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Hope people realise this scam will never go away, it will never go away. They will keep us under this fake medical tyranny and soon other tyrannies to follow.
Big time.
What did Fauci say, yes all bs, but also said ” we will never go back to normal”
keep that in mind
This is not over yet, on the contrary, it is just beginning.
If you think the last few years were a insane horror mindwarping experience, oh brace yourself.

They will probably come back with it every year, in phases
Plus the economic reset
They mean it, you will see.
Come hell and high water they will accomplish their agenda
The end justifies the means

Anway, bottomline, keep your cool, it is only talking about it, like now that gets me mad, as usually I dont get mad at all, as it is all deception anyway.

In the past folk were zombies too, but you did not notice it that much, or not as profound as nowadays.
So that has not changed.
You always knew this.
It only is more in your face now, that is the only difference.

Yes Keep your sanity, or what´s left of it. That is the main message.
Come hell and  high water, it probably will, keep your sanity.
Focus, be cool, let is slide
Prepare yourself and perhaps help a few around you if you are lucky enough to have those who can still think.
I do not have many of those around me, but some may have. Good for you.

Although there is a tremendous amount of fake crap on bitchute , most is controlled opposition there are a few good channels, like  ice age farmer

ice.age.farmer (


has a lot to offer I think

Keep your cool and hang in there.

Life Force Energy