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Exam chief: ‘you don’t have to teach a lot’ for our tests

Toddlers accused of bigotry after name-calling


Lawsuit accuses security guard of handcuffing first-graders for talking in class

Australian kids are living in climate of fear

The £6,000 interest charge hidden in new student loans

Swedish school bans ‘him’ and ‘her’ in bid to stop children falling into gender stereotypes

Face-recognition technology to monitor school attendance

“Schools need to teach about orgasms” says NEA to UN

Ireland: Environmental packs for schools issued

New Oxford school of governance will ‘groom future world leaders’

Paedophile Teacher and Politician work together

TV Causes Irreversible Damage To Children’s Brains *

Homeschoolers Interrogated by Secret Police, Face Imprisonment

Can I refuse to have my child fingerprinted at school?

U.S. ends webcam probe; no charges

Huge rise in 11-year-olds on the pill

Money and Behaviour *

UC Berkeley Asking Incoming Students For DNA

Parents of persistently naughty pupils ‘must face courts’ schools minister says

The changing face of UK schools: annual fitness tests, CCTV monitoring and fingerprints *

Parents Angry Over CCTV In School Toilets

Smart drugs promoted through the use of false arguments *

Students brains ‘rewired’ by the internet

The Meaningless-ization Of History School Books

Nursery school children should be monitored for signs of Islamic extremist brainwashing, say police

The state is all powerful, the state is all knowing *

Does having children contribute to climate change?

Big Brother quiz for new school parents: Officials launch 83-point probe into families’ lives

Paedophile checks even for those not working with children

MEPs call for compulsory ‘EU lessons’ in schools *

14-year-old dies after being given cervical cancer jab *

Britain’s Schools Ambassador Sacked Over Child Porn While U.N. Advocates Masturbation For 5-Year-Olds *

Thousands of parents protest over the State’s first step to end Govt-free schooling

An Earl’s insight of the dependent citizen

Get ready, here comes Generation Z

24 hour cctv surveillance of so-called Shameless families*

Charities are being hijacked and turned into political pawns

Pupils told they have a ‘right’ to a good sex life: That’s the advice for youngsters from the NHS

Obama resurrects the not so nice UN’s ‘rights’ of the child *

Irish Times: Students learn NOT to think for themselves but to pass tests

Daily Mail: ‘Orwellian language’ used in schools harm children, finds damning report

Why do my son’s books tell him all men are useless? *

Your Brain Waves Switch From High To Low When Watching TV *

Telegraph: School children taught to spy as a ‘terrorist can look like anybody’ *

Background TV ‘can harm children’s speech’

Daily Mail: Military starts running UK state schools, soon to be nationwide *

School children can now be tracked by parents and the Government via satellite *

Education proposals to ditch learning about the Nazi Party in favour of Facebook and blogging

Govt Tells Parents Don’t Teach Right And Wrongs Of Sex

Fox News / AP: Pentagon Spending Billions on PR to Sway World Opinion *

United Nations’ threat: Child Rights = No Parental Rights *

Telegraph: TV Changes Behaviour of Society *

Get Them Hooked, Later Booked – Schools Promoting Drugs & Prison Corp. Profits *

Pregnancy Ultrasounds Proven To Lower The IQ Of Common Society *

Daily Mail: ‘Smart drugs’ for all schoolchildren to boost brainpower *

The future of school is ready to go *

CCTV Already Spying On Pupils Aged Four And UP – Complete With Prosecution Kit *

Child Died In One Of The Government School’s Solitary Confinement Cells *

Millions Of British Children Asked Intimate Questions For Dangerous Psychological Database *

UK School Leads The Way Towards Book-less World With eBooks & eHomework *

Fox News: Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ebert Promote Benefits Of Insane RFID Brain-Chips (Video) *

Dimming down: How the brainpower of today’s 14-year-olds has slipped ‘radically’ in just one generation *

BBC: Monkeys test ‘hardworking gene’ *

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (Video) *

Constant Conflict – Source: U.S. Military – Attack On Human Culture *

Happy Classes To Condition Children For Adulthood Not To Think Of Negative Issues (Like Low Pay And Corruption) – Irgnore Your Nagging Conscience

New Subjects In School Shake-Up: Credit Card Debt, Climate Change, Obesity, And Responsibilities As World Citizens *

Under the radar: Subliminal cues do work after all, says study

Scots schoolchildren to be fingerprinted in controversial ID scheme

Texas school allows teachers guns to protect kids from killers

The Scientific Outlook – Part 7 – Freedom and Equality in a Scientific Society

The effect of belief on intelligence *

British Kids Encouraged To Become “Climate Cops”

The Scientific Outlook – Part 5 – Behaviourism, Psycho-Analysis and Physiological Manipulation in Education *

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UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy – Part 3 – Education for World Government *

UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy – Part 2 – The Task of Unifying the World Mind

Head teachers to get powers to ‘stop and search’ for drugs

Reworked Bible stories feature Goliath as a drunk and Eve as sex mad

City Sued for Cuffing 4-Year-old Nap Nixers

Home-school Germans flee to England to Escape Hitler’s 1938 Law

Impact of Science on Society – Part 4 – Mass Psychology and Education

Government Education Guidelines: Don’t use terms “Mom” and “Dad” *

School to track pupils with radio chips sewn into their uniforms

Judge rules Gore’s film an inconvenient catalogue of errors

Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything

Life Force Energy