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PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:39 am
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Ha, now that s something
Another fabulous post , another thousand Jenn’s and Tony s and we could propel this baby into something else hahaha
Doing some energy sensing here, for lack of a better word, putting it all together and I am still growing in this
you know, this natural energy thing, maybe it works out for different people in different ways but, ah, it s like a big library of Life itself, some learn from it a lot and some use it to
lighten up the stove, if you know what I mean, still I am sure those who even look into it and start working with it, living with it, will have successes one way or another
that cannot be avoided, but you are right, there is a lack of interest generally, not just into this fabulous topic but in most topics in life that really matter.
That s just how it is.
Selenite opens perceptions in many ways and what you see is not always what you expected but it is wonderful nevertheless
as it has that bizarre habit of truth , it shows you how things are, many things in many ways
it is the ultimate healing tool , lots of healers are crazy about it, they also use selenite wands, etc, because this stuff truly works and gets the job done.
It is really bizarre stuff and Josh said it s not for the fainthearted, therefor it is maybe a must be , to keep it in the hands of the few who want to work with it
Look at it as an onion, so many layers and more, but it is not for the average Joe, that s a fact, it just is not. 

Fluoride hmm ah well
you know my stance on those topics and the way they are addressed
in the system
you know it s not for me
but unlike most other forums who have a terrible habit of shafting individuals, we dont do that here
unless they ask for it
it s good work but I dont believe in it, c est ca
I dont believe it is good to put rat poison in water, somehow that does not make sense to me
it might make good sense to the psychopathic control factor that runs the planet but that s another story
talking about it seems a waste of energy and time but , silly enough, and that s the hard part, it must be done
like the sign someone held up a while ago, this ” I cannot believe we still have to protest this crap” sign
that was a good one, shows it all doesnt it
that s how I see it
A lot of rope, trees and funerals are not going to solve the core of the problem we face, always have faced throughout human history
Would not achieve anything, we will be history too and the next day a new bunch is “voted” in and the same muppet show runs again
like nothing really happened, what I am trying to say , we cannot face the problems surrounding us with the same level of awareness or playing by their rules
you see
the chessboard
It s a difficult topic , comes from deep within, it s personal
if you are not in the game you have to find your own way and I prefer to find my own way as the system does not offer us solutions
or a fair chance
that will never happen
totally rigged from top to bottom
that s why I am so happy no money is attached to these healing methods, energy methods, whatever you want to call it
it s a dog eat dog system
and its roots go deep and we see the effect of the programming on the public
there is no salvation to be found there

There is no one way solves it all solution in this, therefor I like what you are doing as it serves a purpose
to bring in the ones that are aware and want to put their energy to good use in that sense
that s fine
in a way it is a multilevel attack on the system that s really crushing us now
and it will get worse
we have not seen too much of it yet
it s just an agenda
it s no ” conspiracy” anyone with a brain and some attention span can figure this out
it s all in the books now
that s how bold our owners are
but folk, most of them, are still in their level of religion, do you believe this that or the other
believe what has that to do with it
they are still glued to their mainstream, TV, cellphones and the rest of the alice in wonderland fairy tale
but honestly I am truly no longer interested, if I ever was, in that mumbo jumbo
the allowed parades

Since I left the chessboard I feel very good
no anxiety
not as it once was
it s no longer there
it is the real thing
it is not promoted and you wont hear much about it, if at all.
It is not this that or the other, it s not the authorized ” new age jadija”
it s got nothing to do with that

we have to keep in mind we have to run this power horse by ourselves now, lady J
there is no backup here
there never was
there were only a few good men and women that made this happen and that s the end of it
no Nobel prices or Oscars here
sorry , it s the real world hehehe
the real rewards will always come to the searcher of truth
even if he is that last one standing he knows he is doing the right thing
it s always better than selling out or submission and that bollocks
they always train us that way , giving us fake viewpoints, it s either this or that
dont think for yourself you might come up with thousand new viewpoints that are not in the script , that s dangerous :-)

Maybe dont bother so much of what ” other people ” are doing as I learned not much from what the public is doing anyway anytime
look inside as that s the only place in life you will find real truth in life, ever
esp when working with these techniques to stimulate that to a new height.

There are a million ” truth gurus” out there to catch you and you know
Those big name, that fill up the ether.
No salvation there either but big bugs are to be made and this control thing again

Well it is winter and cant do much else so to speak
I could but maybe I dont want to , just taking it easy
for the time being
as it has been a busy years
lots of work has been done and now it all has to sink in a bit and be analyzed
Just having you around is the biggest reward ever
doing what you do
What I was trying to say as I tend to digress a lot
the big players are not longer in action as they have done enough, way more than enough
cleared the path to the jungle of perception and have shown us the road to go
so we go that road and it is a good one even if we dont know exactly what will come of it , whatever it is, it is good
we know that by now
but it is not a script or something that s been done before , maybe it has been done on a personal level, sure it has, but it is not something usually talked about
you know what I mean

There are very few real people in these movements J
very few
can almost count them on one hand more or less
Nice to hear of Max

hmm the esoteric side of it

Life Force Energy