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UNREAD_POSTPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:04 pm
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yes, lady Jennifer
I saw that
At the moment doing some work on Schauberger, for those who might be interested
as that s one of the ways our good man in Germany came up with the concept of working with nature in regards to breakthroughs in the life force energy field in advancing the whole thing. If one goes into the work , the documented research of folk like Schauberger but also Reich, one comes up with amazing ideas and new ways of looking at things, things you usually don’t hear too much about in the ” orgonite ” community as not all information presented ” fits the bill” as they say. They both worked with nature, also an issue that is often overlooked etc etc
Most folk nowadays when they hear the name Reich immediately get “nudged” into this metal resin hoopla, the dogma
whereas those people fought AGAINST the system, the dogma. Kind of ironic once you think about it. Reich did work with organic-an organic, etc
but that is just one side of the story
there are many more chapters who rarely are touched upon
because they don’t fit the bill
they don’t fit into the dogma, the $$$ every ruling dollar dogma. 

I had several discussions with the wonderful creative person from Germany about such topics
Things are not always what they seem in this world
Anyway, will post those things in the personal opinions section.

Will also have to work here to get rid of the naughty emoticons
as, thanks to mr Duncan…wink wink…we had to stack up a bit …..
but that s been done, so the wild emoticons can go now….

Nice of the new members to join


And again, I do mention, this is a free forum , folk can speak out their opinion as they see right
that s as I always thought the whole point of a forum
but we know that is usually not the case as often certain agendas pop up and start to take over
we have no agenda
except from making the world a better place using tools of light and good work
that s all there is to it
and we do very well in that field I mention.
Again, thanks for joining, take your time if you like
we wont push anyone to post
the point is to share good information from multiple angles
different views because good decisions can only be made if the person has all sides of a topic
without the usual omission that is so common nowadays not just in main stream media by giving only one side of the story
and guiding people into opinions.

Life Force Energy