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Marriage Sally ( Sister )

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Aunts, Uncles &    family

You shouldn’t have encouraged me …..




So long ago .



[jumping-jacks-smiley-emoticon]     [0010] 

Yo.. YO… YO …….Hola, hola, is that …………lady J .??

Falling out of my chair  here  [smile]
Must say CEO is blushing here
Being CEO has its advantages hahaha…stunning Jenn, you look stunning.
As we are scattered all over the globe, not on the flat earth, haven´t seen you in real yet so this is an eye opener
Looks like you walked right out of one of those haute culture magazines, that typical French Italian style.
Classy alright…damn you look like a movie star…like Catherine Deneuve for example…Your sisters too by the way, all three of you are pleasant healthy looking.
Yes a bit nostalgia , the man with the mustache, so hot in those days..everything changes
very good impression of daughter Erika with a beautiful horse…amazing, yep, wonderful….Those haircuts you all have !!!!!, you could walk right through Paris right onto the catwalk..showing off hahahaha….And you are all so slim, man, sporty, now we call that fast food and monstanto in those days I ?
Grown up on what we now call ” orgasmic organic” but than again, that is an inside joke as no food nowadays is not touched by the hidden hand
as you well know….even if the little people think it is , it is not. Unless you would grow it like the elite do
Under a protective environment, literally with space suits, clean air and water, etc etc
no nano for them, nano is for us. …..Looking strong, obviously, have you looked around recently how folk look nowadays, hmm some changes there …
All three sisters are attractive in their own way. Wow…now that is a diplomatic answer eh ? Even the best lawyer can´t fool around with that one


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