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‘Karma’ Facebook post leads to criminal charges

One THIRD of young Americans are arrested by age of 23

The BBC’s myth-makers serve up a double helping of propaganda

Cops Ready for War

Troubleshooters to target families as Cameron pledges £448m to change lives of problem group

UK: husbands could face court for ‘emotional abuse’ as domestic violence laws are changed

Behind a wall of secrecy, parents who lost their children are now in jail

10 care home workers charged with neglect after the BBC ‘exposes abuse’

Casual sex and ‘bad touching’: what your eight year-olds learn at school

Mother Loses Twin Boys In Abortion Mix Up

Paedophile spared prison after judge says it will make him WORSE

Active Down’s syndrome man was locked away in flat for ten months until he died

Dramatic increase in number of people sleeping rough in Dublin

Young jobseekers told to work without pay or lose unemployment benefits

Court of protection should be open to public scrutiny, says leading judge

‘Passive’ TV can harm your baby’s speech

Father’s photo of daughter in shopping centre sparks security dispute

Cameron’s sudden zeal for adoption misses the point

Thousands of civilians granted power to issue fines

Natomas school officials go door to door to find unvaccinated students

How bailiffs reap the fraudulent rewards of their ‘phantom visits’

Mind-reading research: the major breakthroughs

City With Religious Roots Fines Home Bible Study

Couple denied legal help while lawyers make £1m removing their children


Childern over 12 can be vaccinated without parental knowledge or parental consent

‘Shy’ children at risk of being diagnosed with mental disorder

Toddlers accused of bigotry after name-calling

Ireland: Revealing the horrific past of psychiatric hospitals


Parents of seven told: Your children are too fat, so you will never see them again

Lawsuit accuses security guard of handcuffing first-graders for talking in class

Martin Green: Give patients ‘choice’ over when they die

Jacqui Smith defends use of two prisoners drafted in to paint her home

State child snatchers *

Why police were so soft on looters: They ‘were ordered to stand and observe’

Debt-hit students urged to sell their kidneys

Why talk about behaviour change?

Policeman found with ‘disgusting’ child porn walks free from court

‘Child protection’ wreaks havoc on a loving family

Police beat and taser ‘gentle’ mentally-ill homeless man to death

Tied to chairs, sedated or locked up, the ordeal faced by thousands with dementia

Arkansas Town Threatens Citizens Rights

Doctors told us to abort our little girl as she wouldn’t survive birth

A father’s nightmare

Organs of those killed by euthanasia being used

India offers prizes for sterilisation

Domestic violence suspects to be banned from their own home

Man ‘was attacked by gardai in bed’

Swedish school bans ‘him’ and ‘her’ in bid to stop children falling into gender stereotypes

Greek parliament besieged in anti-austerity protest

Sainsbury’s supermarket staff are being trained as government ‘health spies’

Girl fined for fighting back at masked man

Victory for father after autistic son’s 12-month ordeal

Doctors asked to identify potential terrorists under government plans

Three arrested, accused of illegally feeding homeless

Ireland: Disabled parents’ children removed

Iraq war vet shot 71 times by SWAT team

Vicky Haigh flees the babysnatchers

The stolen and sold children in the UK by Govt laws

Erase painful memories

Euthanasia charity launches a helpline

Judicial gagging orders are used to cover up the reality of the family courts

Why are the BBC so keen to promote euthanasia

A mother is threatened with imprisonment for talking to her MP *

Paedophiles and rapists ‘are getting off with just a caution’

The family justice system is callous, corrupt and staggeringly expensive

Manipulating morals: scientists target drugs that improve behaviour

Test children’s genes before they have sex

Ian Tomlinson was ‘almost inviting physical confrontation’ says G20 officer

Save the planet by having fewer babies, says BBC presenter

Unpaid jobs: The new normal?

Ireland: Our family courts must end secrecy

Locked up and sedated: Dementia patients are denied basic rights, says damning report

Facebook a top cause of relationship trouble, say US lawyers

“Schools need to teach about orgasms” says NEA to UN

Libya: British plans to strip Gaddafi of oil revenue

Airport officials could face prosecution for sexual assault over security ‘gropes’

The need to protect the internet from ‘astroturfing’ grows ever more urgent

EU to pledge support for grassroots north African revolutions

‘Cash for kids’ judge took $1m kickback from private jail builder to lock children up *

Irish Independent article on sterilising junkies *

Poor treatment of older people in the NHS is an attitude problem

My long crusade for common sense

Authoritarian governments start stockpiling food to fight public anger

Thousands could sue Government over unlawful ‘child protection’ sackings

Shout at your spouse and risk losing your home

Judge says laws are used to change our behaviour

Pupils as young as six are being ticketed by police in Texas

Israeli Arab accused of rape after ‘telling women he was air force pilot’

The uncomfortable truth about mind control: Is free will simply a myth?

