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ah you know what the silly thing is , it happened intuitively
just like that
I did not think about it, it just happens 


Incredible rubbish going on above me now, relentless aircrap, huge, bizarre.
They really do love us from their point of view
Today the sylphs battle around the clock non stop
hmmm maybe it is time to do it again, make a second BSB , why not
started at 6 am and still continues
four five going at once all the time there are about three or four of them no matter when you look up
more to come
ps very exclusive tools of light you make lady J
do I see an old fashioned CB there too hehe
always nice
superb pieces

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On Request ..the work of another newbee :) Vicky
brace yourself ;) :) 

‘Hi Jenny, just a very quick update from today’s plasterite workshop. I’m glad I’v only started a small project, as it has been a long time, since I last played with plaster. I wanted to get all done, before children were back
All was well, but then, I thought somehow as I was pouring the plaster mix into the heart mould that it felt to runny. Me of course, just add handful more plaster, and before I knew it , it started to set, you should have seen me LOL pouring like mad. I tried to add a few shells and acorn caps, I just about managed.
The heart got most of the mix, it came out beautifully, added shell, seaweed and Diatomaceous Earth.
The energy it emit, is peaceful and lOveLy smile emoticon I’m going down the road now, to see, if I can find a cone. How much plaster will one cone take, and do you do one pour only, and can you do several.’
Vicky Part 2 

Life Force Energy