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Strange thing, I’ve 2 laptops, the other one by preference is not happy to give me access to recent stuff here, this ol’ Mac is letting me, another of life’s mysteries.   Thanks for the welcome back Greg, you seem to be enjoying yourself in Oxford?
Glad you’re enjoying the book Sunflower, I agree that it is an interesting read, a few annoying sloppy proof-reqding mistakes but the content is very interesting and spoken with expertise. Is it this book or his other one that he actually mentions geo-engineering in the first chapter or two, and nothing more about it, maybe he felt compelled reluctantly to mention it even if only briefly.  And happy for you being able to sit in the sun.  We are bracing ourselves here for hurricane Ophelia, due fairly soon.  Is someone trying to scare us, we’ll have to wait and see. 

Yup, I’m getting a tad worried about all these ‘hidden in plain sight’ things happening – beginning to wonder am I part of an important Masonic Satanic etc etc illuminati family who has been brainwashed into forgetting everything and have now infiltrated this group.   Thing is, yes, I was helping to ‘de-clutter’ my ex’s house today.   Gee what a hoarder he is, a lesson to not be.   Only started scratching the surface today.  But I found the dagger (pictures above) and immediately recognized the symbology on it.   A bit rattled that my ex may have had these leanings.  If so, I’m sure it didn’t happen when I was with him.



Now this is getting annoying, on this laptop the message I see after everything is ‘You need permission’   ‘Request access’   Switch accounts’ – don’t forget 



But will try to stay calm and mature, and continue the story I think I started a few minutes ago.
Yes this book also showed up,   so no wonder I’m worried, as the author coud be a relative of mine,
with the same name – I can feel the tentacles closing around me as the scales fall from my eyes


Is it too late to finish off with some pictures from the last couple of days of my Croatia trip – sure may as well.


Life Force Energy