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UNREAD_POSTPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 10:40 pm
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Dear J 

I did look into ”” it is , hold your breath , sorry to say it again and again and again and again and again and again
and again and again and again
….and again and again

a total fucking SCAM

sorry to say so

Truth is hard to handle

there are so many cons and tricks played on the public it is beyond belief
but a scam is a scam will always be a scam

what are they trying to to , they try to portrait themselves as a sort of ” grassroots ” movement against ” global capitalism” and twist things around to suit their agenda, trying to make it appear the big corporations try to derail the ” climate agreement” it s just a sick con
to make folk believe and convince, this ” you see you see the big boys try to avoid regulations ”
bla bla bla
while in fact the big boys fund the darn thing
because they are going to flog us pretty bad soon and they will get more money for less products you see
less energy for us at higher prices , taxes, fines, fees.

it is a con Jenn
a silly low level con
to make it look like big company disagrees and therefor the sheeple thing ” aha they dont want it so it must be real than and VOTE IN the agreements ”
what a silly con
such a darn hoax
but people fall for it
sad to say so
let the media to their reasoning
for them it is game over
they choose to be guided and controlled in this perception game

I choose to think for myself as a critical individual usually rooting out hoaxes the moment I smell them, very easy to pick up , once you are aware of how it s played
the mindgames on the public

nothing fancy about it

it is counter intelligence

playing the devil s advocate

they sort of ” change sides”
pretending to be on our side and they , in that way, make us take the bait
and than the hook comes in..we vote or agree with this carbon con and sell ourselves into oblivion

that s a must be for a con to work you see
the public , the zombies, MUST participate in the con
that s the magic about it

Stick to the fact dear
this whole carbon crap is an agenda, period , to bring us into control , austerity, bla bla bla
while they fleece us you would not believe
the ultimate control grid
way beyond what Stalin could imagine
way beyond total control of life , that s what it s all about
in thousand shapes and forms

so they change or pretend to change sides like the owners of the planet are against it LOL
while they are the perpetrators !!!
THAT is the con
They fund the whole agenda
and to bring more folk in they make it appear through this sort of propaganda big oil is against it
so people will think it is for their better, well , guess what
it s not

the same thing as they did with chemtrails now
they abolish it and just say ah …no no chemtrails do not exist….it is CO2 pollution :lol: :lol:
you see how they twist things to suit the agenda
people vote in their own destruction
People who refuse to think for themselves are doomed anyway
always has been always will

what can you do about it

keep your sanity
;) that s good enough

what they are bringing in, at a high pace now, is the agenda , the big one
agenda 21, the agenda for this century
it is not some sort of strange legislation , tax game, money hoopla
no , this is for all the marbles
the big stick for smashing the whole planet into utter submission
will start slowly but gain momentum fast
and maybe 20 years , at most , if not sooner, all cars for example will be banned
we will live in ” communes” and all that shit
need licenses to go to another city
or to have kids, that sort of thing is coming
may sound far fetched but it s all written in the books
but….who cares right?
who cares

it will be the biggest control mechanism ever
global you see
it s for the whole planet this time
so for those who think geo engineering, fluoride, bla bla are big issues
just wait and see
it s all connected
it s all part of the big plan
total dominance and it will be ruthless
utterly ruthless

but people cannot be woken up, total brainwashed zombie, not by their choice I add,
forced that way, way too fucking happy with their entertainment, their iphones that make
pancakes and rub their balls as Carlin put it … hehehehe
he is so right
people dont question anything
it is really unbelievable
will those stupid jokers never wake up
no they wont
they just cannot comprehend or see it, trained behavior from childhood onwards
works perfectly would you not agree
you see them all day
they dont have a clue
and if you talk to them they attack you , ridicule, oh you conspiracy buff
they would never do that
I mean would Tony Blair really lie to us
he would never do that
come on, we are professionals here LOL
he would never do that :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

as long as people dont see and learn and accept a dominant psychopatic cabal rules the planet
for thousands of years they will never understand a word of it
A gang of fraterneties and brotherhoods
this has been going on since god knows how long
but now they go for the whole planet
they want it all you see
banking scams, fake wars, fake funded terrorism, bla bla bla bla
do I have to repeat this crap eternally ???

