of course as you know most zombies out there dont have a clue , not yet
they will and than it is hmmm
than they step in and put us in the new ” solution”
give us all and we save you
all your ” right” all your property, all of it, your thoughts, money, body,  mind, give it all and we save you
or else…

very simple

Five year old could figure it out

We won´t be living in the new order, we will only exist in it, that is not living at all.

Again for me it all very very boring stuff as I knew this, as did some others, ages ago.
It is all just one big business plan you live through and has been going on for thousands of years
and finally it is getting into its final phase
at least for this stage to put it that way
to make room for a new system
In the middle ages they talked about it
uh huh
honestly kiddos
they did
you can go back further, to Plato and his ilk, the Royal institute of his day
The Greek CFR you might say

they talked about all of this
Francis Bacon, John Dee and all those other creeps
in the 15th century wrote books about all of this
Anyway from now on it will go downhill
unless by some miracle the sheeple somehow get a brain and so forth , now be honest, what are the odds.
All reaction from now on, this that the other, very very boring for me
it is only re action
like the dutch farmers, than the french pilots than the norwegian nurses than the Swedish fishermen bla bla bla boring bla bla bla bla bla

Re action to the agenda

They really know how to control the masses.

Anyway I better shut up here a bit.


Where were those farmers when they brought in the plandemic ?

I did not hear them,did you ?
Divide and conquer , gosh it works so well
on a brainwashed population, works like a charme.

So now, when the farmers, globally by the way, in case you had not figured it out yet, are under fire , they protest.
Gosh where were you ages ago ?
I think this system that has always been around has hijacked a part of the human soul, or to put it another way , exploits a darker part of the human soul.
Sure some are more susceptible than others but it is in humanity itself, a flaw in the machine you might say and the evil one exploits it.
There is no lack of volunteers to do their bidding , you may have noticed that.
In all levels of society.
A flaw
A bug in the program

I call them psychopaths because that is what it is.
They are born that way
The deviant creation
The enemy within
It has always been this way so spare me those tears
In Roman times it was the same
Nothing really changes , does it, nothing new under the masonic sun.
It seems to be eternal.
Like a moon that every night haunts us.

Meatless society, another excuse to get rid of farmers, globally, oh yes now it is the dutch but tomorrow the danish or french or italian or german, it is all a scam
big plan
GMO only
also for those brainwashed feminized vegans out there
GMO only
keep that in mind
because those vegans are so much better than ” the rest of us”
hmmm yeah uh huh
they are even more dumb than we are
meat has been crap for ages
so has veggies so has all basically
you have to eat twenty apples now
to get the same nutritional value of an apple grandpa had before ww2
We leave the nano from the sky out of the equation here, children
That would be too much to handle for most
They just could not cope.

Kid you not
Unless of course you grow it yourself, with good soil etc
but how many do that

Anyway spilled milk

I say the only way to really get a real product , as nature intended it, is to grow it in a protected lab or something.
the elite have that , for themselves of course.
they dont eat the crap we call food
come on be reasonable
that is for us , not for them

Dutch farmers block food distribution centers over new environmental rules

Farmers in the Netherlands reacted angrily to a proposal by lawmakers, including a plan to shut down some cattle farms to tackle harmful nitrogen emissions.


A farmer sits in front of his tractor in classic wooden clogs as part of a protest against planned environmental regulationsA sign reads ‘no farmers no food’ as Dutch farmers blockaded blockade supermarket distribution centers as part of ongoing protests against planned environmental regulations

Dutch farmers angry at government plans to slash emissions used tractors and trucks to blockade supermarket distribution centers on Monday.

Fishermen also blocked some ports in a show of support for farmers.

Their actions were part of ongoing protests against a government proposal to slash emissions of pollutants like nitrogen oxide and ammonia by 50% by 2030.

Provincial governments were given a year to draw up ways of making the cuts, which were expected to include buying out some farms with livestock that produce large amounts of ammonia.

How serious is the crisis?

Nitrogen oxides play a significant role in air pollution, and nitrous oxide contributes more to the greenhouse gas effect than CO2.

Farmers, however, argue they are unfairly targeted and that government has shown little concern for their futures.

0 seconds of 0 secondsVolume 90%

Watch video04:18

Eco-friendly cows

While other sectors, including construction, have also been hit, measures to curb the ammonia generated by livestock farming constitute a significant part of the Netherlands’ plans.

According to the government’s own figures the plan to cut nitrogen emissions by more than 70% in areas close to nature conservation areas could lead to the shutting down of around 30% of livestock farms.

Farmers vow to continue protest action

Farmers were calling for “the entire country to be paralysed,” and vowed to continue protesting.

Protesting farmers blocked the access roads with tractors and hay bales across the NetherlandsFarmers say they are being unfairly targeted in proposed new environmental emissions rules.

The government has appointed an intermediary to lead talks between farmers’ organizations and officials drawing up pollution reduction measures.

However, Prime Minister Mark Rutte has ruled out negotiating with farmers responsible for radical protests.

According to a national farm lobbying group, LTO, there are nearly 54,000 agricultural businesses in the Netherlands with exports totaling 94.5 billion euros (about $99 million) in 2019.

lo/kb (AP, dpa)

bla bla bla


funny how it always seem to play out in favor of an elite dark agenda, must be coincidence, surely….. hmmm

Their actions were part of ongoing protests against a government proposal to slash emissions of pollutants like nitrogen oxide and ammonia by 50% by 2030.

Provincial governments were given a year to draw up ways of making the cuts, which were expected to include buying out some farms with livestock that produce large amounts of ammonia.

How serious is the crisis?
Nitrogen oxides play a significant role in air pollution, and nitrous oxide contributes more to the greenhouse gas effect than CO2.

Farmers, however, argue they are unfairly targeted and that government has shown little concern for their futures.


what a scam
Co2 makes plants grow
it seems that they try to slash population in half by 2030 if things keep going that way, would you not agree ?


That would be the only logical conclusion.


If you cut global food production in half , hmm what you think is gonna happen, well, Sherlock, than half of them die.
You see, you can do it !!! Proud of you, that wasn´t so hard was it. Do not worry, it will not be you, it will be those ” bad people” yep
Not you, they could not honestly mean you




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