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60% Portand Cement mix containing limestone, gypsum, silica
20 % beach sand
10 % extra plaster of Paris ( selenite /gypsum)
20 % Quartz, of all sorts including crystals, rose quartz, gemstones
Some sea weed, herbs, pine needles, rosemary , etc
Spoon of Atlantique sea salt
that s about it

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 3:15 pm
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Yes we will do a little ” healing session” why not, let s rock
around 15:00 hrs my time that is 14:00 hrs in Ireland, one hour to go haha
we will see
sending some good vibes over, doing some connecting
we can do this once in a while
does not have to be each week heheh 

How can we describe this topic

….. but also to just mention an end to chemtrails, geo-engineering, a return to blue skies and a healthy environment…..

Affirmation group haha yeah
why not
good thought

how did you find 96 people ?
ok job well done, as usual

Early Irish Myths and Sagas .jpg

iarraidh eagna agus neart agus soiléire smaoinimh
iarraidh feasacht fíor aon dul le bhfuinneamh timpeall orainn a fheicimid agus nach féidir a fheiceáil
maithiúnas, glacadh, ag obair i dtreo an tsolais
riamh a thabhairt suas
tá muid níos láidre ná a deir siad
Is breá liom seo
spéir gorm do gach duine

Life Force Energy