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Do you think you’ll enjoy the book hun? 

Getting back to the post about Murielle’s tower, nice comments.  Yes it was some sort of almost a freak that the shapes fit together so symetrically, very pleasant. M certainly looks pleased with the result.

No,  the little table’s not from Ikea, a  bit more up-market, but you’re right I should think a bit about the weight on it.   Nothing against IKEA though, except the obvious drawback of self assembly. Your train of thought leading you to a similar shape with something going through the middle is definitely mind-boggling, would be a big challenge for sure, but don’t let that stop you.   If you need some consultant assistance, maybe the creative genius could give you a hand, as she’ll be not too far from you next week [t3005] There’s nothing she’d like better than a challenge.





Oh Jenn, you know the answer to that , of course I do. It is really good. But than again, it was the CEO´s choice so …speaks to itself. Excellent choice.
That´s why I give a  glimpse of it , a little preview to the masses, so they can see it is really good and may consider buying it, but most are running out of money anyway, faster now, due to the NWO austerity agenda, etc , old news. So a preview might come in handy. 

Whatever it maybe it sure it worth its bucks, you can put an elephant on that thing. I dont know , might start to blush, drop my coffee, things like that , we cant have that..
So she will be on the continent…hahahaha..whoops..I just pretend I did not hear that…are you sending out your spy drones on me…hehehe…
She is from the Ghent area I may dare to think

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