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Welcome home J, this travelling thing can take it out of you, sit back and get a couple more glasses out, EK and I will be round for a drink. Will I bring a bottle with me ? No worries, I’ve got it covered. received_10207860679594448.jpeg  



Looking good CEO G, in shape there and things under control the way it should be yes.
Between you and me , my spies caught up a secret about lady J, as she is in the process of cleaning out the house of someone, long story, anyway, doing so she than found a masonic dagger
ah can you believe that
interesting eh ? thought so, maybe this is the appropriate moment to ask our lady boss some pertinent questions, about loyalty and other issues at hand … 


Never seen such a thing, some sort of  masonic regalia, you know, hocus pocus, kinky pinky hoopla
celebratory  items

Let s hope Jenn is not an infiltrator….one of the ” les Neuf Sœurs ”

La Loge des Neuf Sœurs (French pronunciation: ​[la lɔʒ de nœf sœʁ]; The Nine Sisters), established in Paris in 1776, was a prominent French Masonic Lodge of the Grand Orient de France that was influential in organising French support for the American Revolution. A “Société des Neuf Sœurs,” a charitable society that surveyed academic curricula, had been active at the Académie Royale des Sciences since 1769. Its name referred to the nine Muses, the daughters of Mnemosyne/Memory, patrons of the arts and sciences since antiquity, and long significant in French cultural circles. The Lodge of similar name and purpose was opened in 1776, by Jérôme de Lalande. From the start of the French Revolution in 1789 until 1792, “Les Neuf Sœurs” became a “Société Nationale”.

During the French Revolution, while the Académie Royale des Sciences et des Arts was drastically reorganised, two members of the lodge, Antoine Laurent de Jussieu and Gilbert Romme, in collaboration with Henri Grégoire, helped to organise a “Société Libre des Sciences, Belles Lettres et Arts”, to subsidise what had become the Institut de France so as to keep the original influence of the “Neuf Soeurs” intact. (Hahn, 1971) The lodge was reconstituted under its original name in 1805, ceased operation from 1829–1836, and finally closed in 1848. Its former location is thought to be on the Rue de la Bûcherie on the Left Bank across from Notre-Dame.[1]

Its successive “Venerable Masters” of the first decade were Benjamin Franklin (1779–1781), Marquis de La Salle (1781–1783), Milly (1783–1784), Charles Dupaty (1784), Elie de Beaumont (1784–1785), and Claude Pastoret (1788–1789) (Ligou, 1987

or…… Eastern Star…

hmm if she is she is a really good one hahahah
she may even have fooled me
but I am convinced it is just a coincidence
someone got something from someone and she comes across it, so what
find it interesting
not every day we see such items
usually kept ” in the lodge”
for those ” on the square”
etc etc
just teasing J , you know that , don´t ya ? wink wink





maybe I should not go full paranoia here hahaha
as Ireland and Great Britain in general  is soaked up to its neck in that shite
nah will be nothing I guess…..hmm..hmm……
anyway quiet day here, cleaning done, some suntan, all cool and stable
very nice weather, really warm
t shirt weather

Today`s catch,  just three helicopters, bit disappointing, no circles , not the usual harassment, boy am I losing my sex appeal here


cleaned up the garden too, was needed, all looking good here, started reading the book given to me by Jenny and it is nice, better than I thought
not too scientific, sort of humor in it too, that s nice
taking the piss out of the psychos , the IPCC, the Maurice Strong types etc etc
nothing we dont know but nice to see it written in a book
and not just floating around our peasant´s brainwaves..

cut off the sunflowers while ago put them in a bucket in the shed but the sunflowers started to rot, fast
so had to throw most away
some could be saved and I removed the seeds from the flowers
they are drying now on a towel
tons of them
even though that is just one third of the total amount it is still a large quantity
thousand of the big sunflower seeds, the white ones
and some red ones too


Life Force Energy