Ministers, who tax us to death, now urge us to give money to charity

CCTV ‘used to monitor schoolchildren in toilets and changing rooms’

Former TSA workers arrested on child pornography charges

Couple who fled UK after social workers took child are declared fit parents

Guardian article on overpopulation *

Babies’ DNA profiled in the womb *

University study using nudge psychology

Wikileaks and the Swedish laws that make unprotected consensual sex, rape

Forced adoptions get no sympathy from the ministry

New measures aimed at suspected wife-beaters

Computer expert jailed after hacking into people’s webcams and filming them

Atheist Psychology in a Scientifically Rational World *

‘Should we have an abortion – you decide’

South African hospital pleads guilty to organ trafficking case

India: Sterilisation in tribal-dominated districts

Ireland: Peaceful protest turned to violence in an instant

Child protection: MPs must act on the scandal of seized children

Thug walks free from court after admitting to a vicious attack

Rage spills out on to the streets of France

Cash for vasectomy ‘exploitative and ethically dubious’ says drugs charity

Study shows babies are online before they’re born

UK columnist said ‘put a pillow over its face’ with regards to disabled children

Surprise, Surprise Greens Want Euthanasia/’Rational Suicide’

Sex Revolution: How in the 60s and 70s governments & entertainment changed cultures *

How charities are customarily run: Bono’s Foundation – 99% of the loot not given to the poor

Queen tried to use more state poverty fund for lavish parasite lifestyle

Scientists and news media advocate drugging ALL healthy women with Prozac *

Paedophile Teacher and Politician work together

TV Causes Irreversible Damage To Children’s Brains *

Why Psychologically Men Don’t Exist – UN Documentation *

Guilty: Top TV Presenter & UN Ambassador in elite Paedophile Ring

BBC radio to debate that the mentally and morally unfit should be sterilised

Family files police brutality suit against Seattle Police Dept

Judge criticises council for trying to force contraception on woman

Our Psychiatric Civilization

Lady Gaga IS poisoning children’s minds

Culture of hate speech laws is making jokes a crime

Huge rise in 11-year-olds on the pill

Teenage ‘happy slappers’ who killed grandfather outside mosque sent down for a total eight years… but could walk free in months

Israel jails Arab for ‘rape’ after he had consensual sex with Jewish woman who believed his name was Daniel

It’s time to bring family law to book

Cameron: Short jail terms ‘meaningless’ and more ‘visible’ community punishment needed

Forced adoption is a truly dreadful scandal

CCTV turning schools into ‘prisons’

Daily Mail: Dissolve dead bodies in caustic solutions to help save the environment

New terror monitors: parking attendants

Granny tasered in bed by police sues

Female motorist clamped… as she did a U-turn in a car park

Potential criminals must be targeted ‘before they are born’, says police chief

Big money to be made in the adoption trade

Britain’s child snatchers are a scandal *

First person guilty of posting ‘menacing’ Twitter message after “bomb hoax” joke

U.S. Senate Committee discuss medication compliance with electronic transmitters in pills *

Chinese city detains 1,300 in compulsory sterilisation drive *

Man who hid spy camera in air freshener is put on sex offenders register while the US school webcam case reveils more details *

Dawn of the designer babies with THREE parents and no hereditary diseases

The innocents branded yobs and perverts in crime record blunders

Parents of persistently naughty pupils ‘must face courts’ schools minister says

The old-age ‘offenders’: Generation of elderly turned into criminals

‘Ha ha, I hit ‘em’: Top secret video showing U.S. helicopter pilots gunning down 12 civilians in Baghdad attack leaked online

Courts continue to redefine rape and paedophilia making it a non criminal offence *

Safety Drive and Eco Way: How Britain’s changing street names really are a sign of the times

Children left traumatised after their teacher is ‘gunned down in playground’ in sick hoax lesson *

UK police in Nottingham use full body scanner on the public

Curry house owner foils burglary… and then HE’S thrown in cell when yobs complain

