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Unread postPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 4:38 pm
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wonderful output there
oh …la la…
;) ;) ;) 

you can slice up armies of chemtrails with those babies

you forgot to mention you gave away tons of leaflets etc
and every single one of them can break the spell of someone
one day
and it s not just the militairy, most things coming over here are commercial traffic and they dose the crap out of us too
there s a sort of schedule as on some days you get regular , old school, contrails, you know the normal ones from years ago
and the next day they all do the chemical again so …
massive deceptions going on
for those who can figure it out
which is really not that heard once you switch off the TV and leave it off

love that phrase, ” tackle her about it” and you know what, I see this often, so they let the cat out of the bag in various ways, that s a smart move on their behalf, they are for sure not stupid,
very devious, amazingly devious what we are up against here
Heard it so often such excuses , like ah well it s just for the money, the companies that make that crap they put in the atmosphere, or yes it s crap but it s there to protect us, all that shite
that s how one diffuses truth
give out some facts and twist them and some of those who start to think are immediately pulled back into the mind control, works great for some.
often said most folk , also those who THINK they woke up are like here is the money now gimme the experience
they will never look into it
by themselves
they just lap up the explanations given
and that s the end of it

Reminds me of the book I read yesterday , the name of the Rose
good book, but most important parts are not shown in the movie with this Sean Connery character
it s left out
certain views shall we say on how this world is run, some amazing down to earth statements in the book
as first the prieshoods were the control grid later on the money system took over and there was some infigting in the medieval times about that
who s to run it
as we know now they ended up in the same bed , the religious system and the money system
hand in hand shall we say
rubbing eachothers back in the control grid
as simple as that
under many disquises, but people are so dumbed down today to go into it
and they point fingers at group A or B
it s the ….or it s the …bla bla
it s a club
more like gangs, multiple gangs working together
yes psychopaths can do that as long as they get a piece of the pie

massive deception going on

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