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recently saw a group of activist speak out in some sort of court or something agains geo engineering and the panel where just checking their emails
they dont give a fuck about you
get that in your head for once and for all
psychopaths dont know that, what it is , empathy and all that
they just dont care
and they dont need sleeping pills
they dont blush when they lie to the public
straight faces in expensive suits for the boys and Versace and Dior dresses for the girls
they dont blink

they, those who serve the system properly, promoting the scams
get their fat paychecks, their big pensions, the low mortgages, they get it all and we are screwed
these serving bureaucrat elitists families
big players in this game, stitching up the planet
bringing in the agendas of amalgamation
this global governance thingy they are so hot about

it s just a game to them
but the table they force us to play at is always in their favor
it s always rigged
the dices , miraculously , always fall in their favor yes they do
odd eh ? :lol:

so in short , do I believe in protesting and the rest of the allowed tools ?

YESbig yes
because it shows that the Irish in stark contrast with most other ” etnic groups” or is it etnic minority now LOL
at least they got balls
as simple as that
nothing fancy about it
no hocus pocus
they got courage and power somehow in them
for some reason the ” establishement” has not been abled to whip it out of them or transport it overseas in the famine ships
for some reason the spiritual control grid, aka , the Roman church , any church, has not been abled to destroy the spirit of the Irish
so maybe there is more to the dolmens and so forth
maybe there is something we dont know yet
there is something there

really amazing as they have been very succesful in doing so in most countries
How the elite must really hate you all
beyond compare, they give you the beating now

Yes the others too we are all ” one ” you see, we have to go into this ” oneness”
bla bla ( fart noises )
but they are almost there now
being you know…grinded down and the rest of it

why dont you let them have their way with Ireland
why do you stand up
is there nothing that can break you
you are all obnoxious slaves ;) ;) ;)
you seem all to have some sort of authority issues b :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

well, the way I see it , this famine things along with deportation to colonize the Americas and the rest of it
they know you cannot change
it just wont take
they really went a long way
in destroying the Irish
much further than with any other ” tribe”
they bowed down more readily
for some silver coins and the cons they play with kings and queens to make them go along
bring in the new system
this famine thing was not an accident
they did their best to destroy you but you are , for some mysterious reason, still here
that in itself is amazing
it s obvious you just wont have it , this new world order
you just wont have it

and all the time they were just protecting you from the sun
they will say….because you are not ” illuminated”…it is not your god , it is their god…the lightbringer…..lucifer

they dont have wisdom
as wisdom can only be achieved through a heart with love
that is impossible for them
but they damn well know how to control the planet
big time

in most countries you need to put a lion in the living room to get folk at least …you know….motivated ;)
it s that bad

but , looking at it from a realistic point of view, it is not too bad at all
I mean as long as real folk are doing the real thing
it does mean something
it has value

Life Force Energy