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PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:20 pm
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Well J , I dont know if ” mad” is the right word, bold would do too…
you little mob trying to give the herds a different point of view, an unpromoted point of view
something that s not on the six o clock “truth movement” news….
quite staggering the thought in itself, the you know, challenge
maybe five to three per cent of the public are capable of dealing with this , that s my educated guess after a few year in this whole happening.
It has also a sort of funny, if you can call it that, sides to it as the CO2 worshippers think about themselves they are ” awake”
that s the sillyness of it all
they are completely onboard with the agenda
so ridiculous
such a laugh
would not have suprised me I we d see Al Gore running among the herd there
you know
like that
just lean back and watch it from a distance and think to yourself please I cant be bothered by this crap anymore
it s just not worth it
it s such a disgrace 

well Jenn you knew they would give all those who dont obey a hard time
and they did
wait and see soon these controlled movements run the whole scene
and while they are allowed , by myserious intervention, to walk the city centre, the others you know
fluoride folk and those other ” tin foiled hats ” have to stick in their little suburbs and so forth
completely pushed aside

A lot of true colors were shown in Dublin and that has a value
the masks came off fast
faster than I had expected
but as I sometimes say they dont even pretend anymore to be on the good side
in the old days they at least pretended to be truthful
they are not even hypocrites anymore
they show what they are really made of, just scum

truth is very powerful if put over across to the public in an intelligent fashion like mr T does
you know
that s why it freaks them out
even if it is just seven or eight people promoting an issue like geo engineering
it might catch on
sooner or later
if the right folk suddenly start talking about it
can cause havoc for the fake movements
big time
so that s why they are so ruthless
even in this early stage of it
they must nipp the real grassroots in the but before it takes hold
so I will never be able to surface and attract too much attention
In a way you are all real people , individuals with your indivual opinions on topics , working together , sure, but not in dogmatic sense
so they cannot control you and that scares the shit ouf of any control freak
they just cant handle it
as sooner or later some of those individuals will put a needle in the balloon it all really is , a fakery
and the child says the king has not clothes
but folk are so intensly brainwashed they could not see
for what it really is
and the whole hypnosis falls into pieces

Personally I dont need to see all that crap , as I know how the system works
this deception game they play
but for some of you it might have been an eyeopener
to stare evil in the face
even in this early stage
before the real carbon global choke mechanism takes hold
and it will
they just want any real groups out there to become aggressive and slash back and when that happens all fingers are pointed at the real folk
claiming those are evil bla bla bla
just a trick , but one which will get heavy coverage by the ” media”
so more folk will ignore grassroots and join the fake movements , thinking they do the right thing
cointel that s just what it is
kindergarten stuff
but works so well, most of the times
on most of the people

And dont be mistaken J, people do notice this stuff that went down
not all folk are brainwashed you know
lots are though, fact.

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