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Unread postPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:34 pm
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Wexford Photos
:D whaaaaaaaaaaaaa………..I d better not comment on those ;) :D
very cheering bunch there !!!! hehehe reliefs the heart big time 


a real honor to share it Jenn, we dont see that every day
thank you….For sure life force energy there, also nice it can be fun too
as that sometimes might leave our minds by all that s going on we must keep balance and you girls do a great deal of balancing there ;)
oh boy… :lol: …very nice output, I do think to spot a life pillow on the table too
also something we dont see too much of…except for you lot
very good vibes in that one….thanks for sharing…actually we are quite a cute bunch it is just one has to know us a littlebit you know…that s all
we are for sure not like the atmosphere that hangs around the ” other forums” let put it politically correct here….
wink wink ( I didnt call names… I didnt call names ..) :roll:
connecting awareness and care for a better world and waking good folk up with joy is a good thing
as lots of folk who wake up do get depressed and it is nice of you all to show it does not have to be that way
to present a lighter angle to the whole energy push we are into
witout avoiding the negative, it is just dealing with evil in a way evil can t stand
we laugh about evil but we keep our ground
they really hate humor, it really takes the piss out of them you see
they can t have it
that s a fact
astonishing presentation
a totally new road we have not yet really explored before

Life Force Energy