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nope not gonna do it on shitface book anymore ,
all idiots, most of them anyway, waste of gorgeous time
I prefer to talk to trees lately hahaahah
good vibes…
and  honesty too
Jacques said so
he said a lot
full of wisdom
nobody understands
except the usual suspects
time s up boss..time s up but…here it comes, you see I always keep my promise
I always keep promise
very important as hardly anyone nowadays stands for anything
except the usual suspects..
Hereby I affirm 

all the way up to the real big boss
the creator of right and wrong
darkness and light
the eternal one, the holy one, the righteous one, the decider, the sublime
the first one the last one
the only one
creates life takes life
the protector
the patient one
the all knowing one
all seeing all being one
the merciful one
the ultimate judge
the uncoverer
the protector
will do personal affirmation
there is some ground to cover
going that extra mile now
locked and loaded


Re: New mix for Orgonite
by josh » Sat Jul 10, 2010 2:46 am

I will share with you what I feel and believe deeply, it is a bit off the common path
but that is the way it is , I believe with all my being
that all is alive with a large degree of consciousness and has the right to ask for the greatest degree of respect,
and as I walk among the trees, the grass, the clouds, the winged people, the four legged, the creepy crawlies
I have no problem what ever to behave toward them as if they were my close relatives,
because they are, they are my relations, the grand fathers the rocks, the water, the air, the earth I walk on, all of them are wonderful friends of mine,
and I do not want it any other way.

I am never alone
So for your pipe stone dust, it is your relative as well, speak to it and ask what is the best for her,
will she accept to help in this way, or would she rather be in a medicine pouch,…..
listen, she is conscious, and as you give this closeness, this intimate feeling to ALL that surrounds you:
you will feel so elated, there is not one moment where you will not know that you are with your close family




Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh on Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:01 am

Hello Orgone Donor, I did get some bio sand from Leo, and it is somewhat energetic,
but it feel more like tortured sand, and we feel that the energy of it would be here without boiling the poor thing,
It is just as easy to admit that sand, clouds etc..,

ALL is alive,
and speak to the substance (make sure no one is looking) ,
and ask it to help, you will be surprised at the amount of consciousness in all the elements surrounding us,
their honesty makes mankind look very pale .




Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh »

Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:35 pm

You can charge your devices as they are hardening to sit whatever intentions you like,
or frequencies, or sounds, but as you work with the Selenite you find a degree of consciousness in it that quite unusual:
it will respond to your intents, for example if you find yourself in a situation where you need a lot of Life force energy and you do not have enough with you,
may be just one piece, you can ask the Selenite to link it self with of the other plasterite creations in the world and you will have just that ,

you see they are all connected in a real way,
as well you can ask your tools of Light to turn it self off and it will do that,
so you have with the plasterite a device that is very conscious on many levels



The Most Merciful

the absolute ruler

the Holy

the source of peace

the Guardian of Faith

the Guardian & Administrator

the mighty

the irresistible

the Majesty

the Creator with the ability to change all existing from one state to another

the designer

The Forgiver of the sins of His servants time after time

the subject

the giver

The Donor of Maintenance

the opener

the All-Knowing

the contender

the Expander

the humiliator

the elevator

the Donor of Honor

the Discoverer

the Hearing

the Alseeing

the Judge

the righteous

the Subtle

the Conscious

the compulsive

the Great

the Most Forgiving

the thankening

the Supreme

the owner of greatness

the protector

the Interviewer

the sublime

the gracious

the watchful

the hearer

the Comprehensive

the Wise

the loving

the Lucky

The Dead Awakening

the witness

the truth

the Plenipotentiary

the Strong

the steadfast

the guardian friend

the praiseworthy

the Signer

the Creator

the restorer

the alive

the life recruiter

the Everlasting Life

the self-employed

the winner

the nobele

the unique

the independent

the mighty

the Most Powerful

The one who promotes

the first

the last

the open

the fortified

the army

the most elevated

the source of all goodness

The contestant

the revencher

The Forgiveness Donor

the mild

the Governor of sovereignty

The Lord of Glory and Honor

the fair

the collector

the self-seeing

The Enricher

The Obstacle

The Bringer of Emergency

the Beneficiary

the light

the guide

the persistent

the Eternal

the heir

the guide to the right path

the patient

Just to name a few words to describe what s out there
who is out there
the one who guides me at least´s that one
the great eagle
give it a name
anyway I connect to the source
and that´s all there is to it
and take if from there

the inheritor

the incomprehensible

the immutable

the timeless

the originator

the unatainable

the disstressor

the harmer

the afflictor

the benefactor

the defender

the beautiful

the perceiver

the finder

the reinstator

the accountor

the trustee

the reality

the witness

the boundless

the omnipresent

the vast

the all embracing

the nourisher

the ressurector

the affectionate

the one

the indivisible




greg richie

Life Force Energy