Curry house owner foils burglary… and then HE’S thrown in cell when yobs complain

Parents Angry Over CCTV In School Toilets

Spanish authorities seize two-week-old son from British parents who fled UK to stop social services ‘kidnap’

Muslim women barred from flight for refusing ‘naked’ full-body scan

Facial recognition phone application described as a ’stalker’s dream’

A look into the effects modern Britain has on old traditions

Secret inquiry into NHS hospital shows the real effect of socialised care *

Smart drugs promoted through the use of false arguments *

Telegraph: School spied on pupils at home through webcams *

Care homes forcing elderly to have feeding tubes fitted *

Eugenics fear as British couples are offered £700 online gene test for 100 inherited diseases

Daily Mail: Police to pose as burglars in the middle of the night in bid to cut break-ins *

Fury at school pregnancy tests for girls aged 11

Govt Services Involvement In Flying In Drugs & Societal Atrophy *

The dangers of state surveillance

Daily Mail:Child rapists, drug dealers and robbers let off with warning, justice figures reveal

Employer told not to post advert for ‘reliable’ workers because it discriminates against ‘unreliable’ applicants


Author calls for euthanasia booths in UK’s street corners, because old people place impossible burden on society

Pre-Crime: Irish Govt Snatch Baby Because British Said The Mother Is ‘Not Clever’ *

Global Culture Entertainment Business And Government Propaganda *

Be aware, telling a joke in Britain could mean you are a terrorist *

First there was Dolly, now prepare for “Zero CO2″ the burp-free sheep *

China begins monitoring billions of text messages as censorship increases

Self defence is now a crime in Britain

What is the real effect of hate speech laws in the UK?

France to introduce new law banning ‘psychological violence’ in marriages *

New year, same U.S. justice system

2009 UN policy brief on how to accelerate fertility decline in the least developed countries *

The 20,000 snooper army: Vast number of town hall bureaucrats get power to enter your home without a warrant

Suspects forced to give DNA samples under new legislation *

Poor Children Likelier to Get Antipsychotics

March of the wardens: Town hall ‘enforcers’ with police powers increase by a fifth in a year

Every parent and every online click is now suspect *

The state is all powerful, the state is all knowing *

Hate crime, a batty old lady and freedom

Police report pregnant woman to social services over half-decorated home

Irish army could deploy for crowd control on our streets *

Police shoot dead three-year-old in South Africa

So called experts will redefine animals and animal embryos containing human genes or cells *

Beware of the lurking eyes of the social services *

Homes could be invaded by health and safety inspectors checking that parents are keeping their children safe *

Fingerprints needed to get a job, while the FBI look to add new biometric data to their database

Councils get ‘Al Capone’ power to seize assets over minor offences *

Irish Independent promotes eugenics and depopulation again

Paedophile checks even for those not working with children

President Obama declares national emergency over swine flu pandemic; but why?

Bureaucracy is a tool of tyranny

The rights of families are being destroyed by the Government

A look into the spying society

Gardai arrest a man for sitting on public park grass

Taser Company half admits they can cause heart attacks

Corner shop worker told to stop singing in her store – or pay for a performing licence

A look into the currant state of the NHS, or should it be called the NDS *

Sonic warfare: U.S. police admit they trained a ’spotlight of sound’ louder than a jet engine on G20 rioters

How do you get the masses to spy on each other, offer them cash prizes

Introduction to Machiavelli – Keeping Elite Control Using Freedom and Revolutions * * *

Police refuse to do their job, as a mother is attacked

Electroshock for Children and Involuntary Adults *

Thought crimes in the classroom

Remarkable Senate Speech On Global ‘Free’ Trade And The Destruction Of Society *

CCTV cameras: If they do not stop crime or catch criminals, what are they for?

