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Terry is , as usual, on the ball
Yes Jenn
truth sucks
but it is still the truth

the big ” truth movement groups” are taking over controlled by the system
and any truth speakers, the little guys and girls , that s us, are screwed in the process
it is as simple as that
it is very simple once you see through the scams and cons
it is very simple but most folk don’t think and I keep repeating it
over and over again

most folk follow groups and leaders

500 climate laws , yep it s flogging time soon folks
big time

smart meters, inspectors, welcome to New World Order
coming to a street near you soon

The green soviet is taking over
yep it is so simple to understand
but the brainwash is very efficient and most folk simply dont want to hear

Terry Lawton asks ‘Environmentalist’ and Climate Change Industry operative Duncan Stewart how does he feel about the fact that Climate Engineering programs are not included in the IPCC computer models and subsequent reports. He calls Terry a liar and pushes him in an aggressive response. This was filmed at the Stop Climate Chaos march in Dublin 29/11/15.

So Duncan Stewart is a paid rioter..paytriot…wink…a puppet promoting the agenda


he even has his own lovely gifs on Twitter..look…

ActionDay.png [ 3.46 KiB | Viewed 124 times ]

:D :D :D

the green Mafia…the depopulation…all these connected agendas
a low level control freak who starts pushing folk around who don t bow down to dictatorship

in this case literally

how do we respond to this shit with the risk of losing our table manners and etiquette at the same time…

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