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PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 1:01 pm
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Ah you are the glue that holds folk together , you do have that talent of organizing you just have it
we are the wild creative chicken and you are the mother goose who keeps the lot together so to speak it is truly so
Not just that , you also manage to bring up your own views, topics, etc, making it all progress in a natural way
without too much hoopla and in a down to earth way. 

As we are all in different levels of ” awakening” for lack of a better word
All into different realms of what s going on , trying to deal with it the best we can in a myriad of ways
making us see there are more ways to work towards goals that are in the interest of humanity
not the “great work” as our high masonic Luciferian leaders call it, but the good work.

Making sure the mob does not fall apart as we so often see in these sort of movements around us
Personally I am more the Truth seeker paying the price for the transmission once on the selenite path

Today worked on several Tetrahedrons, not pyramids , somehow I dont agree with pyramids
never did actually
they repel me, sounds strange maybe but I truly do not like them, as the pyramid is a symbol of the control grid
they just cant wait to finish it off with the shining capstone hehehe
yes..Josh called it ” old energy” from a different era
I stick with the three sides pyramid, a much better choice, somehow I see a lot of folk do that
probably synchronicity that s so prevalent these days
Cant remember Josh or Timo making pyramids

Also made another huge one meter high cone yesterday, a totally pure piece
with the special plaster, marble plaster, alabaster almost, very hard and slick
I keep him or is it her…close, wont be painted or decorated, nothing needed, no make up
the rest will be gifted anyway, also the ones I made recently
the blue series
all for gifting
it s just the weather sucks , no fun going outdoors
cold windy rainy
the usual winter weather

Life Force Energy