The erosion of free expression, through equality laws and political correctness

Paranoid, suspicion, obsessive surveillance – and a land of liberty destroyed by stealth

Nurse sacked and accused of abuse for smacking her son at home

Police ’steal’ valuables from cars in a lesson for drivers

Telegraph: ‘Evil destruction’ of a happy family*

Microsoft seeks patent for office ’spy’ software

Healthy eating classed as a mental illness, it will make GMO companies happy*

Cruel and out of control: the new face of debt collecting

With the ever growing DNA database, we could all be future criminals

CNN: China sets up a genetics camp to DNA test kids to ID genetic gifts and pick careers*

CRB mistakenly brand 100’s of people criminals as they get set to massively increase a new vetting programme

Elderly patients abused in nursing home scandal

Medication Madness: How Psychiatric Drugs Cause Violence, Suicide, and Crime

24 hour cctv surveillance of so-called Shameless families*

RAF officer banned from buying alcohol because he was shopping with son,17

Bouncers and parking attendants given police-style powers to issue on-the-spot fines

RFID Tracking Of Waste Given The Green light, While Councils Secretly Examine All Household Waste

Pupils told they have a ‘right’ to a good sex life: That’s the advice for youngsters from the NHS

Courts protect child molesters and punish child protectors – example from Australia *

Police Chief study finds Serial Killers and Politicians share traits *

Daily Mail: ‘Orwellian language’ used in schools harm children, finds damning report

Why do my son’s books tell him all men are useless? *

Your Brain Waves Switch From High To Low When Watching TV *

Legalised drug companies set to cash in on child advertising

Telegraph: School children taught to spy as a ‘terrorist can look like anybody’ *

Background TV ‘can harm children’s speech’

MSNBC: U.S. military heavily medicated *

Sweden rules ‘gender-based’ abortion legal *

Councils hire Citizen snoopers as young as 7 to report neighbours *

Thought police muscle up in Britain – case studies *

Irish pedophiles will be released early to promote human electronic tagging

Fox News: Nursing home microchips elderly people, Fox News says it’s good (video) *

The Soviet Story – Socialism (Film) *

Blair, ‘high-profile unofficial ambassador’ for Catholics, says Catholics are wrong on Gay sex

Mass drugging suggested to halt Britain’s obesity crisis

BBC: Israel troops admit Nazi like war crimes in Gaza *

Education proposals to ditch learning about the Nazi Party in favour of Facebook and blogging

BBC: Tens of thousands getting terror training – Creation of a paranoid/spy society *

Toronto Star: ‘One generation is all they need’ *

New law: YOUNG burglars and muggers to get off by saying they have a drug habit – it helps to be a young junkie

Parents face court action for removing children from Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender history lessons

Laws are also dumbing down society – Tesco refuses to sell wine to mother with her daughter

Govt Tells Parents Don’t Teach Right And Wrongs Of Sex

Equity chief: 25% chance of ‘far greater financial crisis’ and UK riots *

Daily Mail: Higher Tree Rights Enters UK – Nursery Children Ordered Not To Play Under Tree *

United Nations’ threat: Child Rights = No Parental Rights *

Telegraph: TV Changes Behaviour of Society *

Get Them Hooked, Later Booked – Schools Promoting Drugs & Prison Corp. Profits *

Irish Times: New U.S./Israeli Weapons Create Many Ways To Die In Gaza *

Times: 2009 And ‘The New Age Of Rebellion’

Pregnancy Ultrasounds Proven To Lower The IQ Of Common Society *

Irish Woman Imprisoned In ‘Slow Euthanasia’ Nursing Home System

Daily Mail: ‘Smart drugs’ for all schoolchildren to boost brainpower *

Religious logic of brainwashed Israeli fundamentalists (video) *

New York Times: Thousands Of Native Canadian Children Murdered And Buried At Schools *

Community Punishment Courts Getting General Society Involved In Tyranny

Prince Beats Dog: ‘Royalty’ Sick As Any Other Deviant

Victim Of The ‘Can’t Touch’ Rule: Teacher Strangled By Pupil As Staff Watch

Telegraph: Better Than Viagra – Using Sex To Popularise The Brain-Chip *

Up to 75,000 families will lose their homes next year in repossession crisis

Child Died In One Of The Government School’s Solitary Confinement Cells *

Jeremy Clarkson Sees Economic Breakdown Of Law And Order

Millions Of British Children Asked Intimate Questions For Dangerous Psychological Database *

Times: Scientists’ ‘Body Swap’ Has Military Applications *

Sick Babies Denied Treatment Because Law Allows Human DNA Patents *

Guardian: Vatican Told Bishops To Cover Up Child And Animal Sex Abuse *

Reuters: China Promotes Abortion To Reduce CO2 – People Are Enemy #1 *

Father jailed over one complaint about a slap on his son’s leg

CNN: Creating The Perfect Standard Genetic Child *

‘Absolute safety’ is impossible and costs our freedoms says health and safety watchdog