It s all so obvious for those who have a clear mind and look right through the deception
if people watch media , TV, they are gone
there is no hope for them
stay away from that if you want to have at least some level of intelligence in you
that s the only way
it aint called tv programming without a reason
havent you figured that out…..

does history ever change
I dare to doubt

so in short what they do now, a lot, as we saw in Dublin
is lots of ” fake opposition” those pied pipers rule the show now
pretending to ” save the planet” while at the same time advancing the agenda
just like in politics
if parties change but the same agenda continues through congress
it is call Tyranny

look it up in a dictionairy as some folk dont understand the meaning of it.. ;)

Look J, folk dont even see the poisoning from the sky
they own the weather already ok
they dont see that for goodness sake
or the fake manipulated wars, the huge banking scams, the land grab,
fake terrorism, cia al hoopla funded bla bla bla
they understand nothing
do you start to understand why the elite just dispise us
they truly hate us
more than you will ever believe
to them we , the peoples , are just a annoying flee in the perfect coat
of the future
they bring in their , not our, perfect world
and they have to get rid of us asap
they have had it with us
well we see that every day in the skies they keep their promise….

the average Joe and Jane are being played left right and centre
and you saw them cheer for it in the streets
begging for it now
not really knowing what it s all about of course
that s where sheeple are for
and if you address those topics they call you mad
the upside down world
get used to it
it s here to stay

people today , look around you , are like children
trained to be so
perpetual children
the control grid, our owners cannot say what they are into
what they are doing to us
as the children just would not understand
they just would not understand

but they always speak with forked tongue
as first they dumb us down etc and than they say we are dumb
yes most are because they made us that way and now they hate us for that
that is called psychopatic behavior

real freedom is only in the mind
it is the biggest treasure in life
to be yourself as most people are not themselves
they are a sort of composites of what they have been led to believe they are

how can anyone expect them to understand the big agenda for the planet
you know

in short what is



funded propaganda shite
that s all it truly is

playing both sides of the fence
the same folk we saw getting nasty with Terry
once their true colors are shown

their charade falls apart

most folk will never investigate or study anything
they just gobble up the brainwash crap put out there for the sheeple to eat
and they do
and think they know it all, they know shit
what s coming is total control of every tiny facet of live
and they cheer in the streets

chemtrails are like the little wildcat , this is the real tiger coming in now
but people don t even realise it
they just dont
too busy watching Ophrah or X files, sports, etc
their daily worries
bombarded by tons of silly data and propaganda
you cannot save those people
they chose that life and reality

as long as the TV , as the TV does their thinking and reasoning, does not mention
things like GMO, Chemtrails, etc, they dont think it will be imporant as they are trained
the TV tells them what s important or not
you cannot help them
that is simply impossible
so stick to those folk that ask questions
the right questions
and help them along
give them tools of Light
give them some reality
to find their own way in life
outside the control grid
that s almost everywhere now

and the people throughout history have always been cheering for their own demiset
they love their dictators , at first
before it is too late
seems like second nature to humanity
tell them what they want to hear and you are in
and once you in, you grab power and crush them
for big profit of course
as although the want to cut down on everything , they will make us pay through the nose
not to freeze to death in winter
or starve for that matter, soon, not tomorrow
not next year
it s coming soon
decade or so, maybe fifteen years from now, at most

before we are all having carbon fun parties…
the elite must be very dissapointed in most of the public
they dont even put up a fight anymore
they actually cheer it in
they must hate us for that
but dont worry they will give it to us hard
believe you me
if you give those characters one finger you will loose your whole arm
if not more
and later on they will say to what s left of us
but you asked for it
it is YOUR fault
you see
humans are the problem hehehehe
in a way they are unfortunately right….
something to think about

hahaha hope it is not too ” depressing” truth has that handicap of being a bit harsh and uncompromising at times…dont worry , we feel great
never felt better, truly so
yes I really mean that
I won let those creeps steal or own my life force
88 that s the spirit

right on

they have no right to steal or own my life force energy
my mind
I just wont let them
they have to know their place also
on your mark….one …two…

the last hurdle they have is the free thinking human mind
they got the rest already
but that wont happen
they are not that good
if you are a free critical person you will come through the hocus pocus just fine
just dont watch TV
it destroys you

Jenn, please can you believe this shite from sumofus


can ya ??????

