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The magnificent lady Jennifer and mob did an action on Dublin again
Good work  Please, hun , take a look at the vids I put up in the  healing section, they might be interesting.
They are interesting. There is a lot in them.
Bigger picture
etc etc
How to be or maintain ourselves, our path , etc and not get flattened by chimpdom ,  control grid stuff
mind fuckery , depressions, jadija
top top top top hats off
a little praise wont hurt as you can be assured you will not get too much of it somewhere else, if we ignore those five zombiebook thumbs up etc..Good performance all for the best
Just following our path

Jenny Mortell with Thomas M Toolan and Derv Oc.

I think the people on O’Connell Bridge today really enjoyed the afternoon, we chatted to many people and handed out hundreds of leaflets. Even though it was very breezy, it was lovely and warm. At times it looked as though the banners would blow into the Liffey: I particularly enjoyed the chat with Laura Howard
When it was all over we met some interesting people, Jenni from California and Lionel from Belgium, a good excuse to carry on the chat in Cornucopia

Ciaran Chiarráinsmithfield Nofluoridegeoengineeringsmith Thanks again Jenny , Thomas & Stephen for great & valuable help ‘chatting the truth’ re #Fluoride & #StratosphericAerosolGeoengineering – it’s just great somebodies are bothered to do it ! We won’t hear the truth conveyed via the Newstalk-like media owned & controlled by the same global elite whose phosphate fertiliser industry dumps the #HexafluorosilicicAcid in our water AND own the Big Pharma that provide the remedies ALL at great financial profit to them – of course !! C:-o













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