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I dont know
As this is a personal journey , a wonderful one I might add, really amazing
it is personal
it is my song
not somebody else s song
you see

Just live with the selenite and grow into it
takes a while
and dont push it , it will all work out , it is very simple and for some reason most dont understand as we are so detached from anything real or natural in our lives.
but people dont want that
the learning curve, this making it happen by themselves, they dont like that
they dont like to step into the unknown, working with real energies, real power, you see
they want a fixed belief system , someone telling them what to do
and than often things go not the way they are supposed to go
that was also a big bonus of the old forum , all those people were like that , individuals
doing their own ride
that is very uncommon
it was not facebook Jenn
that s a muppet show
it was the real thing
for a chance
for once
I think a person must either have a higher sort of awareness or possess a very strong will to deal with this
I had the latter one
people must invest in this much deeper and thorough, you know
it is real work
all this stuff
but folk dont know how to do
there is no quick fix
anyhow I refuse to let the system get a hold on my energy that s the core of it
escaping the presented solutions they offer
as we know how those turn out
You are a teaser 8020

dont worry about this ” group thing” this is not a group thing
this is the real thing
the real thing is not meant for groups
it is meant for the person itself

Nice piece of orgonite there, nice combo as they say
also economical as one needs only little resin, hmm do I smell marketing solutions
hint..hint…putting out plasterite in a resin jacket with the typical bling bling
the public likes so much
there a catch for you
wont cost too much to make those …
it s kind of weird is it not
but it is a compromise
and not a bad one
it s worthwhile contemplating about I think
if one wants to go into sales
ten of those pyramids on a market wont last a day
sold out in a day
the real stuff with a resin sugar coating , why not J , why not ?
she is amazingly creative

Life Force Energy