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Unread postPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 2:11 pm
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lots of energy action
sylphs danced along the way
maybe peace
talked to some mature British ladies there who visited
did not recognise them first but I saw the car had the steering wheel on the ” wrong side” so …there you go
English folk often have these strong accents, hard to make something of it …but I do manage have to try harder…
just a quick chat
nothing fancy
bought some good stuff
again, in the agricultural shop or pet shop , actually it is a mixture of the two
seaweed goes for 18 Euro a Kilo
top quality seaweed that is
bought some spirulina too
it s more or less the same
belongs to the same family and bought some fossilised seaweed
again, more or less the same
but easier to handle in orgonite
you can grind it up
it s like white powder
like flour
when grinded up
real seaweed I often use but it reacts so you get crystalgrowth and moulds and the rest of it on your structure
I dont mind
the whole thing is alive anyway so

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