Microsoft: All your files stored online in ‘new world of software’ *

Scientists Clone From Dead Frozen Animal – A ‘Practical Tool’ For Humans Says Dr *

Obama or McCain? The American Dream *

Genetics, Behaviourists and Free Will

BBC: Human species ‘may split in two’ (Note: Sped Up by Genetic Modification) *

£1,500 ‘genetic MoT’ will let couples screen babies’ genes *

BBC: Monkeys test ‘hardworking gene’ *

National Geographic: Animal-Human Hybrids Announced To Public – Animals with Human Brains & Blood *

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (Video) *

BBC: Police train for riot scenarios

Constant Conflict – Source: U.S. Military – Attack On Human Culture *

Trust – Sergeant Says Female Officer Made False Claims And Torn Her Own Dress

Magazine Promotes Sterilization For Women In Their 20’s *

Old people should be pushed towards death, says Baroness Warnock. Eugenics?

Irish Independent: British/American Sponsored Terrorism In Iraq and Omagh (NI) *

Nothing To Hide – Part 1 – Privacy Protects From Tyranny *

Royal Mail’s New Stamp of Marie Stopes – Sterilization and Hitler Advocate

Great Control With Radio-Frequency Identification Surveillance – Already In Passports And More *

The Anti-Human Agenda *

Adults without children to be interrogated by park wardens and risk being thrown out *

Happy Classes To Condition Children For Adulthood Not To Think Of Negative Issues (Like Low Pay And Corruption) – Irgnore Your Nagging Conscience

CIA Drug plane used for US ‘rendition’ flights

Irish Prime Minister Committed to United Nations Depopulation Agenda and Savors Ireland’s Dying Society *

‘Environmental volunteers’ will be encouraged to spy on their neighbours

New Subjects In School Shake-Up: Credit Card Debt, Climate Change, Obesity, And Responsibilities As World Citizens *

Under the radar: Subliminal cues do work after all, says study

Home Secretary warns credit crunch will push people towards violence, racism, radicalisation and terrorism *

EU law risks bakery exhibitions being consigned to history

The Scientific Outlook – Part 9 – Two Examples of Scientifically Created Artificial Societies: Japan and Soviet Russia

Sex, swearing and children’s lost innocence – Culture is created from the top *

The Scientific Outlook – Part 5 – Behaviourism, Psycho-Analysis and Physiological Manipulation in Education *

Irish Independent Promotes Eugenics and Depopulation *

The Scientific Outlook Part – 4 – Propaganda: From the Class Room to Hollywood *

The Scientific Outlook – Part 3 – Scientific Technique and Education *

Diffusion of reaction and obedience to authority

Government ‘License’ To Interact With Children Creates Anti-Social Fear Based Communities *

UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy – Part 3 – Education for World Government *

Poll: 44% of Americans favour torture for terrorist suspects

Teachers given right to screen pupils’ computers and mobile phones in crackdown on school gangs

The Referendum Commission is failing to carry out it’s statutory duty!

The REAL brain drain: Modern technology – including violent video games – is changing the way our brains work, says neuroscientist

War Propaganda: Disneyland goes to war-torn Iraq

Reshaping the International Order – Part 4 – Reshaping Public Opinion and the White Coated Propagandists *

Republic or Democracy? *

China executes 9 people a week, says Amnesty

British Politician calls for children in care to be euthanised *

Marriage hits lowest rate since records began almost 150 years ago

Reworked Bible stories feature Goliath as a drunk and Eve as sex mad

Outrage as hundreds of children survive after legal abortion time *

Council of Europe Wants Total Decriminalisation of Abortion

School arranges morning-after pills for 14 year olds after end-of-term orgy

Demise of Society: Half of all five-year-olds can’t speak properly

Alan Watt’s analysis of UK Guardian article, “Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future” *

Alan Watt’s analysis of UK Guardian article, “Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future” *

Teenage Rebellion Now Considered Mental Illness *

Impact of Science on Society – Part 4 – Mass Psychology and Education

Government Education Guidelines: Don’t use terms “Mom” and “Dad” *

Impact of Science on Society – Part 1 – Scientific Technique and the Concentration of Power *

Gov Tax Robin Hood Syndrome*

Reality Check – Alan Watt – (Film) *

ENDGAME – Blueprint for Global Enslavement (Film) *

Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society

Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything

Meet the women who won’t have babies – because they’re not eco friendly

Life Force Energy