Welcome to SumOfUs _ SumOfUs - Internet Explorer.jpg
Welcome to SumOfUs _ SumOfUs – Internet Explorer.jpg [ 47.75 KiB | Viewed 173 times ]

” governments that answer to citizens” ????
WTF ?????

that does not even exist.

what a joke

Business models that put people and the planet first instead of being driven by shortsighted greed.

Oh man where do these jokers come from, a counter intelligence
playing the devil s advocate LOL

you have to see the sartire in this thing
it s funny in a sad way

People love to hear lies
makes them feel good
esp when religion is involved, like Carlin said
or children, or fatherland, all that shite
makes us feel good
they just play with us Jenn
and if you think you ve seen it all
no no
it is just starting up
the global lawnmower

and , like chemtrails, I do not like the word geo engineering
that is a sort of eufemism
to make it sound ” scientific”
spraying crap into the sky
makes it sound ” distant” like it is science fiction
like it is happening on another planet …or so…nah…unfortunately not
it is not
it is spraying toxic crap into the sky, into your sky, all skies now
global again you see

for goodness sake that is what it is
call it a dog

too much political correctness
poison the water, but you cannot say that, not correct
call it fluoride
that is correct
sounds very fancy and distant
not me
somewhere else I guess

I must apologise 77 I am not very good at political correctness
somehow it just wont ” take ” on me

could not give a damn either

than you have those Ales Jones, David Icke shiteholes saying oh stop illuminati, oooh
stop New world order…ohhh, find reptiles to kiss and hug…ooooh….be ” one”
oh we will be one is this nonsense continues pretty quick
oooh we must all rise oooooh ….bla bla bla …..all playing into the agenda
all of the big players are into it
My dog just farted so the Ascendad masters of Maithra will tell you to vote for green
to save the planet you see
be ” one”, be in the this soviet ” collective”
go with the flow
and dont forget your vegan meals and tattoos
and your all fibers underwear
as you are ” conscious ” aren t you
yuppie puppies

do you see that
I dont
do I miss something
I am all ears
where is this rising
where is this ” resistance”
these million dollar Big company funded patriot movements where are they now?

where are they now

they all morphed into the green movements , lots of them
making a big buck again
after selling you anti chemtrail pills now they are into selling you , god knows, green hamburgers or something ??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
when I hear the word ” infinite consciousness ” one more time something is gonna crack here
especially when Russel Brand says it , it s gonna crack big time

beware LOL

one big circus
like the orgonite world , most of it, not all of it
completely taken over
they miss nothing these control freaks
they scoop it all up
most of it anyway

and you saw the folk in Dublin wiggle their butts in anticipation
it is unbelievable
should we get mad
well maybe it s too late for that
maybe a waste of energy too that can be applied in a more appropiate way
like you know, the filled bottles LOL

33 33 33

dont let the crap that s going on come to your heart J
your heart is too beautiful to be covered with the nonsense that s taking place
just keep it shining
and stay above the crap

Well, I honestly dont know J
how long they will allow you to do these geo engineering awareness gigs
I dont know but maybe not too long from now
because you saw what happened, as those people truly believe they are saving the planet
you see
so that s way more important than fluoride, water charges, chemtrails, etc
the pull in all the slightly aware folk now
you know what I mean
they just take it over
very fast now
while most are sleeping

and no , it is not ” fearmongering”
it is just using a brain , that s all

What is “Agenda 21″ and why has it caused concern world-wide? Is Agenda 21, also known as “sustainable development”, really so evil that it has been described as:

“a future in which people would be forced to live with five others in 20-by-20 living spaces with push-button furniture in high-rises across major cities. The complexes would serve three vegetarian meals a day, feature mosques and have a 24-7 on-call doctor to discuss taking one’s own life.” – Source


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