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Unread postPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 5:17 pm
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Yep …yep…yep…lady J hit it again
could almost call here the ” Irish Wonderweapon”
more impact than a bomb for sure ;)
Much longer lasting too as the energy and work she rolls out is here to stay and go into the future
step by step
the little pebble that just has to become the avalanche
and rightfully so
will continue soon

well it is too complicated and personal I see , but to put it simply a massive plasterite workshop with a lot of girls, and some other aware folk too,
also some youngsters who can be ridicilously aware
strange kids nowadays
12 years old saying oh yeah those are chemtrails
like it s the most obvious thing in the world
well, yeah they are for those who are aware but most folk are not
lots and lots of good energy there, lots of plaster orgonite, lots of fun
and a lot of other things too
lots of miles also, lots of sylphs, lots of all things :)
for two days the party went on and a lot of work has been accomplished
tons of gifting, mainly the new ” drive by gifting ”
during trips of 400 km / 200 miles
these crates of orgonite just zoom by eh J
Brid, Antjie , Suzanne, Debbie,
Glengarriff, West Cork ?? surely sounds Irish enough to me
anyway, taks completed marvelously
Juliet coaching some newcomers too,like Patricia etc, so yes
Ireland looks special to me
and feels better even since…
good examples
something to look up to , top work Jenn, outstanding 


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